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Competency B
Lizandra Rivera lrivera@ymcamke.org (910) 467 3503

Comp B.4 Inventory of Program and Interest Areas in Program

Instructions: Using the list of interest areas with materials and equipment provided in
Course 1 complete an inventory of your program site and determine how many of the
interest areas your program provides and materials you have in each of the areas. What
additional materials/equipment is provided? What materials or equipment are missing?
Program Name: SACC YMCA Brookfield Elementary
Grade Level: Kindergarten to Fifth Grade (Ages: 5-12)

Inventory of Materials for School Age Program

A. Reading Area
Basic materials: book crates, bookshelves
Reading materials: books, magazines, comics
Reference materials: dictionaries, atlas, maps, thesaurus
Writing supplies: different types of paper (lined paper, graph paper, regular
paper), pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters
Extra materials: game books of crosswords puzzles, word search, mazes, work
sheets, activity sheets, flannel board
B. Game Area
Basic Materials: playing cards, memory games, games made by the children
Board Games: checkers, chess, connect 4, scrabble, Yahtzee, phrase 10, Life,
monopoly, candy land, masterminds, battleship, guess who, apples to apples,
mancala, chutes and ladders, sorry
Problem-solving Games: dominos, pick up sticks, tic-tac-toe
C. Constructions/Building/Manipulative Area
Furnishings: low storage cabinets and shelves, open baskets and containers
labeled for small things, tables, bins to store small items
Materials to Support Pretend Play: small wooden cars & trucks, small farm
animals and dinosaurs, small wooden road signs, people figures in different
cultures, small wooded street signs, small wooden buildings such as houses,
school, church, city hall, library, police station, fire station, hospital
Materials for Building: wooden unit blocks and interconnecting blocks
Interconnecting Blocks: Legos, Lincoln logs, connects, K-Nex, Mobilos, Flexiblocks
D. Dramatic Play Area
Furnishings: tubs for storage of materials, portable drama theatre
Kitchen Furnishing and Utensils: plastic foods
Miscellaneous Props and Materials: puppets, marionettes, materials for making


Competency B
Lizandra Rivera lrivera@ymcamke.org (910) 467 3503
E. Large Motor Area
Equipment for Group Games: parachute, horseshoes, beanbag toss set, bocce
ball set, floor hockey equipment
Balls: soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, footballs, kickballs, dodgeballs,
Outdoor Materials and Equipment: sidewalk chalk, climbing equipment
Other Equipment: Frisbee, bean bags, jump ropes, hula hoops, cones, gymnastic
Music, Movement, and Dance Materials: Instruments such as tambourines, sticks,
castanets, drums, auto harp, ukulele, jingle bells, maracas
F. Art/Drawing Area
Furnishings: sink & water supply, buckets, clear boxes to store brushes and
materials, labeled containers for all materials, tables
Painting & Drawing Materials: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pens, markers,
crayons, scissors, hole punch, rulers, stencils, regular paint, paint brushes, paint
sponges, finger paint, masking tape, clear tape, rubber bands, paper clips,
staples, stapler, glitter
Sewing, Fiber Work, Stringing: yarn, string, beads
Materials for Collages, Construction: glue, glue sticks, pompons, glue glitter,
regular glitter, sequins, cotton balls, toothpick, google eyes, feathers, tin foil, old
magazines, pipe cleaners, construction paper, contact paper, paper bags, food
coloring, popsicle sticks, foam pieces
Dough & Clay Materials: small rolling pin, dough cutter, cookie cutters
Paper Products: tissue paper, constructions paper, lined paper, graph paper,
poster paper, cardboard paper, scrap paper, colored paper
G. Math & Science Area
Material to Support Math Concepts: coins, rocks, peg, peg boards, rubber bands,
calculator, flash cards, dominos, rulers
Materials for Physical Science: magnets and related materials
Materials for Natural Science: magnifying glasses, bug boxes, insect houses,
insect nets, collection containers

What additional materials or equipment is provided?

Active Storage Cart (portable)
Cabinet with wheels for easy transfer of materials to different areas/locations
Drama Theatre (portable)
Stage Area for Drama or Quiet

What materials or equipment are missing?

A. Reading Area
Basic Materials: rugs, pillows, cushions, soft seating, small low table
Extra Materials: cassette player & headphones, story tapes, stuffed animals


Competency B
Lizandra Rivera lrivera@ymcamke.org (910) 467 3503
B. Game Area
Basic Materials: Othello, aggravation, lotto games, bingo
Extra Materials: Computer Games
C. Construction/Building/Manipulative Area
Materials to Support Pretend Play: train & train tracks, road maps
Materials for Building: tubes (cardboard, metal, plastic), erector set
Woodworking Materials: goggles, tools, hardware, recyclables, dowel rods,
sandpaper, wood glue, take apart items, books and/or kits with instructions
D. Dramatic Play Area
Furnishings: mirror, materials for creating spaces (sheets, fabric, large boxes,
old curtains, tents)
Dress-up Clothes & Accessories: hats, wigs, shoes, boots, vests, jackets, ties,
dresses, bandanas, purses, suitcases, briefcases, jewelry, scarves, gloves
Miscellaneous Props & Materials: stuffed animals, trays, telephones, blankets,
pillows, sleeping bags, office machines
E. Large Motor Area
Equipment for Group Games: bowling set, baseball equipment, mini golf,
tennis, badminton, croquet set, ping pong equipment/table
Music, Movement, and Dance Materials: CD/tape player, variety of CDs/tapes
F. Art/Drawing Area
Furnishings: easel, art shirts or smocks
Painting & Drawing Materials: chalk, chalkboard, stamps, stamp pads, water
colors, tempera, bingo markers
Sewing, Fiber Work, Stringing: embroidery floss, lace, wire, Velcro, pieces of
cloth, embroidery hoops, buttons, shells, looms, hook rug supplies
Materials for Collages, Construction: wallpaper books, photo, wood scraps,
egg cartons, trays
Dough & Clay Materials: play dough, clay, molds, pottery wheel, kitchen
utensils, materials for poking and sticking
G. Math & Science Area
Materials to Support Math Concepts: junk boxes, teddy bear counters,
multiple same-sized containers for sorting, geoboards
Materials for Physical Science: bathroom scale, food scale, food thermometer,
indoor/outdoor thermometer, measuring cups and spoons, balance beam
scale with weights, prisms, crystals, flashlight, compasses, mirrors, tuning
Reference Materials: encyclopedia, globe, identification guides, notebooks and
Materials for Natural Science: items from nature (fossils, shells, feathers, bird
nests, insects, bee hives, plants, seeds), fruit and vegetables, ant farm, bird
feeders, aquarium, gardening containers, weeds, soil, and tools

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