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Cecelia Greve
19 February 2015
The Danger of Bulimia and Anorexia
Eating disorders, any of several psychological disorders, as anorexia nervosa or bulimia,
characterized by serious disturbances of eating behavior (Dictionary and Thesaurus), have been
around for a long time but have started becoming a serious issue in the late 1990s. Bulimia, an
emotional disorder involving distortion of body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight in
which a large quantity of food is consumed in a short period and is often followed by the feeling
of guilt or shame (Dictionary and Thesaurus), is becoming more and more of an issue for
teenagers. While many teens are concerned about their body image, they are willing to do
whatever it takes. Extreme overeating followed by self-induced vomiting, purging, or fasting, are
common with this eating disorder. Other eating disorders are often confused with bulimia, such
as anorexia, may be similar but are just as serious. The glorifications of eating disorders are
everywhere including hundreds of Pro-Bulimia and Pro-Anorexia websites on the internet. ProBulimia and Pro-Anorexia sites are dangerous because they support an unhealthy lifestyle and
they need to be shut down.
The current society of the United States has an attitude that if women want to be
attractive they must be extra thin. Many girls are aware that it has not always been like this
(Stamford D.3), just look at Marilyn Monroe, she did not have a perfect figure or that
extraordinarily thin look. According to Bryant Stamford, a professor and chairman of the
department of kinesiology and integrative philosophy, the motto of the society is currently One

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can never be too rich or too thin. However, Stamford also states, Unfortunately, we are finding
thatone certainly can be too thin. (Stamford D.3) On average 60% of people with an eating
disorder who receive treatment will recover, 20% will die, and the remaining 20% will not
recover even with treatment, they will be hospitalized numerous times (Anorexia Nervosa and
Relating Eating Disorders). As of now, the official cause of Bulimia and other eating disorders is
hard to pinpoint (Staff). Anorexia, the lack or loss of appetite for food by an obsessive desire to
lose weight by refusing to eat (Dictionary and Thesaurus), is officially diagnosed as a serious
medical condition, which can be treated through a long process. Bulimics differ from anorexics;
bulimics can be of average or above average weight, which makes it hard to diagnose (Staff).
Angela Ross, a recovered anorexic, developed an eating disorder at age 14 and would
spend two to three hours a day on Pro-Anorexia websites (Brandon). Currently she is an
advocate for the dangerous lifestyle choice, and has a Facebook group, Stop Pro-Ana (ProAnorexia), dedicated to spreading awareness about the danger of Pro-Ana. Ross admitted,
Getting on those websites definitely encouraged her to keep going with her eating disorder. And
I dont want anyone else to fall into that trap like I did. She acknowledges that anorexia is slow
suicide and Pro-Ana is slow mass suicide and suggests that the government or Web providers
should ban and delete these sites (Brandon).
However, others would say that banning or deleting the Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia (ProBulimia) websites is restricting the right to freedom of speech (Billhartz E1+). Many eating
disorder programs have asked the web servers, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, MSN, etc., to shut down
these sites. In reaction, creators of Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia sites either remade or deleted their sites.
The servers were concerned that shutting down such sites would suppress anorexics rights of
free speech. Now, many Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia sites have a warning at the top, such as This is a

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pro-anorexia, pro-eating (sic) disorder page. Since some of the things on this site may be very
triggering if you are in recovery (trying to get over your eating disorder) enter at your own risk.
(Billhartz E1+). Roughly half of the sites were shut down but the other half are still active.
The disturbing quotes and pictures have caused many to believe that all of the Pro-Ana
and Pro-Mia sites should be banned. One of the common pictures for thinspo, or
thinspiration, the inspiration to be thin (Dictionary and Thesaurus), is a quote that read,
Anorexia is not a disease. Anorexia is not a game. Anorexia is a skill, perfected by only a few.
The chosen, the pure, the flawless. (Billhartz E1+). Although Anorexia and Bulimia seem like a
game, they are not. They are a serious matter or life and death. Kathleen Martin, an eating
disorder counselor, noted that The sites give anorexics and bulimics affirmation that what
theyre doing is appropriate, and its not appropriate. (Billhartz E1+). One user posted a
comment on a site that was followed by, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ANA IS UR
FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! (Billhartz E1+). Although people believe that, it is hard to believe that a best
friend would let someone starve themselves, and let them make themselves feel sick. Martin
stated that anorexics and bulimics were obsessing about it, and all they know how to do is be
sick, and thats what this is all about, a group of people who only know how to be sick. The
majority of the population would agree with Martin that the Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia sites need to
be taken down, for good.
Although many teens and young adults find comfort with the Pro-Ana and Pro-Mia sites,
the outcomes of the sites goal are destructive to the body. Yes indeed, Pro-Bulimia and ProAnorexia sites are dangerous because they support an unhealthy lifestyle and they need to be

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shut down. Just because someone wants to be thin, they should never starve themselves. There
are so many other healthy ways to achieve those perfect body goals.

Ethos- This is used by appealing to the people by saying that starving yourself is bad.
Pathos- Heartstrings are tugged as people realize how many people are affected and potentially
killed by bulimia and anorexia
Logos- There are numerous amounts of statistics and evidence from people who have been
through and help others recover from the diseases

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