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Samson Blinded

Samson Blinded

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Published by: Adamhman on Apr 29, 2008
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Suicide bombers will not volunteer if their families are persecuted
and their neighbors driven into exile. Shahedeen, righteous martyrs—
suicide bombers—believe the Saudis will take care of their families and


everyone will respect them. Destroy that belief by destroying the homes
their families build, even in the future, or jail them. They are not innocent.
Incitement is a crime. Even if they do not incite the shahedeen, they are
nevertheless an important part of the bombers’ decision and should be
prosecuted regardless of their guilt. That approach would affect the
dangerous solitary bombers and other hard-to-detect small groups. They
would die knowing they subjected their relatives to punishment, even if
they themselves do not fear death. Recruiting orphans for suicide missions
is not easy in the Muslim environment of large families. People who fear
exile or prison are more likely to inform on terrorists and suspicious activity
in general.

Truth serum will show if the family is ignorant, but it is still should
be persecuted to discourage the bombers. Israel should certainly not allow
the families to receive benefits.

Invaders lost Lebanon and Afghanistan because of restraint

toward civilians

Israel’s failure in Lebanon and the Soviet Union’s in Afghanistan,93
the two cases of successful defensive jihad after centuries of Muslim
impotence have the same cause: the unwillingness of the stronger power to
wage normal war, which let defenders hide among the civilians and strike at
leisure. The only way to fight a war is brutally. The choice is not between
humaneness and cruelty but between waging war and surrender. Starting a
war without being prepared to fight it is a recipe for failure, emboldening

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