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Gay and Lesbian Group

Formation of
Policy Alternative

The policy analysis that was previously conducted was on
policies that affect the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and
Transgender population.
The effects of discrimination has lead to this population not
receiving adequate health care or no health care, lower
paid wages and inaccessibility to partner benefits.
There are 31 states that ban same sex marriage, It is up to
each state to decide if they will recognize the union of
same sex marriage.
When a state recognizes the union of same sex couples
they should allow for them to access their partners
I will develop a new policy that might remedy this problem.

Policy formation

policy that should be formulated

will help to recognize and ensure
spousal support through access of
federal, state and employee
Allowing children of same sex
partners to have access to the
parents benefits as well.
These two policies formations have
had success in other regions of the

Policy Formation

in respect of same sex

spouse, domestic partners and their
children should be applied and
recognized without prejudice to
gender on a Federal, State and local
United States citizens should be able
to sponsor their same sex spouse or
common law partner and children in
all 52 contiguous states.Spouses and

Similar policy, another


Belgium: same sex marriages became legal in

2003. Family rules for benefits and visas apply
equally to all couples without regard to gender
Scandinavia: allows for same sex unions and all
befits granted to their spouses and children.(Mohler,
Canada: all tiers of Canadian provincial government,
except Alberta agreed to open spousal rights and
responsibility to same sex partners. Canada voted to
count common law spouses and ban same sex
partners from marriage(Gaff, E.J. 1999).


Sweden: Gay and lesbian couples in Sweden

have the option to legally marry. By
changing the definition of marriage in
Sweden, the parliament essentially
eliminated the distinction between gay and
straight couples, which is especially
important when businesses, hospitals, and
municipalities draft policies for their
partnered employees, clients and
constituents, now they get the same
benefits and breaks (Michon, K. 2009).

Policy Alternative

The alternative to this policy is for the United

States to collectively recognize same sex unions.
There are 19 states and Washington D.C that
recognize same sex unions.
There are over a thousand federal laws in which
marriage is a factor. These laws confer rights,
protection and benefits to married couples
The DOMA decision allows for same sex married
couples to receive benefits.
However, every state does not recognize same
sex union, only some are able to access the
benefits they need and should be entitled to.

Feasibility of Alternative

would be feasible for spouses to have

access to benefits.
Access to healthcare benefits would help
with preventative health care services
and lead to overall better health.
Allowing access to employee benefits
would eliminate the need for government
This can help to reduce the strain on the

Policy Goals

This policy, will meet the goal of social equality

by allowing for people to designate who they
want to benefit from the work that they
contributed to society.
It will help to redistribute resources that were not
accessible to partners and their children such as
Social Security benefits, spousal survivor
benefits, spousal retirement, lump sum death
benefits, Tax benefits Veteran and military
benefits and Immigration benefits (Michon, K.).

Implement new
I can work to implement my policy alternative
by advocating and supporting for the rights of
same sex spouses and their families.
Voice my opinion by notifying my state
representative by phone email a letters, can
help to advocate for this policy.
Participating in petition signing and
circulation to help enact a national same sex
spousal recognition policy, that will allow all
spouses and children to rightfully obtain all
allotted benefits.

Support for this


This topic is an ongoing debate in Michigan that

sparks new law suits to that will recognize same
sex unions and partner benefits.
There are many supports and activist that are
determined to see the approval of same sex
union a reality in Michigan
Just recently two Michigan nurses took a big step
that could lead them in American history books.
They took their same sex marriage to the U.S
Supreme Court in pioneering effort to make gay
marriage legal in America once and for all.
( Baldas, T. 2014).

My Personal Feelings

I feel as though people should be allowed to love and

commit to whom ever they chose. I do not feel as
though it is fair for someone to be refused services or
benefits because their views are not in align with
normative culture. The LGBT population is
discriminated against the most and suffer the most.
Their suffrage is no less important than any other
groups suffrage was in history. I feel as though all
states should recognize the union of same sex
couples and grant them the access to benefits not
based on gender or sexual preferences, but of the
human factor. All of this population should receive
recognition not jus some of the population.

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