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maton coved ie pare osteteet sop ctbcontmaon athe oforHrhg en er a CompactLine Antenna, Single Polarized, 6 ft wis) 5.925 -7.125 GHz — RFS Compactline® Antennas ate designed for short haul ricrowave systems in all common frequency ranges fram6 GHz to 60 Giz The antennas ate cost effective products for microwave pointto-point transmission links in cellular and private user ‘etwor. Antennas are available in 1 (0.3m) up to6 (1.8m) diameters. The modified cassegrain feed system results in a short Shroud with reduced environmental impact weight and tower load. The antennas are avaiable in single polarised (SB) as well 25 in dual polarised versions (SB). All antennas include a sold radome vihich is specially shaped to minimise ts impact on the antennas tlectrical characteristics. The antennas meetthe uta high performance radiation characteristic. str ie Petenna Beer Product Type Point to point antennas Frequency, GHz 5895-7.125 Diameter, im) ects) Profile Compactiine Performance Uta High Polarization Single Regulatory Compliance ‘Standard, EN G02217 13a beamwidth, (degrees) ta ‘antenna Input PRIS Low Band Gain, dB we ‘Wid Gand Gain, me High Band Gain, a) ma Fie Ratio, a8 e XPD, 6B a Max VOWRTRL & 130777 ETI Standard Range 1, ass 3 Elevation Adjustment degrees 8 Faimuth Adjustment, degrees 5 Polarization Adlustment, degrees 28 Pressure, bar (ps) 0343) Radome Tneluded ‘Antenna color White ‘Mounting Pipe Diameter minimum, mm (i) Haas) Mounting Pipe Diameter maximum, em (ln) Ta a5) ‘Approximate Weight. ka (ib) 120188) Survival Windspeed. krvh (meh) ‘200 (125) Operational Windspeed, kvh (mph) 7200 (125) RFS The Clear Choice © ‘SBG-W60AC Pri Dae EDT sean WEY oF TT I RS IES FOIA VORT SCS RFS] CompaciLine Antenna, Single Polarized, 6 ft — 5.925 -7.125 GHz — z= Fer Side foroe max. at 110 kmh (69 moh) (8) 1006 (228) F Boal force max. af 170 Kr (65 mph. N (BY 72048 (260) IM Torque max. at 110 krvh (63 mph). Nm (fib) 935 (687) Fer Side foroe max. at 200 kr (125 mph). NB) 3362 (54) F Bal free max. a 200 kr (125 mph) WB) 6708 (1622) FM Torque max: st 200 krvh (125 moh). Nm (6) 3125 (2305) All dimensions in mm (in) 1900 910(358) 362(14.3) 416 (16.4) 83(33) 785 (303) (748) Includes 1 sway bar (1.9 m3 260 mm) Dee [Complete Antenna instaliatio Radiation patern: (NSMA formal Radiation pattern: (PDF formal edie pare vasteleeteeRet cout atthe oto g : E RFS The Clear Choice © ‘SBG-W60AC Pri Date: 13062072 sean WEY oF TT I RS IES FOIA VORT