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Jill Hubbard
Ms. Rager 2
24 February 2015
Gay Adoption
Today, in the United States of America alone, there are over 397,000 children living in
the foster care system and 102,000 of those children are eligible for adoption (CCAI). Despite
the fact that so many children are looking for safe homes and families, many couples are being
denied their requests to adopt. In the United States and many other countries around the world,
gay couples adoption applications are rejected purely because of their sexuality. This is unfair
towards both the couples looking to adopt and also to the children who need a family. The most
important thing that someone who is looking to adopt can do is ensure that they are going to be
able to provide a safe and loving environment for a child. The sexuality of the person or people
who are looking to adopt should not be a determining factor in deciding whether or not to allow
someone to adopt.
One of the primary arguments against same-sex couples adopting is that being adopted by
a gay or lesbian couple deprives the child of a male or female role model (Cameron and Perrin).
However, it is perfectly legal for a single man or woman to adopt even though there is not both a
man and a women in the household. While it is important for any child to have both male and
female role models in their lives, it is not important that the parents provide these figures. Many
other people, such as teachers, coaches, or family friends, can be an adult figure for children to
look up to. Having a man and a woman in the home should not be a prerequisite when it comes

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to adopting a child; the ability to love and raise a child should be the most important quality in
prospective homes for children.
Many people who are against gay adoption say that it should be up to the individual
adoption agency to decide whether or not to allow gay couples to adopt children (Kumar). While
it is critical that there are restrictions on who is allowed to adopt, the idea that agencies should be
allowed to decide to discriminate based on sexual preference is absurd. The fact that adoption
centers can choose not to allow a child to be adopted because there are two mothers in the
possible household is ridiculous. That shows that the agency does not have the childrens best
interests at heart. As Shannon Corregan said in Remove Same-Sex Adoption Hurdles, Its a
shame that qualified families are being rejected from the process because of irrelevant
considerations, such as sexuality. Not giving a child a family because of the fact that there are
two mothers in the household is only hurting the couple and the child.
Another common concern with gay adoption is that children who grow up with gay
parents might themselves grow up to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or another
sexual identity other than straight (Kunerth). This thought, while not totally unfounded, is
offensive to the gay community. While it is true that if a child is raised by gay parents they may
question their sexuality more seriously, it is offensive to look at that as a reason to deny people
the right to adopt and have children. The idea of someone realizing they are gay should not be
the reason that a child doesnt get a home and a family. People should be taught to accept
themselves and others, and by telling certain individuals that they cant have children because
there is a change that the child might not be straight is outrageous. Same-sex couples should
have the right to adopt children no matter what the sexuality of the child might be.

Hubbard 3
Homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children because there are so many
children who are in need of stable homes and loving families. It is unfair to discriminate against
people because of their sexuality, and depriving people of the joys of having a family because of
the gender they are attracted to is wrong. The most important qualification for adopting should
be providing the child with a safe and loving place to live, not what gender their significant other
is. Many people believe that same-sex couples should not be allowed to adopt children because
they are not fit to raise children, but gay couples are capable of giving children a healthy and
supportive environment with both male and female role models. There should not be any
restrictions on who can adopt based on their sexual preferences.

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Jill Hubbard
Ms. Rager 2
24 February 2015

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