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Competency B
Lizandra Rivera lrivera@ymcamke.org (910) 467 3503

Comp B.3 Lesson Plan: Teamwork: Happy Fun Ball!!!

Teacher: Lizandra Rivera
Grade level: 8 12 years old

Topic: Teamwork: Happy Fun Ball!!!

1. Standards: #2 Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and

maintain positive relationships.
2. Student Outcomes/objectives: The student will:
Learn to work together as a team.
Learn to include everyone in the group.
Recognize how difficult is to work together to accomplish a simple task.
3. Key Vocabulary:
Teamwork the work done by people who work together as a team to do
Teambuilding a group of people working together (group process) to
improve interpersonal relations and social interactions. Working together to
meet or achieve goals/tasks.
Cooperation the act of working together for a common purpose, goal, or
benefit; its a joint action.
Collaboration the action of working with someone to produce or create
something; working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals.
4. Materials/Media/Technology:
A beach ball or a balloon (object needs to be light weight).
5. Assessment:
Checklist for teacher observation.
Survey children for feedback.
6. Teaching/Learning Procedures: Teamwork: Happy Fun Ball
Goals Work together to hit the balloon or ball at least 30 times before it
touches the floor/wall or surface (begin with 30 times and increase slowly).
Action Plan:
- Children must hit the balloon or ball with their palm (hand) in the
air (not twice or more in a row).

As each student hits the balloon or ball, they count each hit aloud
as they takes turns.
Everyone in the group must hit the balloon or ball at least once.
Communication, coordination, and awareness are important to
Once the group achieves the goal of hitting 30 times in a row
before it hits the floor, wall or surface, they increase the number.

o What challenges your group faced?
o Why could you do to help your team?
7. Review:
Follow up with questions the next time children are not working together or
need a reminder about teamwork.
8. Professional Reflection:
Children were frustrated at first with the game. However, as they learned
to work together they made it work.
I was surprised to see how long it took for them to work together and how
easy it was after they realized that the key was to work as a team.
Children roles were observed and changed as they learn to work as a team.
Strategies were developed as they worked together to achieved the goal.