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Competency C
Lizandra Rivera lrivera@ymcamke.org (910) 467 3503

Comp C.2 Observation Notes Week 2

Observer Name: ___Lizandra Rivera___


Date: ____March 23 - 27 , 2015____

Time: __3:42 pm 5:45 pm___

Describe Activity or Situation:

i.e. large group, staff led activity, free
choice play, solitary play, active group

Homework time in the cafeteria

Large group game called Spider

Ball in the gym

Checking into program in the


Center activities: Legos and

Building Materials

Child or Children involved

What you saw

What you heard

Sydney, Milan, Sohum, Connor

During homework time, Sydney

complained that she couldnt read
because of the noise. Then, these
children came up with the ideas to
go by the stage and set up a reading
area. They were able to read with
no interruptions for 25 minutes.

Sydney shouted, I cant read be

quiet. Sohum came over to Milan
and said, I have an idea. They
curled up and then went by the
stage to read.

During the game, a child threw a

ball hitting Rachels face. Ryan
went over to Rachel to see if she
was okay. Ryan stayed by Rachel
until she was ready to go back to

Rachel, are you okay? asked

Ryan. Rachel responded yes
with a sad face. Ryan sat by her
talking for a few minutes.

Rachel and Ryan

Kaitlyn, Chloe, Josie

George, Ethan, Max, Elliot

They arrived into program and sat

down together. They are talking to
each other. After asking questions,
I found out that they had a
disagreement during school.

Max was building a city with

Elliot. Ethan and George came to
the table and volunteer to help by
making cars and people. They
worked together to build a city and
shouted as they complete their city.

Lots of talking as they built a city.

For example:
No, not there. Put it here.
Make more people. I will make
cars and you do the buildings.

You are not my friend.

I dont care.
Leave me alone.
I hate you.


Competency C
Lizandra Rivera lrivera@ymcamke.org (910) 467 3503

Your Thoughts: what implications does this have for Behavior Guidance ___ Program planning ___ Environment___ Other___
For the last month, I have been working on two out of four core values respect and caring. In my program, we have a good mixture of girls and boys. This
mixture can be challenging at times because they would not agree in games and the group is divided most of the time. As part of our daily discussion, we
have talked about how participation of both, girls and boys, is important and essential during games and activities. One of the main issues we have in my
program is competition. Boys are extremely competitive while girls just want to have fun. Before each activity and game, I have included a challenge and
after each activity and game, I have debriefed using behaviors during the game (positive and negative behavior).
For example: During Spider Ball the challenge was to concentrate on catching as many balls as possible and chucking the ball didnt count. Children were
able to catch more balls because they were not scared at the possibility of the ball being chucked at them and because they wanted to have the most catched
too. The element of competition to get people out was taken away because the only thing that mattered was catching and you could do so even when you
were out and sitting on the floor. The children were more engaged, participating, and no complaints were brought to my attention during the game. After the
game, I debriefed about some of the things I noticed and the children had the opportunity to share as well. For example, a child said I like that people got out
when they were hit, that is honesty right? Another child said, Cathy was caring because she gave me a ball when I was sitting out. Children gave multiple
examples on how we show honesty and caring during the game and we made a list of things we could do better next time.
Kaitlin, Chloe, and Josie drama fest during checking in was a great opportunity for me to discuss some of the things that are happening at school and its
brought into program every day. These girls are in the same classroom and they are always together. Sometimes, they are the best friends and sometimes they
are not talking to each other. On this occasion, I was able to sat down with them and really discuss what is happening at school and what we can do to avoid
conflict in school and in program. Chloe suggested that before assuming they should talk and make sure. Always asked before guessing what the other is
thinking said Kaitlin. And they all agreed that most of the time assumptions and guessing create the arguments and conflicts between them. They came up
with a few ideas to get along. For example, we agreed that we cannot read minds and most of the time we could be wrong when trying to do so. We must ask
questions or talk before guessing what the other one is thinking. They agreed that sometimes we need time and that is okay. There is nothing wrong about
asking for some space and they must respect that about each other. We also had a discussion about words. Once we say something, anything, we cannot take
it back. For that reason, we must be careful of what we say and how we say things.