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Good News! No Municipal Tax Increase for 2015!

nder the leadership of Mayor

David Wang-Iverson, Township
Committee has approved the
2015 East Amwell Township budget with
no increase in local taxes for our residents.

led Township Committee for the past

several years has maintained the 3rd lowest
municipal tax rate of all 26 municipalities
in Hunterdon County while continuing
to provide needed community services.

This is particularly remarkable,

considering the brutal winter that has
required additional overtime for plowing and
increased road maintenance. In an effort to
balance the budget with no municipal tax
increase Township Committee members
will forego their stipends through the end of
this year. A combination of frugal spending
coupled with active outreach to neighboring
communities and the local school to
negotiate and implement shared services is
reaping tangible benefits for our taxpayers.

If you wish to learn more about the 2015

budget, copies of the budget are available at
the Municipal Building and on the Township
website www.eastamwelltownship.com.

Th rough prudent short- and longterm planning, coupled with an aggressive

farmland preservation program, the E.A.D.A.-

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News on

has preserved more than 6,000 acres of land

covering 41% of our township and that would
not have been possible without bonding. With
record low interest rates it makes good financial
sense to bond and we continue to pay off our
bond debt over time. It is appropriate that
the cost of these benefits be shared not only
by current residents but new residents as well.
Preserving land benefits everyone
including future generations because it keeps
property values higher and lowers municipal
property taxes through reduced infrastructure
and maintenance costs, while maintaining a
beautiful place to live with a high quality of life.

ur current farmland and open

space preservation bonds will
be paid off within 9 years.
Over the past 30 years East Amwell



P.O. Box 363

Ringoes NJ 08551

PERMIT No. 209

May 2015

Mayor David Wang-Iverson to Run for Re-Election

Under Davids leadership Township Committee has
begun responding to Ringoes residents concerns and
Approved installing solar Radar Speed Signs in
downtown Ringoes to remind drivers to slow down.
Adopted NJDOTs Complete Streets Policy, which
promotes safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and other road
users and can assist in speed reduction efforts.
Began working with the County to reduce speed
limits on village roads

avid and his family have lived on Wagner Road in East

Amwell for nearly 27 years. They love our community and
have been active volunteers in community life from the
beginning, participating in roadside cleanup and recycling depots.
Their son played in the Little League for many years. David has served
on the Board of Health for over a decade and the Planning Board
and Farmland and Open Space Preservation Committee for 3 years.
David was elected to Township Committee in 2012 and became
Mayor in January of this year. He worked as a research scientist
with Bristol-Myers Squibb until his retirement a few years ago.

In 2014, working closely with the Planning Board and the Mayor,
David spearheaded the study of downtown Ringoes. Feedback from
Ringoes residents and businesses identified concerns with speeding,
unsafe unfit buildings and the need for community facilities.

Join Us!
The E.A.D.A., a grassroots, community-based
organization comprised of Democrats, Republicans
and unaffiliated voters, is open to all East Amwell
residents who share our values of small, transparent local
government, land preservation and protection, low taxes
and high quality of life. For information on how you can
get involved contact info@eada-cwc.org

Enacted an unsafe building ordinance that allows the

Township to act on violations of the Uniform Construction
Code determined by the Construction Code Official to
make needed safety repairs on unsafe buildings and recover
the cost by a tax lien on the property.
This year as Mayor David led the development and
adoption of the 2015 budget with NO MUNICIPAL TAX
To reach out and better inform our residents, David
developed and continues to maintain a township Facebook
page. Please like us at Township of East Amwell, New
During Davids tenure the EADA-led township
committee has increased services to residents reinstating
annual brush pick-up and expanding the road crew to
increase safety and maintenance on our local roads.
David is proud of his work on the township committee
over the past 2 years and would like the opportunity
to continue serving our community for a second term to
further the work begun in his first term and initiate new
programs and policies to benefit all of our residents.
He looks forward to hearing your thoughts and
concerns and encourages you to contact him at 609-5320287 or dwangiverson@eastamwelltownship.org.