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Perfect World by Fernando The Realist Molina ( )

Rule 1: No violence that would lead to death.

Punishment is that you would be exiled from the Perfect World. Its important because people
should know that harming someone is very wrong. It can lead to something much worse which
could lead someone to be different for the rest of their lives and possibly live in fear of anyone
touching them.
Rule 2: Weed is legal.
Yeah, so people that are high in our world is peaceful. I dont think someone could ever be
violent if theyre high. Plus people would have basically no problems. People would be even
more expressive in their perfect world instead of being shallow and not creative.

( )
Rule 3: You cannot sell music.
Music should be free because record labels slap on prices for digitized music (RIP CDs) on
iTunes or something that sometimes people dont like paying for. This would definitely cut piracy
of music and stop all that spending in supreme court cases against P2P file sharing music. The
punishment for selling music is that your music would be made free if discovered. I know people
would be whining about supporting their artists and w/e but I think if people download a lot of an
artists music, then the government should pay the artists a bit so that they can keep making
music, considering that being an artist is a job.
Rule 4: No more record labels and brand promotion for products that arent good.
This is just simple. People should know what they are buying and companies should not
manipulate people from buy their products that are not good. This would also work with food
companies making GMOs and slapping on that Farmer Grown bs on it. People that dont
adhere to this rule will stop all production of product until a label is created to know what exactly
they product is and what it is made out of / what it is made with.
Rule 5: Absolutely no discrimination in the work field and for services.
This isnt really a problem in this time period but I think people should definitely not be
discriminated because it really sets a bad vibe and it makes someone feel that they are less
than what they are worth. The punishment is limits on how much money you can make. You can
have your own opinion but when youre working or youre being a customer, you should be a dbag because no one wants to be served by someone that has a ghost costume on.. unless
youre into that.. but no one would wear it because they want to make money..
Rule 6: The NSA or any other type of spying on people is illegal everywhere.
People dont like being spied on.

Rule 7: All students have equal opportunities for all types of education and there is no
limit on funding for all school districts.
I think its really crappy that people have limits on their learning because they dont meet certain
requirements to be AP. Its just plain discrimination that someone can apply for AP classes but
not get it because they do not meet the requirements. I think if people are able to go through AP
classes and pass a month of the class, then they should have that class for the rest of the
school year. No school should take away opportunities for a student.
Rule 8: Free healthcare
No one should have to pay a cent to receive health care from anyone because its a basic right
to live and to keep living. Unless youre Hitler. This would allow for more people to keep living
without living with having to live with anxiety of crippling debt.
Rule 9: No censorship
Why block peoples right to watch/listen to things with curse words or violent things? I think that
systems like the ESRB should be in place BUT should not affect the production of any works,
also these ratings should not affect them being in stores.
I think that my great land should not be lead by the Lord Jesus and Buddha but of people that
know what they are actually talking about. I do not support the idea of allowing religious leaders
to rule over the land and people knowing themselves as gods. People should not have power
because God gave them the power to rule over the sheeple.