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Meaning in Happiness

The nature of happiness and how it is achieved has mystified mankind for centuries.
Some of the greatest thinkers, and the foundation of many religions, consider it the ultimate goal,
the purpose of human existence, or even the "meaning of life." But though many agree on the
significance of happiness, achieving it is troublesome. We innately have our own definition of
happiness and under what circumstances it manifests in our lives. Perhaps a sudden emotion, a
sense of accomplishment, recognition from others, or even more mundane things like going to
the lake on a hot day, or spending time with the ones you care about most. But happiness is also
an internal state of mind. It is how we view the world and the events that take place in our lives,
a psychological tool used to create enjoyment. And this, how we internally view our
experiences, may be more important than the experiences themselves. Throughout our lives, if
we can find the satisfaction and the meaning regardless of what life throw at us, perhaps this is
"true" happiness. Personally I find it disheartening that our society emphasizes so heavily money
as the means to achieving happiness. The movie I Am speaks to the idea that stuff makes us
happy but the amount of stuff is insignificant. The poorest of families can find happiness even
greater than someone who has all the money in the world. As a society we should emphasize the
need to spread happiness onto others while forging meaning, and having a communal aspect in
our lives to create a happier nation.
The pursuit of happiness, when misunderstood, often becomes the pursuit of enjoyment
which is contradictory to living a meaningful life. As social beings who daily interact in society,
there is enormous potential to provide a positive effect on other people's lives. In the article,
There's More to Life than Being Happy, Emily Smith argues Researchers found that a
meaningful life and a happy life overlap in certain ways but are ultimately very different.
Leading a happy life, the psychologists found, is associated with being a taker while leading a
meaningful life corresponds with being a giver. Smith later recognizes that people who live a
meaningful life may not be as happy as those who proceed to live a happy life. When we give,
we commonly consider others superior. However, being a taker defines as wanting happiness
through stuff rather than progressing the happiness of separate individuals. As a society we
need to perceive meaning while demonstrating a genuinely happy life. If we can find the equal
balance between being a giver and a taker our societies outcome will be astonishing.
Meaning conversely is enduring and transcends the present, and therefore in the long term
ultimately provide a more content life.
Community is a necessity human strive to achieve in order to insure personal happiness.
In the movie I Am Directed by Tom Shadyac says If we continue separating ourselves from our
enemies no change will be made. In this society it is logistically unfeasible to refrain from
making an enemy or even one who you particularly don't share the same qualities with. Shadyac
is conveying the notion that we overlook the oppositions in life to portray happiness throughout
our society. From a young age we are compelled to believe that happiness is the most significant

act of achievement in our lives. But through my research I have quickly learned that happiness
isn't the only thing I should strive for in my life. By considering others happiness comparable to
mine, it initiates a compatible balance and signifies meaning in my own life. I am not initiating
that I will never be a taker nor will I want to give up my happiness for a dissimilar person;
However, by unfurling happiness through a communal outreach can undoubtedly fabricate
happiness in my life, as well as others.

As a nation, Happiness expounds as a comprehensive aspiration that society ventures to

congregate. We continue to modify and improve our strategies to generate an overall happy
country. But the question is Is it working? In the movie I am, Tom Shadyac says We function
better in a state of empathy love and compassion rather than separation, [...] anger makes us
stupid. Our country is entirely focused on the cynical occurrences that continue to prosper over
our nation, as well as other countries. We fight about politics, social class, social identity,
religious views, ect. Unfortunately, we occasionally forget to question where the happiness in our
lives revolves around. This society weighs so heavily on technology and money, that we rarely
consider the meaning and happiness in the people that surround us. In the movie Happy, they
yield the idea that wealth has doubled in the U.S but happiness has stayed staggered. Money
has been a empirical goal for most to fulfill. By eliminating the enticement of money and the
newest technology advancements, our nation will have more time to operate on communal
Happiness has persistently left humanity oblivious to the ability and potential is has to
structure a pristine society. rather than continue being happy through stuff our society should
endeavor to discover a meaningful life that teaches happiness through giving. This internal state
of mind has the capability to transform the signification that life purveys. Fathoming the
connotation in everyday exploits will better our nations interpretation of happiness. As a society,
we need to realize that change is possible. With millions of small acts to form this definition of
happiness, our happiness will be accomplished. Instead of pursuing the idea that Happiness is all
we need in life, we should begin teaching meaning, the significance of community, the negligible
use of technology and money. Happiness is not demanded but rather an idea that prospers in our
life; it is up to the mankind of our society to generate meaning while living a righteousness,
happy life.