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Nyima McCoy

Gifted Education Personal Philosophy

May 28, 2014
Who Are the Gifted and How Should They be Educated?
When asked who are the gifted, I simply respond, Everyone is
gifted. It may sound a bit nave or unrealistic; however, I truly believe
every child has a unique gift. If I were to curtail the meaning of
gifted and simply consider gifted an exceptionality displayed in
math, science, social studies, and English/language arts, then my
opinion of who falls into the gifted category would be curtailed as well.
Based on how I am defining the term gifted dictates my response to
the question of who are the gifted and how should they be educated.
Yes, I believe everyone is gifted, but when making this
statement, I consider the meaning of gifted to be someone with a
special talent. Talent can be academic, artistic, athletic, musical, or
any other form of talent. Understanding giftedness as a universal
talent would prove my belief to be more realistic than it would seem.
Giftedness is a unique talent within each child that is either hidden and
unused or blossoming and constantly nourished. Nonetheless, the
educational system has placed giftedness in a box surrounded only by
academics. As a result, most students do not fit in the educational
systems concept of giftedness.
The students that fit into the box are above average in one of the
many academic areas math, science, social studies, and
English/language arts. The students in the box have the ability to tap
into their creativity in order to perform exceptionally well within the

Nyima McCoy
Gifted Education Personal Philosophy
May 28, 2014
education system. The gifted student knows how to solve problems
and think beyond the solution. The gifted mind is constantly working
like a machine outputting high-order questions and curiosities.
If all students were considered gifted based on talent, then all
students would need to be educated on an individualized basis
because there are a widespread of talents. However, since a small
percentage of students are considered intellectually gifted, these
students should be grouped together based on their academic
strengths and then challenged at the appropriate level. I envision a
gifted class to have more if not all project based learning (PBL) taking
place because this type of environment would nourish the gifted childs
creativity by allowing them to constantly think creatively and critically.
Regardless if a student is gifted talentedly or intellectually, a
more personalized learning environment is needed to educate such
students effectively.