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loss of a friend

loss of a friend

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Published by: April Lee Fields on Feb 05, 2010
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the news came at me like some sick joke you would play unprepared the news echoed around

the bathroom walls and nothing else was real i sobbed and screamed as you held me naked as a weakness like no other attacked my physical structure the house was too small outside just too quiet my cries carried out and saw themselves to the door a timeless surrender where the knowledge of your absence made me vomit i could control myself no longer as the flood of my eyes momentarily subsided i looked at the sky expecting it to implode with my heart you sent me a shooting star to remind me you had simply returned to the start though comfort wasnt easy the drive was long and cold i remembered your needing eyes wishing to see you until you are old the streetlights were but a smudge from the oceans in my eyes the memories like pictures that wouldnt subside it still didnt sink in as i saw you lying there my sleeping little friend my touch wouldnt stir death in the air my breath it couldnt fix this your body wouldnt move you had left me as i had left you in the dark of the night we lay you to rest your face under the moonlight this was no test i held you remembering five years of our journeys beaches, forests, walks in my purse rollerblading, camping, car rides of no worth i waited and waited for you to make even a stir to wake from your slumber

in which i let you down in turn a few more days if you could have waited iit could have been different i only hope you knw how much i love you my comfort when no one else understood you were never judgemental always loyal always there.... i still feel traped in the bathroom naked without you theres nothing poetic about the loss of a best friend i had big plans for you my partner in crime i make a toast to you my dear misunderstood friend you saved me as i did you from a coming of the end we cant cheat death its been said before so i will always hold you close try to refrain from cries heres to my dog who never learned how to jump who will now forever fly my you rest in peace my little shooting star april

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