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JOY-n Us Sundays Take The Road Less Traveled in 2010!

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to follow new
1801 Rouse Road roads in the New Year. Sadly, we often avoid the very
(Corner of Rouse and Colonial) roads that lead to the abundant life God wants us to
experience. This avoidance behavior is often a burden.
9:00 and 10:45 am During January and February at Spirit of JOY we will seek
to allow the light of Jesus’ wisdom and love to reveal the
Worship & Sunday’s COOL roads He is calling us to take…and then search for the
(9am-blended / 10:45am- courage to follow His lead, choosing roads that are less
traveled in our culture but which lead to blessing and life.
contemporary) We will be encouraged to trust that Jesus…the good
shepherd…really does know where the still waters and
Child Care for Preschool Children green pastures are and will lead us there! If you don’t
Available! have a church home…or if you’ve been searching for a

of JOY

SoJ Newsletter Goes

E. Colonial Drive (SR 50)
Alafaya Trail

Paperless In March!
Rouse Rd.
Dean Rd.

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SR 408

Lake Underhill Rd.