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Kurzweil 3000 Lesson Plan

Title: Language Arts Suffix -ed

Subject Area: English Language Arts/Spelling, Grammar, Writing and
Grade Level: Elementary School (It can also be used for students in
Middle School with significant learning difficulties.)
Rationale: The purpose of this unit is to introduce and reinforce understanding
and use of the suffix ed to support reading and writing. This lesson plan is
referred to as a unit because it includes an entire group of activities and tests
designed to teach and reinforce the understanding of suffix -ed. Kurzweil 3000
features offer great opportunities for drilling students in the sounds that suffix ed makes.
Students will learn to recognize the three sounds produced by the suffix
-ed (t, d, ed)
Students will be able to define vocabulary words that contain the suffix
Students will be able to identify a base word and its suffix.
Students will be able to use words with the suffix -ed appropriately in a
Students will be able to spell and identify misspelled words containing the
suffix -ed
Scanned copies of -ed practice worksheets pages
1. Phonics Worksheet- explanation of suffix ed
2. Vocabulary list ed words
3. Spelling Disaster identifying misspelled ed words
4. Fill-in-the-blanks context worksheet with ed words
5. Story Starter writing prompt for using ed words
6. Final Vocabulary Quiz Version A standard
Version B modified
Students are introduced to the suffix ed through classroom instruction.
They are given a list of ten vocabulary words that have the suffix ed. Students
are required to define each of the words and create a sentence using the word
appropriately. They are then given a series of supplemental vocabulary
exercises to reinforce understanding and use of the suffix -ed. This includes
practicing with the different sounds that the suffix -ed makes. All exercises are

provided to the student in a Kurzweil 3000 format. Kurzweil 3000 is used to

provide ongoing drill and practice in the sounds that suffix -ed makes. Skills are
supported via classroom and computer activities in order to ensure multiple
representations of the instructional material.
Extension Activities:
Use of manipulative tiles to create base words and add the suffix ed.
Generalize the identification of suffix ed in written text.
Add the suffix ed to base words and use them appropriately in a
Kurzweil 3000 Features Used:
Scanning (by teacher or student)
Drag and Drop
Active Listening/Reading
Talking Word Processor
Speaking Spell Check
Suggestions for Replication:
This unit can be repeated using a variety of language rules. (other
suffixes, prefixes, blends, themes, etc.)