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Date 7/3/15


Yesterday's Prophecies - Today's Headlines


Europe's leadership says final Iran deal not yet secured
France's Fabius hopes powers, Iran can move towards nuclear deal by
China says 'high possibility' of nuclear deal with Iran soon
Iran says it will comply with UN protocol on access
Iran Violates Past Nuclear Promises on Eve of Deal
Russia's deputy FM reportedly leaves Iran's talks in Vienna
Kremlin: Russia's Putin to meet Iran's Rouhani next week
Congress Demands Obama Step Back From Iran Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu: ISIS brutality will seem like nothing compared with a
nuclear-armed Iran
Analysis: Egypt is losing its war against ISIS in Sinai
Hamas aiding ISIS-affiliated group that carried out terror attack in Egypt,
IDF says
Netanyahu: We see ISIS at the gates in Sinai and Golan
For Egypt, avenging Sinai attack may include striking Gaza
Ariel Sharon's son: My father would have responded to Gaza rocket fire

with full force

In major crackdown, Palestinian forces arrest dozens of Hamas men in
W. Bank
Poll: Majority wants to remove leniencies on Palestinians
Iron Dome gets mysterious upgrade
Expert warns on Daesh terror threat to European Jews
Obama administration will ignore 'Israel-controlled territories' in antiBDS law
Cruz blasts Obama for opening embassy in Havana before Jerusalem
Temple Mount Activist Yehudah Glick Travels to Turkey for Ramadan
Peace Mission
Watch: In twisted revenge, Syrian rebels execute Islamic State fighters
in orange jumpsuits
Syria rejects UN criticism of barrel bombs, says 'technical' issue
Syrian Islamist insurgents launch battle to seize government-held
Iraqi forces say most of Baiji town recaptured from Islamic State
UNESCO: Islamic State looting Syrian, Iraqi sites on industrial scale
Islamic State takes sledgehammer to 'irreplaceable' ancient Palmyra
Turkey 'planning to invade Syria'
Turkey reinforces Syria border, Davutoglu says no incursion planned
Morocco breaks up militant cell linked to ISIS
Lost boys: Moms of radicalized Western jihadists form support group
Cash-strapped UN food agency reduces help to Syrian refugees
Eight dead in new Saudi-led strikes on Yemen's Sanaa - agency
Car bomb explodes near Yemeni mosque in downtown Sanaa

US calls for Ramadan pause in Yemen conflict

Boko Haram guns down 97 people praying in mosques in Nigeria
Terror-struck Tunisia Fears Fighters Coming From Libya
Putin's Recipe for Power
Despite past quarrels with Russia, Georgians are returning to its orbit
Meditating Portuguese actor mistaken for terrorist on Paris plane
Potential Holiday Threats Assessed With Focus on 'Lone Wolf' Terrorists
Washington Navy Yard on lockdown amid reports of shots fired
Soros helps pro-Clinton Super PACs to $24 million haul
BP settlement: States to accept $18.7 billion in damages
Labor Market Runs in Place; More Jobs, Participation Lowest Since
Record 93,626,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate
Declines to 62.6%
Mixed U.S. jobs report dampens September rate hike bets
Greece debt crisis: Country on course to hold EU referendum as
eurozone leaders reject new bailout request
Hopeful Start to Greek Debt Negotiations Quickly Soured
Tsipras urges Greeks to defy creditors' 'blackmail'
Greece 'No' voters in lead ahead of bailout referendum
Greek banks down to 500m Euros in cash reserves as economy
Young Greeks flee abroad as crisis deepens
China's stocks hit critical low despite government lifelines
Woman jumps to her death in Shanghai's IAPM mall after stock market
Economic exodus means two-thirds of Puerto Ricans may soon live in

128 Unaccompanied Alien Children Caught at Mexican Border Per Day
in May
Man tracked down by drone charged with robbery, auto theft
Black 'flying saucer' UFO is captured hovering over Stonehenge
China Says 6.5 Quake in Far West Kills 6, Collapses Homes
6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Santa Monica, Philippines
5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Port Blair, India
5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand
Two Hundred Earthquakes off Southwest Iceland
Iceland Earthquakes Die Down, Eruption a Possibility in Volcano Eldey
Fear of Volcano eruption in Ukhrul
Raung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft
Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft
Cyclone Raquel forms as earliest big storm recorded off Australia's
Typhoon Chan-hom: Guam Fourth of July Threat
Strengthening Tropical Depression Poses Risks to Philippines
Countries must deal with health risks of more frequent heatwaves: UN
Unprecedented wave of shark attacks causes terror in North Carolina
Right to die: Belgian doctors rule depressed 24-year-old woman has
right to end her life
Measles kills first patient in 12 years
Scientist Sentenced To Prison For AIDS Research Fraud By Spiking
Vaccine With Rabbit Blood

Seattle 6th Graders Can't Get a Coke at School, But Can Get an IUD
Sex Offenders Sue, Cite Indiana's Religious Objections Law
Forget gay marriage: 'Fornicators and adulterers' in church a bigger
issue, says actor Kirk Cameron
Country's First Gay Divorce Firm Opens In Philadelphia
Kentucky couples sue for marriage licenses after gay marriage ruling
Entire Tenn. county clerk's office resigns over same-sex marriage
Nathan Collier: Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling
requests right to wed two wives
Child's Right to Have a Relationship With Both Mother and Father
Totally Ignored by Supreme Court, Ryan Anderson Proclaims
Trouble Brewing in South Carolina? Black Panthers Plan Rally to
Counter KKK
'Dukes' star compares TV Land decision to Nazi Germany
Google unit sorry for including concentration camps in game
Couple calls ghostbuster after claiming demons molest them in their

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Netanyahu: Israel Faces Double Threat, From
ISIS and Iran
Responding to Christian Critics of Israel
Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the
Messiah is Imminent
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
They Want To Use "Hate Speech Laws" To
Destroy Freedom of Speech in America
More Warnings: Implantable Biochips
Daily Devotion: Because He Said So
Featured Article: Can't See the Forest for the

Netanyahu: Israel Faces Double Threat, From ISIS

and Iran - Hana Levi Julian - http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Thursday at a news

conference in Be'er Sheva that Israel now faces two threats: that of
Da'esh, or ISIS - and that of Iran.

Both issues were relevant to the condolences that Netanyahu

expressed on behalf of Israel to the Egyptian people over the slaughter
of dozens of police officers and Egyptian soldiers in Sinai on
Wednesday by ISIS terrorists. An IDF official told media earlier in the
evening there is also evidence indicating that Hamas terrorists - who
are backed by Iran - were involved in helping the Sinai terrorists who
attacked the Egyptian security personnel.

"Up until several months ago, when we said that ISIS was carrying out
actions on our borders, people were skeptical," Netanyahu said. "And
here we see before our very eyes ISIS operating with unusual brutality
on both our northern and southern borders.

"Our hearts are with the Egyptian people and we send our condolences
to the Egyptian government and to the families whose loved ones have
fallen in the struggle against vicious terrorism.

"The actions that we have seen from ISIS are nothing compared to the
capabilities being built by the Iranian regime," the prime minister
continued, referencing the current nuclear deal being negotiated with
Tehran six world powers.

The terrorist groups aligned against Israel in Gaza and Lebanon, he

noted, are also all generously supported by Iran.

"It is clear that nobody in their right mind would give ISIS nuclear
weapons. But in the major powers' current talks with Iran they are giving
it - this extremist state that is exporting terrorism around the world - the
ability to develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons, of very many nuclear
bombs along with the means to deliver them - long-range missiles,"
Netanyahu pointed out.

"Therefore, we now face two threats - from ISIS and from Iran. We need
not strengthen one at the expense of the other. We need to weaken
both and prevent the aggression and arming of both.

"I tell you that in the face of these forces of darkness, which repress
human rights, murder people and hang them up in public squares,
against these forces we are moving forward here in Be'er Sheva with
the cyber park," Netanyahu went on, describing a new project that has
been launched in the southern city.

"We see very great progress here in Be'er Sheva; this is a global
revolution. While this revolution gives us considerable economic
strength, as well as security and military strength, it requires us to leave
behind the usual patterns, move on to other things and set forth a

"The vision of Ben-Gurion was correct. Another vision must be added to

it, that of commercial development. When commercial interests are
joined to these companies, and they can profit, they come here and
create growth that we could not even dream about.

"Here we are receiving all global forces, among them the strongest
forces in the global economy, in Be'er Sheva, the Negev and the State
of Israel because we created a commercial interest for them. This is a
revolution. This will serve all citizens of the State of Israel, all of them

without exception.

"The same thing can also be done now with the gas reserves. The gas
reserves are a great gift that we have received. A vast quantity of gas is
under the seabed. A small part of it has been extracted; a very great
part is still in reserves under the sea. We must extract it from there. It is
commercial firms that are extracting it.

"We have seen to it that 60% of their profits will enter into state coffers.
We are using this, and will use it, for health, social welfare, education
and security. We are talking about hundreds of billions of shekels - not
hundreds of millions of shekels - but hundreds of billions of shekels in
the coming years.

"We need to see to it that these funds reach us, thanks to the gas that
reaches us. We proposed an outline, everyone can read it. It is a
balanced outline. It is a correct outline. It is an outline that could bring
this resource to the State of Israel.

"Therefore, we will continue to advance both the cyber industry here

and the extraction of the gas from the sea, both the defense of our
borders and cooperation with all countries in the region that want to
fend off the darkness and bring about progress."

Responding to Christian Critics of Israel - Alf Cengia -


What do you say to Christian critics of Israel? How do you respond to

Christian leaders or people who you would normally respect - insofar as
proclaiming the gospel is concerned - yet habitually single out Israel for
unfair criticism?

I confess to frustration at the myths and inferences which these

consistently churn out. It's not just the bias - it's the attitude to biblical
texts referring to Israel's future which are either ignored or manipulated
to say something other than what's plainly stated.

Back in 2009 Denver Seminary held a conference: Historic

Premillennialism: A Biblical Alternative to "Left Behind" Eschatology. The
"Left Behind" Theology tag was a reference to Dispensationalism. The
conference was an attack on several dispensational teachings. It
professed to offer the "biblical" alternative.

One of the scheduled speakers was Craig Blomberg who was sick at
the time. A transcript of his talk was delivered by Gary Hoag. The theme
of that talk was "Inappropriately Privileging Israel: Why Historic
Premillennialism Trumps Dispensationalism".

Blomberg praised George E. Ladd as the consummate scholar who

overshadowed the rest. Ladd was a posttribulational premillennialist
who taught that the church was the "New Spiritual Israel." He used the
New Testament to re-interpret the Old Testament. According to Ladd:

"The Old Testament must be interpreted by the New Testament. In

principle it is quite possible that the prophecies addressed originally to

literal Israel describing physical blessings have their fulfillment

exclusively in the spiritual blessings enjoyed by the church. It is also
possible that the Old Testament expectation of a kingdom on earth
could be reinterpreted by the New Testament altogether of blessings in
the spiritual realm." (Emphasis mine)

Ladd didn't allow the OT to speak for itself. Even his belief in a future
millennium rested on his understanding of Rev 20. Just on that concept
alone we might observe that the modern HP "biblical" approach has
been considerably hampered by its NT bias.

Blomberg's unhelpful stance on national Israel bothered me most of all.

He accused dispensationalists of meddling in US politics to unfairly
favor Israel. He indirectly inferred that the Palestinian suffering is
attributable to Israel's oppression.

While chastising the excesses of uncritical support of either side of the

Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he praised activists Gary Burge and Colin
Chapman. Yet Burge is one of the most notorious anti-Israel activists
today. This man (along with Bethlehem Bible Church) is responsible for
many young modern evangelicals turning their backs on Israel.

In a recent column in Christianity Today, a popular champion of the faith

(now gone to be with the Lord) made several damaging observations
about Israel as a result of some leading questions.

One allegation was that the Arab side of the story was being
suppressed by Jewish media control. Another was that religious
freedom in Israel was a contradiction. Israel was said to be secular and
that Jews could not even define what Jewish meant. It was alleged that
Jews viewed the Old Testament as simply an historical book whereas
Arabs were more religious than Israelis.

According to this highly popular Christian author, only the Arabs were
willing to share their land and the Palestinians were killed for their
kindness. The 1948 partition of "Palestine" was supposedly arbitrary
and the "Palestinians weren't consulted." Moreover, there was no ethical
basis for Zionism. This person asserted that evangelicals had a "naive
notion of the fulfillment of prophecy" and that throughout history
Christians have felt that these were the "last times."

It would take several columns to unpack all the canards expressed

above. The Omega Letter writers (as others have done) have been
regularly doing this. However, it's a sad reality that influential Christians,
who have served the gospel well in many areas, make abysmal
statements which are often accepted without question.

The ever-present red flag in these common attacks on Israel is the onesided narrative. What about the other side? Then there are the logical

The Arab nations are certainly religious. But are they tolerant and what
do they believe in? Why are Christians leaving these regions en
masse? Why are some even fleeing to Israel?

One might observe that if case is made that the Palestinians weren't
consulted to begin with, then they couldn't have been in the position to
be unfairly treated for their alleged kindness. Furthermore, if the Arabs
were willing to share "their land" then they also must have been
consulted. In fact the original Jewish land parcel was far greater than
what they have today.

If the Jews really practice such far-reaching power over the mainstream media then how is it that most of this same media demonizes

Blomberg's supposition that pro-Israel evangelicals exercise

inappropriate leverage in American politics doesn't consider the other
side of the story. Pro-Palestinian evangelicals lobby Governments in an
effort to hurt Israel economically. Furthermore they actively seek more
funding for the Palestinians. This funding doesn't reach the Palestinian
people - it goes to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

To borrow from Blomberg, this type of misguided thinking has unfairly

privileged the Two Entities which have vowed to destroy Israel. This is
politics at its worst.

So how do we respond to brothers and sisters who we love in the faith,

yet who unfairly marginalize Israel?

Let's understand this again - Israel is far from perfect. It needs Christ's
redemption - just like other nations do. Israel will be redeemed as a
nation because God has promised this. And we delight in His

But I'd rather live In Israel than in its neighboring countries. I have good
reason for this and if you don't agree then you should talk to the people
who have left those countries.

Please don't forget to tell their story.

Another response we should always give is God's word. It doesn't need

to be redefined, re-interpreted or re-imagined. Please, do assiduously
check your Bible on Israel's future. Do not presume the church has
taken over Israel's promises and that it doesn't have a prophetic future.
That would be tantamount to making God disingenuous (Jeremiah
31:31-37; Jeremiah 33:25-26; Ezekiel 36:24-36 etc)

Good luck with that one.

Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the

Messiah is Imminent - By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/44534/leading-israeli-rabbimessiah-imminent-jewish-world/#HYoOU5TrAdSDEsPS.97

"I will bring you out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries
where you are scattered, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm,
and with wrath poured out." (Ezekiel 20:34 )

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading authority in mainstream UltraOrthodox Judaism, has been giving clear and unequivocal messages
recently that the coming of the Messiah is imminent. He is urging Jews
to make Aliyah as soon as possible. Aliyah, the Hebrew verb for "going
up", refers to immigrating to Israel, which is seen as higher spiritual
action that can help herald in the coming of the Messiah.

It was reported that the Rabbi Kanievsky was presented with a

pamphlet, written by Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Tzvi from the city of Bnei Brak,
dealing with the End of Days and many other related prophecies. Rabbi
Kanievsky, who is a pillar of the Jewish community and known for his
authoritative books on Torah law, read the pamphlet carefully. After a
short consideration, he told those around him that the pamphlet needed
to be distributed and that Jews living outside Israel should return to their
ancestral land.

In yet another instance of Rabbi Kanievsky's call for aliyah, author

Rabbi Yekutiel Fisch revealed advice that was given to his cousin, a
teacher at a prominent Lakewood Yeshiva who visited Israel recently
and went to Rabbi Kanievsky to receive a blessing at the end of his

The Rabbi told him that he should not leave Israel because the Messiah
would be arriving very soon. The teacher responded that he had 700
students waiting for him in Lakewood. Rabbi Kanievsky told him that he
must bring all of the students to Israel. Upon his arrival in Lakewood,
the story spread quickly, creating quite an impression on the students
who all revere Rabbi Kanievsky.

After a lifetime of immersing himself in classical Jewish texts, Rabbi

Kanievsky's study partner informed various media sites that the Rabbi is
talking about the messiah "all the time." Since last summer's war in
Gaza, the Rabbi has been spreading this message of imminent return.
In one instance, Rabbi Kanievsky instructed a Jew from Argentina who
asked for a blessing that he should "gather your family and come to
Israel. Otherwise, there won't be enough room for you on the

When asked about the timing of the Messiah's arrival, Rabbi Kanievsky
answered, "At the end of the Sabbatical year." Several people have
asked the Rabbi to verify this and he has given the same answer each
time. This year is the Sabbatical year and it will be ending on the 29th
day of Elul, which, by the Gregorian calendar falls on Saturday,
September 12, 2015.

In answer to Rabbi Kanievsky's call, the Jews of France have begun to

arrive in Israel in blessed droves. The impetus is certainly a reaction to
increasing anti-Semitic and Islamic fueled violence across Europe.

After the horrific terror attack at a Kosher market in Paris six months
ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu urged French Jews to come
home to Israel. His remarks drew criticism from some, however last
week, in the wake of Ramadan violence in several countries including
France, Zeev Elkin, the Israeli Minister of Immigration and Absorption,
called on French Jews to make Aliyah, echoing his leader's words.

"Come home! Anti-Semitism is growing, terrorism is on the rise and the

sickly ISIS activists carry out murders in the light of day. We are
prepared to accept the Jews of France with open arms," he said.

Last year, 7,000 French Jews made aliyah to Israel, making it the
number one country of origin for new immigrants. The Jewish Agency
and the Ministry for Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption are expecting
more than 3,000 French Jews to immigrate to Israel this summer alone,
many of them families with children who want to arrive and integrate
before the beginning of the school year.

It should be noted that it is considered a positive trait to always be

anticipating the Messiah. The Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Yisrael Meir
Kagan, a great Torah sage, is told to have said that any time he heard
a loud noise, he would say, "Perhaps the Messiah has arrived?" Similar
stories have also been told of the leading Moroccan Kabbalist, the Baba
Sali, Rabbi Israel Abuhaseira.

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Another effective witness from Randy and Prophecy Update. The "There will be
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accepting the Lord's salvation through Jesus to repent now!" - Don Mills Director of Programming - CSN Radio - Twin Falls, ID

Brother Randy, to say it was a great movie documentary is an understatement.

Thank you for doing the Lord's work. This movie gave me the chills. - Terrance
Alan - Kaukauna, WI

Thanks so much for the DVD There will be Tribulation...I watched it the other
day, finally. It is well done and really holds your attention. In fact, it's
unrelenting...which of course is what it needs to be. - Rich and JoAnne Temecula, CA


This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' - Hal Lindsey www.hallindsey.com

On Friday, June 26th, the Supreme Court of the United States overrode
the states and the voters when the justices, by a single vote, imposed
legalized, same-sex marriage on all America.

The resulting dissension it caused among the minority members of the

court is almost unprecedented.

On this week's program, I am going to discuss this momentous

decision. Be warned, though, I am not discussing it from the moral or
political perspective. I am going to address the prophetic implications.

Some of you may be wondering right now, "How can this legal
development have 'prophetic implications'? Don't tell me this is going to
usher in the Antichrist!"

Well, maybe. And not because the recent decision may require God to
apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. And not because I've said before
that God's "red line" for America may be its national "celebration" of one
of the most odious sins named in His Word.

This may help pave the way for the Antichrist because he cannot sweep
to power without imperial authority or the judicial ratification of his
authority. He'll have no time for confirmation of his sweeping initiatives
through drawn-out legislative processes. He needs a body of authority
that acts quickly. He needs an easily controlled, small body of people
with the ultimate power to make laws. Laws that favor him.

Until recently, that did not describe the Supreme Court. But now it does.

As Chief Justice John Roberts noted in his dissent, "The majority's

decision is an act of will, not legal judgment. The right it announces has
no basis in the Constitution or the Court's precedent."

Justice Antonin Scalia put it more bluntly. He called the decision a

"threat to American democracy...." He said, "Today's decree says that
my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a
majority of nine lawyers on the Supreme Court." In other words, Scalia
charges that the nation's top court is no longer "interpreting" the laws of
the land, but is now "imposing" laws on the land.

And if Congress and the American people do not take action to stop that
trend, then it won't be long before the Supreme Court and other of the
nation's courts will be inventing laws to impose on us.

In that sort of judicial landscape, it will be easy for a single, charismatic

figure to silence his critics and opposition if he has the court's
cooperation. And that's precisely what the Antichrist will need to do to
control America.

Already, we can tell the difference between this decision and the
infamous Roe v. Wade decision back in 1973. It opened the door to a
wave of killing that, so far, has taken more than 55 million human lives.
However, that calamity did not enable abortion supporters to politically
silence and financially destroy people who believe abortion is morally

That is becoming a weapon of choice against those who support

traditional marriage.

When Jesus described the days just before His return to earth to snatch
away His bride, He said this: "Nation will rise against nation, and
kingdom against kingdom, and there will be earthquakes, and in various
places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs
from heaven." (Luke 21:10-11 NASB)

Now, that's a pretty accurate description of what we witness on the

evening news each day, wouldn't you say? But here's the chilling thing
about this passage of scripture.

In the very next verse, Jesus said that before all of these things happen
-- and we're already seeing them beginning to happen -- something else
would happen: "Before all these things, they will lay their hands on you
and will persecute you." (Luke 21:12 NASB)

Folks, that clearly means that persecution is right around the corner for
American Christians. It's already here for our brothers and sisters
around the world.

Thus far, American Christians have been protected by our God-inspired

Constitution, but these recent Supreme Court decisions signal clearly
that our protection is being trampled underfoot by the very people sworn
to protect and defend it. And, if you ask me, that is exactly what must
happen before the last-days' scenario can fully unfold here in America.

That means it's time for all of us to re-focus our attention on our spiritual
life and its foundations. We must dig deep into the Word of God to
discover -- or rediscover -- what is important in these final days. We
must have a bedrock certainty about WHAT we believe and WHY we

believe it.

Most of all, we must sincerely ask God to help us be prepared when our
moment comes. And, like Stephen, He will give us the wisdom, the
words, and the courage to stand strong for Him.

I want to remind you that we have recently launched a completely new

website at HalLindsey.com. As a result, we are offering a new version of
our online services! If you have not already done so, please register
your new account by visiting HalLindsey.com, then clicking on "My
Account." I apologize for any inconvenience during this time of
transition. If you have any questions or concerns, just email them to

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support!

I wish all of you a Happy Independence Day! God bless you and God
bless the United States of America!

Don't miss this week's Report on TBN, Daystar, CPM Network, The
Word Network, various local stations, www.hallindsey.com or

They Want To Use 'Hate Speech Laws' To Destroy

Freedom of Speech in America - By Michael Snyder http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/they-want-to-use-hatespeech-laws-to-destroy-freedom-of-speech-in-america

Hate speech laws are going in all around the world, and progressive
activists in the United States want to use these kinds of laws to destroy
free speech in America. You see, the truth is that these hate speech
laws that are being implemented all over the planet are not just about
preventing speech that promotes violence or genocide against a
particular group of people. Instead, these laws are written in such a
way that anyone that says something that "offends" or "insults"
someone else is guilty of "hate speech". Even if you never intended to
offend anyone and you had no idea that your words were insulting, in
some countries you can be detained without bail and sentenced to
years in prison for such speech. Today, there are highly restrictive hate
speech laws in Canada, in Mexico and in virtually every single
European nation. The United States is still an exception, but the truth is
that our liberties and freedoms are being eroded every single day, and it
is only a matter of time until "hate speech laws" are used to take away
our freedom of speech too.

If you don't think that this could ever happen in America, you should
consider what the American Bar Association has to say on the matter.
This is the national organization that represents all of our lawyers,
judges, etc. So when the ABA speaks on legal matters, it carries a
significant amount of weight. The following is how the American Bar
Association defines "hate speech"...

Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based

on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or
other traits.

Did you catch that?

If I say something that offends or insults you, there is a very good

chance that I have just committed "hate speech" according to the ABA.

And support for these kinds of laws is growing. In fact, one survey
found that 51 percent of all Democrats now support hate speech laws.
It is only a matter of time before progressives start pushing for them in a
big way.

Sadly, many of these progressives don't even understand that our

Constitution protects free speech. Just consider what CNN anchor
Chris Cuomo recently had to say about this...

Hate speech is not the same thing as free speech, wrote CNN anchor
Chris Cuomo on the ultimate forum for public discourse: Twitter.

Amid debate about free speech after a shooting at an anti-Muslim

protest in Texas , a user tweeted at Cuomo: "Too many people are
trying to say hate speech (doesn't equal) free speech."

In response, Cuomo, who has a law degree, said, "It doesn't. Hate
speech is excluded from protection. Don't just say you love the
Constitution ... read it."

No, I think that it is Cuomo that needs to read the Constitution. The fact
that he gets to deliver "the news" to millions upon millions of Americans
is absolutely frightening.

But without a doubt, we do need to have a conversation about "hate

speech" in the United States. If I offend or insult you, that does not
mean that I "hate" you. And if I disagree with you, that does not mean
that I "hate" you either.

Some of the things that are considered to be "offensive speech" these

days are absolutely ridiculous. For example, just consider the following
excerpt from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson...

Here's an actual list of things that according to the University of

Wisconsin are racist:

- Asking someone where they are from or where they were born.

- Telling someone they speak good English.

- Telling someone that you have several black friends.

- Saying that you're not a racist.

- Complimenting an Asian person by telling them they are very


- Asking an Asian person for help with science or math.

- Uttering the phrase "There is only one race, the human race."

- Saying that you think America is a melting pot and that when you look

at someone you don't see race.

- Believing that the most qualified person, regardless of race, should get
the job.

- Thinking that every person, regardless of race, can succeed in society

if they work hard enough.

- Telling a black person who is being too loud to be quiet.

- Telling an Asian or Latino person who is too quiet to speak up.

- Mistaking a person of color for a staff member when you're in a store.

- Calling something "gay".

- Doing an impression of someone's dialect or accent.

Could you imagine going to prison for any of those "offenses"?

But this is where our country is heading if we don't stand up for our

Right now, the progressives are on a roll. In the wake of the recent

Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, some progressives are

already talking about going after the tax exemptions of churches that
oppose it. In fact, the New York Times recently published an article
entitled "Now's the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious

But of course the ultimate goal is far more insidious. In the end, they
want to shut down all speech that offends them in any way...

The American Unity Fund is a heavily funded new super-PAC looking to

blanket the country with LGBT anti-discrimination laws. In effect, those
laws aim to wipe out any alternative voice to the LGBT agenda. The
effort is being spearheaded by billionaire hedge fund manager Paul
Singer and another wealthy hedge fund manager, Tim Gill. Gill's
operations-the Gill Foundation and Gill Action-have been dedicated to
"nonpartisan" gains for the LGBT lobby on the legislative and judicial

Those that do not believe that this could ever possibly happen in "the
land of the free" should consider what has already happened in our
neighbor to the north...

Anyone who is offended by something you have said or written can

make a complaint to the Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals. In
Canada, these organizations police speech, penalizing citizens for any
expression deemed in opposition to particular sexual behaviors or
protected groups identified under 'sexual orientation.' It takes only one
complaint against a person to be brought before the tribunal, costing the
defendant tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. The commissions
have the power to enter private residences and remove all items
pertinent to their investigations, checking for hate speech.

Of course the same kind of thing is already happening over in Europe

as well. For instance, one Christian pastor in Northern Ireland is being

prosecuted for calling Islam "a doctrine spawned in hell"...

An evangelical pastor in Northern Ireland is under fire and will be

prosecuted after calling Islam "satanic" and claiming that its doctrine
was "spawned in hell" during a controversial 2014 sermon that
streamed over the Internet.

Pastor James McConnell, 78, of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in

Belfast, Northern Ireland, made his comments - which included calling
Islam "heathen" - in a sermon delivered last May, the BBC reported.

"The Muslim religion was created many hundreds of years after Christ.
Muhammad, the Islam Prophet, was born around the year A.D. 570, but
Muslims believe that Islam is the true religion," he preached. "Now,
people say there are good Muslims in Britain. That may be so, but I
don't trust them."

McConnell continued, "Islam's ideas about God, about humanity, about

salvation are vastly different from the teaching of the holy scriptures.
Islam is heathen. Islam is satanic. Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell."

Once such laws are in place in the United States, it won't be difficult for
the government to find you if you are committing "hate speech". As I
have written about repeatedly, the U.S. government already monitors
virtually everything that is said and done on the Internet. The following
is an excerpt from an article that was recently authored by Micah Lee,
Glenn Greenwald, and Morgan Marquis-Boire...

The sheer quantity of communications that XKEYSCORE processes,

filters and queries is stunning. Around the world, when a person gets
online to do anything - write an email, post to a social network, browse
the web or play a video game - there's a decent chance that the Internet

traffic her device sends and receives is getting collected and processed
by one of XKEYSCORE's hundreds of servers scattered across the

In order to make sense of such a massive and steady flow of

information, analysts working for the National Security Agency, as well
as partner spy agencies, have written thousands of snippets of code to
detect different types of traffic and extract useful information from each
type, according to documents dating up to 2013. For example, the
system automatically detects if a given piece of traffic is an email. If it is,
the system tags if it's from Yahoo or Gmail, if it contains an airline
itinerary, if it's encrypted with PGP, or if the sender's language is set to
Arabic, along with myriad other details.

And as I wrote about yesterday, western governments are already using

paid trolls to identify and combat "extremists" on social media websites
such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

We are rapidly becoming a "Big Brother" society, and if we don't stand

up for our freedoms and liberties now, it is inevitable that we will
eventually lose just about all of them.

Unfortunately, most of the population is absolutely clueless about all of

this. In fact, as Mark Dice demonstrated the other day, many Americans
don't even know what we are celebrating on the 4th of July. As a
society, we have become extremely "dumbed down", and we have lost
connection to the values and principles that this country was founded

So is there any hope for us?

More Warnings: Implantable Biochips - Belle Ringer http://www.salvationandsurvival.com/2015/07/more-warnings-implantablebiochips.html

I can't help it. I just instinctively recoil when I hear about another
deal made between pharmaceutical corporations and biotechnology
companies. Add in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and I am
instantly suspicious. So was Rob Matheson at TechSwarm, who
reported that an implantable, microchip-based device may soon replace
the injections and pills now needed to treat chronic diseases.

According to Matheson, a company called Microchips Biotech

partnered with Teva Pharmaceuticals, the world's largest producer of
generic drugs, to develop and commercialize its wirelessly controlled,
implantable, microchip-based devices that store and release drugs
inside the body over many years. The microchips consist of hundreds
of pinhead-sized reservoirs, each capped with a metal membrane, that
store tiny doses of therapeutics or chemicals. An electric current
delivered by the device removes the membrane, releasing a single
dose. The device can be programmed wirelessly to release individual
doses for up to 16 years to treat, for example, diabetes, cancer, multiple
sclerosis, and osteoporosis. Sounds good, right?

I will admit that medical technology has seen great advancements in

recent years; and who can deny how great it would be to help eradicate
and control all the above-mentioned diseases, or how much the industry
has done to help our wounded veterans returning from war? But when I
listen to some of the philosophies of the inventors, and who they are
willing to get into bed with ... well, frankly, it sends chills up my spine.

All you have to do is read about the history, and listen to some of the
comments made by Microchips Biotech cofounders Michael Cima and

Robert Langer. (The emphasis in italics is mine). Inspiration for the

microchips came in the late 1990s, when Langer watched a
documentary on mass-producing microchips. "I thought to myself,
'Wouldn't this be a great way to make a drug-delivery system?'" Langer
says. He then brought the idea to Cima, a chip-making expert who was
taken aback by its novelty. "But being out-of-this-world is not something
that needs to stop anybody..." Cima adds. "In fact, that should be the
criterion." Follow that up with this revelation: Together with graduate
student John Santini PhD, they invented a dime-sized prototype which
contained only 34 reservoirs, each controlled by an individual wire
connected to an external power source. At the time, they considered a
broad range of practical, and somewhat fantastical, applications beyond
drug delivery, including disease diagnostics and jewelry that could emit
scents. "We were trying to find the killer application. We thought, 'I have
a hammer, what's the right nail to hit?'" Cima says.

Now, I know that less critical people would see nothing remarkable
about their statements... just a couple of science geeks thinking outside
the scope of normal applications. And maybe my spiritual discernment
is super-charged, but when these microchip geniuses note that at about
this time their invention captured the imagination and interest of the
Gates Foundation, then the story takes on another dimension.

It was after the results of their first human trials were published in
2012, that Bill Gates took notice. Their microchips were implanted into
seven elderly women, delivering teriparatide to strengthen bones.
Results indicated that the chips delivered doses comparable to
injections - and did so more consistently - with no adverse side effects.
So, wouldn't you know it -- Bill Gates quickly sees how the microchip
technology could be used in his ongoing campaign to control population
growth. Because, don't you know, there is apparently a huge problem in
the world of medication-prescription adherence -- and it is a surprisingly
costly issue in the United States. A 2012 report published in the Annals
of Internal Medicine estimated that Americans who don't stick to
prescriptions rack up $100 billion to $289 billion annually in
unnecessary health care costs from additional hospital visits and other
issues. Failure to follow prescriptions, the study also found, causes
around 125,000 deaths annually and up to 10 percent of all
hospitalizations... not to mention an exponential growth in the number of
babies born to women who don't follow any form of birth control.

Do you see how that line of thinking would appeal to Bill Gates, who
perceives a huge problem in the world's population explosion?
(Remember his oft-quoted statement at the Technology, Entertainment,
and Design (TED) Conference ... "if we do a really great job on new
vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower
[global population] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.") Imagine if you could
implant women in third world countries with contraceptive-delivery
microchips that controlled conception for 16 years. Think you might be
able to lower global population numbers? Infertility would be a
convenient "fix" for the world's overpopulation issue.

Of course, I know I am only looking at this from a potentially harmful

aspect. But like I said at the beginning ... I can't help it. The mad
scientists and technology engineers of the world have openly declared
that they want to create "the singularity": the imminent creation by
technology of entities with greater than human intelligence. By merging
our human bodies with computer microchips, we are taking one more
step in that direction. And, ultimately, that means we lose control of the
human experience; and perhaps, even of human life.

It's not hard to see that technology invented by Microchips Biotech

could be used to control population growth; or decide who receives lifesaving drugs; or even who is determined to be worthy of life, itself. Can
you see that individual choice will be eliminated? Once that microchip
is implanted, its wireless technology component will allow someone else
to dispense -- or not -- your medicine. Personally, I know in my spirit,
that I am made in the image of God, and He gave me a brain to make
my own choices about how I will treat this body; this temple of the Holy
Spirit. I do not want this flesh to be corrupted; to turn over the control of
it to a piece of computer equipment that is under the jurisdiction of
godless men. I want to leave this world as I came into it ... fearfully and
wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:13-14 "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me

together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and
wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very


Daily Devotion: Because He Said So - Greg Laurie www.harvest.org

"I, even I, am the LORD, and besides Me there is no savior." -Isaiah


As children are growing up, they will hear their parents say things they
don't like, such as when Mom or Dad says, "Do you think that I have a
money tree somewhere?" or "You don't know the sacrifices I had to
make when I was your age!" Then there is my favorite parental saying:
"Because I said so!"

Kids today may vow to never say that to their children, but when they're
adults and their children keep pressing them, they may find themselves
blurting out, "Because I said so!" (Then they'll think, I can't believe I just
said that!)

Sometimes we may look at God's laws, standards, and absolutes and

say, "I struggle with that. I don't know about that. How can I know it's

Meanwhile God is saying to us, "Because I said so. Really, you know it
is true because I said so."

God is the source of truth. God is truth. So if God says it is true, then it
is true. You may or may not agree with it. You may not fully understand
it. But that doesn't change what it is.

I have seen a lot of drama played out in real time in many lives. I have
seen what happens to men and women who get married, work on
having a strong marriage, stay married, and raise their children in the
way of the Lord. Of course every family has its challenges. And every
family has its tragedies. But I've seen in the long run how it works when
we pass on these biblical truths from generation to generation.

I have also seen what happens when couples get divorced, get
remarried, and get divorced again. I've seen how problems get passed
from generation to generation.

So let's just take God at His Word.





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very decline. From this point on, we believers have
to get serious. We are going to face discouragement,
disillusionment and, most certainly, persecution in
the time between now and the Rapture. But don't be
discouraged or disillusioned. The coming turmoil will
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Can't See the Forest for the Trees - By Donna Wasson http://www.raptureready.com/soap2/wasson156.html

Satan and his peons must be dancing a jig! As we've all heard ad

nauseum, the imperial Supreme Court of the United States, ruled that
same-sex marriage is legal and a constitutional right. I'm pretty sure the
Founding Fathers would vehemently disagree with their decision on
many counts, one of which is that the PEOPLE have voted time and
time again against destroying the foundation of civilization. But, who the
heck cares what the people want? SCOTUS has spoken, and
overridden the will of the citizens. Woe to them!

Naturally, the usurping, treasonous Occupant of the White House

nearly wet himself with glee, tweeting how all citizens are now 'a little
more equal,' which is a completely nonsensical statement, but we know
what he meant. Then, to rub this unwanted ruling in the face of every
Christian in the nation, he had the unmitigated gall to have the People's
House-the White House, lit up with rainbow colors in celebration, as
was Niagara Falls and Cinderella's Castle in Disneyland. I know where
I'm not going on vacation now!

The same night this decision was announced, 500+ sodomite revelers
at the Ba-Xian Water Park in New Taipei City, Taiwan, were holding a
huge celebration party and dance in honor of the ruling in America. This
event was sponsored by NewUrbanMale.com, an openly gay male
modeling organization with a cute little cartoon picture of a sperm as
their logo.

Things were going well and everyone was having a grand time, until
rainbow-colored metallic glitter was sprayed over the crowd like a cloud.
Unbeknownst to the happy homosexuals, this material is highly
flammable, and was somehow ignited. The crowd, quite simply, went up
in flames, burning them alive. There were 500+ victims, some of whom
were burned over 80% of their bodies. As of this writing, no deaths were
reported. The video of this ghastly event is available on YouTube and is
extremely disturbing, to say the least.

This tragedy was widely reported, but the news media refused to
identify this party for what it was; an openly homosexual event. I'm
certain they don't want to consider the possibility perhaps God might be
fed up with the world's in-your-face sodomite shenanigans, and that was

just a taste of the judgment to come.

It was an eventful day for the Occupant. That afternoon, he delivered

the eulogy for Clementa Pinckney, the Pastor of Emanuel AME Church
in Charleston, South Carolina. As usual, when he is up in front of a
group of blacks, he couldn't resist putting on his best southernpreacher-voice, bouncing on the balls of his feet like he was standing on
a hot plate.

After admitting he really didn't know the Reverend very well, he spent
little time remembering the man, but concentrated instead on ancient
black American history, Jim Crow, the civil rights struggle, black men
making up the majority of the prison population, gun violence and even
managed to squeeze in condemnation of the Confederate Flag, as
some in the audience shouted 'amen.'

Then, as his pice de rsistance, he slowly began to croon the hymn

Amazing Grace, which brought his adoring myrmidon acolytes to their
feet, singing and swaying along with scattered applause. He was a hit!
However, I have to wonder if Rev. Pinckney would have appreciated
being eulogized by a man who is an outspoken proponent of abortion,
homosexuality, and same sex marriage; one who's an admitted
murderer of untold thousands of innocent men, women and children in
drone strikes; who sells weapons to those who wish death to
Americans, and who has done absolutely NOTHING for the blacks in
this country.

From the attitude of the family members whose innocent loved ones
were wickedly massacred by some snot-nosed, ignorant geek with a
gun, I'm thinking the good Reverend might not have been very
impressed by the Occupant. Why? Because the jaw-dropping way these
grieving people spoke to the killer, Dylann Roof, says volumes about
what kind of teaching Rev. Pinckney gave his parishioners; teaching
diametrically opposed to that of Obama's spiritual mentor, Jeremiah

Despite the best efforts of the race-baiters, the city of Charleston

reacted to this tragedy with a rare display of elegance and class. There
were no riots. No calls for violence or revenge. There was an open
display of city-wide grief which did not divide the citizens, but brought
them together, black and white, hand in hand, to cry and hold each
other. Sorry Al Sharpton but you and your worthless pal, Jesse Jackson,
might need to look for a legitimate job, 'cause folks are sick of listening
to your divisive colonic contents!

During Dylann Roof's first court appearance on June 19, 2015, Judge
James Gosnell asked if any of the victim's relatives wanted to comment.
What followed, as Roof stood expressionless and handcuffed on a
video monitor, was nothing less than extraordinary.

The daughter of 70-year-old Ethel Lance said through tears, "I forgive
you. You took something very precious from me and I will never talk to
her ever again. I will never be able to hold her again. But I forgive you.
And have mercy on your soul."

Anthony Thompson, son of Myra Thompson told Roof "I forgive you. But
we would like you to take this opportunity to repent. Repent, confess,
give your life to the one who matters most: Christ. So that he can
change it, can change your ways no matter what happened to you and
you'll be OK. Do that and you'll be better off than what you are right

The most poignant statement was made by Alana Simmons,

granddaughter of Daniel Simmons, Sr. Alana told the judge and Roof
"Although my grandfather and the other victims died at the hands of
hate, this is proof--everyone's plea for your soul is proof that they lived
and loved, and their legacies will live and love. So hate won't win, and I
just want to thank the court for making sure that hate doesn't win."

I started this article talking about the decision to approve same-sex

marriage by our out-of-control Supreme Court who has decided that
they are more qualified than the Creator of the universe to define Holy
Matrimony. I think everyone who has the Holy Spirit living within them
knows that this was the final nail in America's coffin; the final straw that
broke the camel's back in terms of inviting the wrath of God.

Since the Occupant was first elected, rising from obscurity to grasp the
most powerful position on the planet, we have watched our beloved
America shredded and decimated politically, economically, culturally,
morally, militarily, and spiritually. That forked-tongue satanic puppet has
accomplished precisely what The Powers That Be set him in office
directed; he has destroyed what took over 200 years to build. He has
"fundamentally transformed the United States of America."

With the heartbreaking decline we've witnessed, along with the icing on
the proverbial cake-sodomite 'marriage,' it would be very easy to allow
rank bitterness and hatred toward the wicked to take a firm grip in our
hearts. After all, what's not to hate? Shouldn't we despise evil?

I was discussing all these things with my very perturbed 16-year-old

son, who is as disgusted with these events as I am, when the Lord
quietly reminded me that I couldn't see the forest for the trees. It took
me a moment to understand, but then it hit me. What the heck am I
getting angry about anyway? Why all the angst? You'd think America
was my home!

Au contraire, mon ami! It is not. Not by a long shot! Let me re-introduce

you to the forest.

We know from the Bible that the antichrist will head a world
government, most likely known as the New World Order, with one
political system, one monetary system and one world-wide religion
officiated by the False Prophet, whom I believe is Pope Francis.

One problem. America is in the way. The New World Order cannot rise
if a free, sovereign, superpower like America exists because the
Globalists know we will fight to preserve our way of life. They want to
subjugate us-not fight us. So this country must fall, and once the serious
chaos begins to hit the fan, hundreds of thousands will be more than
happy to go to the FEMA camps with the promise of getting food, water,
showers, shelter and a clean bed.

However, unbeknownst to the Globalist elite, Almighty God has plans

too and I do believe He'll beat them to the punch because we just gave
Him the finger for the last time. He's had e-n-o-u-g-h. Judgment is
coming, and soon! America is finished. Done. Toast.

Mark my words, GREAT destruction is about to fall on this land, from

sea to shining sea. The Lord deals with all nations in the same way; He
destroys those who turn their back on Him and His statutes. The
methods He typically employs are natural disasters, pestilence
(disease), war, famine and drought, and no manner of wealth ever
makes any difference.

"Now is the end come upon thee, and I will send mine anger upon thee,
and will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense upon
thee all thine abominations. They shall cast their silver in the streets,
and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be
able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord; they shall not
satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling
block of their iniquity." Ezekiel 7:3, 19 (KJV)

God doesn't change His ways of dealing with sinful nations. Destruction
is coming. Count on it.

Now, before you get all worked up, you must remember that God is
perfectly just and good in all His ways. Since the United States is

officially the new Sodom and Gomorrah, let's revisit a story in Genesis

Abraham was hanging out in the door of his tent one hot day, when he
looked up and saw three men coming towards him. One was the preincarnate Jesus along with two angels, all in human form. Abraham
invited them to stay for dinner and he laid out quite a spread for them,
not realizing at first that he was feeding God.

Once the meal was over, the Lord informed Abraham that the sin of
Sodom and Gomorrah was so grievous that He was there to check it out
and destroy the cities. Abraham gingerly challenged Christ: "And
Abraham drew near, and said, 'Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with
the wicked? That be far from thee to do after this manner, to slay the
righteous with the wicked: and that the righteous should be as the
wicked that be far from thee: Shall not the Judge of all the earth do
right?'" Genesis 18:23, 25 (KJV)

It was forever established then and there that God will NOT destroy the
righteous with the wicked when His hand of judgment falls. That would
be completely unfair, and the God we serve is abundant in mercy and
justice. So, those who belong to Him will be supernaturally protected
when we see judgment fall. And I absolutely believe we'll see this
BEFORE the rapture takes place. It will NOT be part of the Tribulation,
but rather a special judgment on America because "For unto
whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required..." Luke
12:48 (KJV)

Some of you have probably heard preachers say "If God doesn't judge
America, then He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."
Believe me...He won't need to apologize. Judgment is coming.

So, what do we do in the meantime, when society is becoming

increasingly unhinged each day? How should we react when the LGBT
mafia come at our children, businesses and churches, as you KNOW

they're salivating to do? Of course we should protect ourselves and our

families, but what did Christ command? What reaction makes the least
sense in this insane world?

Love. Here's what Jesus said: "Ye have heard that it hath been said,
'Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.' But I say unto you,
Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that
hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute
you; that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven..."
Luke 5:43-45 (KJV)

Think about it! Love will drive them crazy. It will confound and confuse
them. It will get their attention and plant a seed. Love will be a nuclear
bomb going off in their sin-sick soul-a bright explosion of light, exposing
them to the hope of salvation in Christ, something they desperately
need. It's the heart of our Father. After all, there but for the grace of God
go we!

There's not much more time on this earth before we're called home,
and the Tribulation begins in earnest. Showing love to those who are
wicked does not mean we crawl down into the dark, dank sewage with
them. No! It means we extend a hand down to them to help pull them up
into the light. If they slap our hands away, pray for them and entrust
them to God who will sort it all out in the end.

Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture will ease the anger in
your heart. NONE of this matters. America's demise doesn't matter; not
in the light of our eternal home! Losing friends or family who criticize our
refusal to back down from abiding by what the Word says certainly hurts
but in the big picture, it doesn't matter. They will have to answer for their
decisions. Being fired from a job for not capitulating to the pressure of
'celebrating' someone's gay marriage does not matter. Seriously. All
that matters now is pleasing Jesus.

This world is passing away. Our bodies are aging and decaying. Our

houses, cars and careers constantly need upkeep and maintenance.

The local, national and international news gets darker every day. All of
creation moans and groans for the return of the Lord Jesus. We're
surrounded by filth, sickness, disappointment, poverty, corruption,
hatred, violence, lies and death every day.

Why in the world would we want to stay here?! What's to mourn?

What's to fight for? Nothing, that's what! Let's go out with a bang and
make the enemy nuts by displaying Christ's love to each person we
meet. Let's trust our Heavenly Father to protect and provide for us
amidst the destruction to come until we're snatched off this Godforsaking earth. Let's allow HIM to vindicate us and make all things right
and new.

Let's remember the shining example of those precious, grieving

families in Charleston, South Carolina, who effectively shut the mouths
of the race-baiters by extending the love of God to the murderer of their
loved ones.

We can stop fighting now. Put away your political swords. We cannot
turn America around. It's over. Start rejoicing in the fact that we're going
home very, very soon, so let's concentrate on taking some folks with us.

At this point, the only thing that matters is LOVE.

author: bensmomi99@gmail.com

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