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Past simple vs.

Present perfect simple

1. Complete the second sentence so it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.
EX:1) Jane doesn't work at this company now.
Jane has left this company.
2) This is the first time I've been to the United States.
I _havent was_ to the United States before.
3) That's strange! My wallet isn't here!
That's strange! _he has disappeared.
4) I saw a friend of yours a few moments ago.
I _have seen_ a friend of yours.
5) I'm still writing this report.
I have written this report yet.
6) Is this your first visit to Latin America?
Have you were in Latin America before?
7) It's a long time since I spoke to Giorgio.
I havent spoken to Giorgio for a long time.
8) Is Anna still out of the office?
Has _______________ back yet?
9) I'm sorry, but Rachel Dawson isn't here.
I'm sorry but Rachel Dawson has _was_out.
10) I last saw David in 1996.
I havent seen since 1996.
11) How stupid of me! My laptop is still in the car.
How stupid of me! I have still my laptop in the car.
12) I'm still reading this report.
I _had_ reading this report yet
13) Paul left the building a moment ago.
Paul has _left_ the building.
14) Have you been to Scandinavia at any time?
Have you _were_ to Scandinavia?
15) It's ages since we last had an order from CWP.
We _have had_ an order from CWP for ages.
16) This is the first time I've eaten snails.
I've _not eaten_ snails before.
17) I don't remember Helen's phone number.
I've _not remembered_ Helen's phone number.
18) She has a different opinion now.
She _________________ her mind.
19) The last time I saw Margaret was Monday.
I haven't seen at Margaret of Monday.

1 Has agreed
2 bought
3 gave
4 issued
5 it has slumped

2. Began 3. Have crashed 4. Have announced 5. Has peaked 6. Have fallen 7. Was
8. dropped 9. Has released 10. Rose 11. Has gained 12. Managed 13. Has not hit 14. Have bought 15. Have becomei