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CellTracker Installation Readme

Thanks for taking an interest in CellTracker.

CellTracker requires the following
Internet access
Access to a web server with PHP processing
Copy the "celltrack.php" file to a web server with PHP processing, and note the
URL required to access the file i.e
When then program starts - click the about button and enter the URL to the cellt
rack.php file in the URL text field.
Enter your CellDB username in the UserName text field e.g.
URL - http://www.someserver.com/somedir/celltrack.php
UserName - thelogster
Click OK
Now click the update button - the program will use the PHP script to get the cel
l sites and postal codes.
Selecting a cell site in the listbox will cause the software to try and load the
map for cell site's postal code.
CellTraker keeps a cache of the maps it downloads - to reduce multimap server lo