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Samson Blinded

Samson Blinded

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Published by: Adamhman on Apr 29, 2008
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Deterrence works only with people who value themselves. Poor
people who live in camps, like the Palestinians, do not fear missile attacks,
which rarely target civilian homes. The futility of bombing paupers was
demonstrated in Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine, where bombardment was
hardly noticeable amid the pervasive poverty.
Increasing the brutality to scare them is one option. Another is
making them richer to make brutality more threatening. Israel could
threaten rich Palestinians and destroy their villas instead of villages.
Wealthy Arabs would pressure people to stop supporting the terrorists. An
international public relations campaign, shaming other Arabs for not
helping their Palestinian brethren, could force them to pay for building an
affluent society in Palestine. A civil infrastructure built by other Arabs in
Palestine would be a target for Israeli retaliation. Affluent societies are not
prone to terrorism. Fruitful employment reduces the propensity to war,
while poverty and unstructured free time foster aggression. Welfare
engenders spongers with plenty of time for radicalism, and Israel should
push the relief organizations from Palestine.
Saddam killed many more Kurds than Israel has killed Palestinians
and razed villages while moving inhabitants to concentrations camps. That
policy did not quench the resistance. Violence is a mode, not a policy, and
is only an important auxiliary to relocation.

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