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ABC Behavior Analysis

Wayne Wilson
PAR-ED 206
Continuing Education for Educators
June 8, 2015


ABC Behavior Analysis

In my observation report during the twenty minute recess I observed various behaviors.
After reviewing my report, I have concluded that there is an ongoing cycle between antecedents,
behaviors and consequences. Consequences of previous behaviors, are often antecedents for new
behaviors. This relationship can continue for through many cycles of behaviors.
The first set of behaviors observed was when the bell rang and all the students began
running towards the tire swing. In this case, the bell ringing would be the antecedent which
triggered the behavior of students running to the swing. The consequence of the students that I
observed was that they were next in line for their turn on the swing.
Because my students were not first on the swing, they had to wait in line patiently for
their turn. While doing so, this lead to the next antecedent of the students checking for the time
on their phones and believing that the limit had expired for the group on the swing. The observed
behavior was my students yelling and screaming youre time is up, get off the swing, it is
our turn, at the group of students who were currently on the swing. Once the teacher on duty
heard the commotion, she came over immediately to consequence my students. The consequence
she had chosen was that they would have to sit out an additional turn to demonstrate how to wait
in line appropriately for your turn on the tire swing. This would include standing quietly and
waiting patiently until the group on the tire swings time is up. If they notice that the group has
gone over their time, they are to politely let them know or let a teacher know.
The observed consequence of having to skip their turn, directly turned into the antecedent
for a different behavior. While the students were waiting in line during their skipped turn, one
student was rolling her eyes while the other was kicking dirt. The teacher did not see these
behaviors and therefore no consequence was given. In some cases, there may have been


consequences given for these additional behaviors if they had been detected but the behaviors
were simply a reaction to the consequences that the students had received for their screaming and
yelling and having to skip a turn. Not all consequences will act as an antecedent for a new
behavior however in my observation report the relationship between antecedent-behaviorconsequences was cyclical.