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Professional Feedback

Children are likely to live

She has established positive relationships

with staff and students. She has earned the
respect of both.


- Joel Donaldson, Sheridan Elementary


Anna Olson

up to what you believe in

Lady Bird Johnson

She handles conflicts with students well and

has a way to bring out the best in a
challenging situation.

- Amanda Loper, Boyne All Star Director &

Boyne City Kindergarten Teacher

She has a great understanding of curriculum

and is able to transfer her knowledge to
meaningful lessons while connecting and
working with children. This is a natural gift
and has been strengthened as a result of the
hard work she puts into her teaching.

- Erin Sarki-Fate, Sheridan Second Grade

Anna finds several ways to ensure success



for each student and enhance the classroom

environment. She is punctual and determined.

- Rebecca Mattingly, Sheridan Kindergarten

She demonstrates that she is deeply concerned about making academic growth with
her students and is willing to go above and
beyond to help her students succeed.

- Jennifer Jess, Char-Em Literacy Consultant

Professional Certification

Anna Olson
Website: http://missannaolson.weebly.com

Michigan Elementary

Early Childhood Endorsement

Focusing on the Big Picture Enthusiasm & Expectations




Flexible, adaptive

Involved in school committees


Second grade students

enjoyed Gummy Worm

S-t-r-e-t-c-h, a handson
learning activity to

Confident instructional leader

One Trimester of experience as a

2nd grade teacher

Experience in teaching Common Core

State Standards and Michigan

Experience using MAISA curriculum

Experience using DRA, DIBELS,

MLPP assessments

Implement formal and informal


Incorporate manipulatives, visual

aides, graphic organizers and
technology into daily lessons

Experience teaching students using

differentiated instruction

Experience with setting learning

goals for individual students

Knowledgeable of CAF / Daily 5

Reading workshop framework

compare measurements.

Math & Literacy

Eager to volunteer

Strong classroom management



Able to build and maintain

Reinforcing the
concept of adding
details to our writing
in kindergarten.

positive relationships with

students, parents and staff

Kindergarten students love playing

Go Fish to build

their sight word


Student Council spent

a Saturday morning
at Manna Food
Project helping stock
needed pantry items.