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Samson Blinded

Samson Blinded

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Published by: Adamhman on Apr 29, 2008
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Peace treaties are not necessarily beneficial. The Arabs saw Israel’s
peace with Egypt as a sign not of goodwill but rather of Israel’s weakness
and folly. Israel swapped land for paper. The Arabs may be right. Before
World War II, the Entente guaranteed France's security but did nothing
when a German army reoccupied the demilitarized the Rhineland. It was
German territory, after all. If some radical Egyptian leader moved troops
into the Sinai just for show, Israel would still be one-on-one with her


Preempting the obvious retort: yes, with Nazis, too. I could have found no
objections if the Allies delivered SS troops to the vacated death camps.

Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict


enemy. In 1967, Israel’s allies did not agree that military maneuvers
justified war and refused to support what they considered an Israeli pre-
emptive strike.

Holding the Sinai Peninsula—unlike the West Bank—increased the
depth of Israel’s defenses significantly, and Israel should declare war
automatically any time the Egyptians militarize the Sinai. The peninsula
and the Red Sea contain deposits of fissile materials which can be used in
an Egyptian nuclear-weapons program.
Following the peace treaty, Egypt started receiving massive
American aid and became a de facto arbiter of Israeli-Arab relations. Its
nuclear program was tolerated.
To say Egypt had no reason to go to war is silly. The existence of
Israel is cause enough for many, notably Muslim radicals and those who
fear Western values and democracy. Egypt is ripe for such people to come
to power. To say Egypt would not have given up territory is equally
mistaken. Egypt’s territory was not fixed in antiquity, nor is it now.
Egyptians are used to occupation—the Turks, the French, the British—and
occupying powers do not ordinarily excuse themselves and offer to retreat,
as Israel did. Most absurd is the argument that a peace treaty guarantees
peace. Wars always break legal peace, and treaties signed under duress do
not usually last long.

The Sinai treaty was wasted. Israel failed to exploit the opportunity
the United States gave her, by guaranteeing Egyptian non-involvement, to
annex the Palestinian territories at once and relocate the Palestinians to
Lebanon and Jordan.

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