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Curs Autocad

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Published by: Alex on Feb 18, 2010
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Object Snap is one of the most powerful features of AutoCAD. It improves performance &
accuracy of drawing and make drafting much simpler than it normally would.
These snaps can be selected from the Object Snap toolbar, from the Standard Toolbar by selecting
the desired icon from the Object Snap flyout.
The following are the object snap modes available in AutoCAD:

Fig. Courtesy from Autodesk Release-14 Manual

NEArest:- The NEArest object snap mode selects a point on an object ( line, arc, circle) that
is visually closet to the graphics cursor.

Command: line
From point: NEA
to select a point near an existing object.
To point: Enter

ENDpoint:- The ENDpoint object snap mode snaps to the closest end point of a line or an arc.

MIDpoint:- The MIDpoint object snap mode snaps to the midpoint of a line or an arc.

TANgent:- The TANgent object snap allows you to draw a tangent to or from an existing circle
or arc.

CENter:- The CENter object snap mode allows you to snap to the center point of an arc or circle.

INTersect:- The INTersection object snap mode is used if you need to snap to a point where two
or more lines or arcs intersect
QUAdrant:- This option is used when you need to snap to a quadrant point of an arc or circle. A
circle has four quadrants and each quadrant subtends an angle of 90 degrees. The quadrant points
are located at 0,90,180,270-degrees positions.

PERpendicular:- The PERpendicular object snap mode is used to draw a perpendicular on a
line. When you use this mode and select an object, AutoCAD calculates the point on the selected
object so that the previously selected point is perpendicular to the line.

QUIck:- IF you are using an object snap when several objects cross the target box, AutoCAD
normally searches all objects for the specified object snap mode and select the closest point.
Depending on the hardware setup, this will cause delay in searching the specified point. The
QUIck option stops searching as soon as AutoCAD finds a point on the object with the specified
object snap.

NODe:- The NODe object snap can be used to snap to a point object.
Command: line
From point: NOD
Of select point P1
To point: NOD
Of select point P2
To point: NOD
Of select point P3

INSert:- The INSert object snap mode is used to snap to the insertion point of a text, shape,
block, attribute, or attribute definition.

NONE:- The NONE object snap mode turns off any object snap and returns to the normal
command prompt.

Command: line

From point: MID
Invalid point.
From point:

APParent Intersection:- The APParent Intersection object snap mode is similar to the
INTersection snap mode, except that this mode selects the visual intersection. The visual
intersections are those intersections that are not present on the screen but are imaginary ones that
can be formed if any two objects are extended.

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