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Cllr Sandy Lay

13 Cambridge Grove
LS21 1DH
Contacted via email 18/6/15:

Highways and Transportation

Selectapost 6
Ring Road
Leeds LS10 4AX
Contact: Mr J Waters
Tel: 0113 395 0654
Minicom: 0113 2224410
Fax: 0113 395 2101
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Our reference: TM-00-2240

Dear Councillor Lay,

Consultation: Proposed chicane removal and speed table construction Queensway, Guiseley
and Yeadon
I am writing to you to inform you of proposals to undertake alterations to the existing chicane traffic
calming features found on Queensway, Guiseley and Yeadon.
There has been a clear desire from the Ward Members of both your Ward and that of Guiseley &
Rawdon towards the removal of the existing chicane features, to allow better traffic flow along the route
and this is something we agree should be facilitated. The tidal flow of traffic along Queensway means
that, whilst queues are not significant through the middle of the day, at peak times the backlog is noted
as being significant.
Observations have shown a clear issue regarding vehicles that have been held up in queues at the
features becoming impatient and subsequently looking to exploit gaps in the oncoming traffic that are not
necessarily available. This manoeuvre is clearly not desirable and by removing the chicanes and
replacing these with an alternative measure will prevent this from happening.
The benefit of the chicanes and the road narrowing effect they give is that pedestrians find it easier to
cross Queensway near to these points. Noting this, we feel it is appropriate to implement speed tables at
these points, as traffic will be forced to slow appropriately for the oncoming ramp and thus help provide
gaps within the traffic which pedestrians can still exploit.
It is my intention to move this scheme forward at the earliest opportunity and I will consider as
appropriate any comments received from yourself and the other interested Ward Members towards this
proposal before the final scheme is issued to our contractors.
Should you have any queries regarding the proposals, please do not hesitate to let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Waters
Assistant Engineer
Traffic Management West

switchboard 0113 222 4444

Highways Helpline 0113 2224407