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Name_____George May______________

Date 12/3/14 Period__4____Room:_Pool_

Observer:_____Gayle Perry___ Subject_____PE______




Organised with the lesson plan well in advance of

teaching. It did take some time for the students to
settle and get the roll done (confusion with changing
room?). You outlined what you were going to cover
today. Perhaps you could have linked to why?
Yes it is clear that you are competent in this subject
area (swimming). Good use of student to demonstrate
correct technique providing a visual for the students.
The development with the rescues

Preparation and
Introduction to


Knowledge of
content and


Variety of activities
Use of resources


Warm up widths technique focus


Aimed at
appropriate level


You tailored your session to suit the various abilities

within the class.

Questioning skills


Good questioning the students on technique and

linking to previous lesson.
Recuses excellent you gained a lot of information
from the students regarding the correct procedure and
safety factors.
You ask the right questions to get the answers/prior
knowledge from your students.

Use of written


NA at the swimming pool for this lesson

Clarity of


Time allocation




Handling of

You clearly instructed the students what was expected.

You gave the students cues no looking at the sky to
remind them of technique.
Timing of the start to the lesson needs to be reviewed.
You were aware of the time and had a good grasp on
when to move on from an activity.
Good you outlined to the students not to talk while
you were.
No gears on phones, is this acceptable? What is
something constructive they could be doing?
Prepared with Dummies out.
Self grouping according to ability worked well and
meant students could work at various levels for


A couple of students sitting over on G blocks steps.

No gears on phones.
You moved around the pool and was aware of where
the sun is.

Use of Voice


Rapport with


Ending of lesson


Very clear and loud, students could all hear wherever

they were in the pool. Varied tones and animated at
times which aids to student engagement.
You have established good relationships with the
individual students. It is clear they enjoy being in your
class. Excellent praise being given to the students
within the lesson.
You need to link in your learning objectives here
Seemed at little rushed at the end.

Classroom manner
Good, you are friendly but fair. There is a clear line between teacher & student.

Areas of strength
-Excellent teacher voice, clear communication with the students.
-It is obvious that you have built good relationships with the students.
-Content knowledge is clearly a strength in this Unit.
-Your learning objectives did link to the lesson activities (how do these link to the Curriculum?)

Areas for development

-Organisation of students no gears specifically. Getting students changed and active with
minimal down time.
-Linking your lesson objectives to the NZC/key competencies. Why they are learning what they
- Clearly outlining what the lesson objectives are at the start of the lesson, and within your plenary
as to whether they were achieved.
- Continue to develop differentiation skills
- Plenary linking to objectives and recapping on what students have achieved/learnt that lesson.

Achievement of aims
To have students learn the correct way to carry out a rescue
Achieved the majority of the class could successfully understand what is involved in a
rescue and how to go about doing so.
-To have students correctly pick the dummy up from the bottom of the pool

The Dummies were not submerged which is a good thing for their first session with them.
With pick up off the bottom this may be an area to explore through differentiation for the
more confident swimmers.
-To have students complete 4 widths freestyle without stopping (Gold and Silver
Achieved technique was a focus and the students worked well on this task. Good extension
for these students. How could you extend them more?
-To have students complete 2 widths freestyle with a break between widths
(Bronze Group)

This is a good way to make this group of students feel comfortable and giving them the option of

Lesson Plan
(Use attached sheet - must be handed to Observer a day prior to lesson) YES/NO
Seen and discussed with HOD/Mentor before lesson YES/NO
Signed by Observer ____Gayle Perry______________________________________________
Signed by teacher _____George May_______________________________________________
Make an appointment to discuss this with your observer when you have completed your
own reflection.
Copies of observations/reflections need to be given to your supervisor and the DP PRT Coordinator. You must also keep your own file.

Additional notes:
- Could you have used no gears to fill dummies?
- Safety reinforcement, doing rescues and the seriousness of having to do a rescue.
- 10 plus not swimming what is a way to combat this issue? What have you been doing?
- 2 x swimmers (Shannon & co ) sunbathing how does this develop there ability? fair to other
students in the pool? (good you picked up on this!)
- bombing comp link to rescues?