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Stop it, prevent suicide,

prevent homicide …

Its your choice

Cox s Bazar
Bazar, 17 January 2010
Smoking kills …
• Smoking cuts people
s life expectancy - on
average by at least 16 years
• The prime cause of cancer and heart disease
• It causes many other fatal conditions and
chronic illnesses
• Smoking
S ki is i particularly
ti l l harmful
h f l to
t lung
l -
lung-cancer, and chronic obstructive lung
disease, including bronchitis
• No specific data on number of deaths related
to smoking, but believed to be over a million
a year globally
Smoking kills …
• Most Frequent
q smoking-related
g cancers
– Lung, Voice box/respiratory tract,
Esophagus, Stomach, Bladder, Oral
• Heart disease - 1 out of every 7 deaths
related to smoking
• Other
Oth serious
i conditions
diti - asthma
th and
brittle bone disease
• Chewing or other oral tobacco
consumption including betel-nut also
cause cancer
Smoking kills …
• Half of all who have the smoking habit
will die due to the habit
• Research shows - for every 1000 young
– one will
ill be
b murdered,
d d
– six will die in motor accidents,
– 500 will die of smoking - 250 in
middle ageg and 250 in older age
Smoking kills others, esp the future …

• Breathing in other people's tobacco smoke also

kills,, specially
p y those livingg or working
g with
– lung cancer and heart disease, asthmatic
• Children are at particular risk
• Children whose parents smoke are much more
likely to develop lung illness and other conditions
such as glue ear and asthma
• 25% of cot-deaths caused by parents' smoking
• Smoking by spouses when the mother has
conceived leads to reduced birth-weight and
damaged g health of baby y including
g disability
• Children of smoking parents inherit smoking
Myths & Realities of smoking
Myths – smoking is:
• Symbol of status, power, masculinity
• Its my money, why does it bother you
• Its my health – why does it bother you
Realities – smoking is fatal
• Not a fashion any more - looked down
• Financial
Fi i l drainage
d i – personal,
l national
ti l
• Possible loss of Job opportunities/success
• Social embarrassment
• Moral – opportunity cost in terms of savings
for yourself, your family and society

Its your choice

Pl give
i me
one good reason
why you won
give up smoking