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Leeds City Council Citizens and Communities

Weston Lane Consultation

December 2014 July 2015

Suggestions for increased activity at the centre

1. Who locally could be encouraged to use the centre?

2. What currently unavailable activities or services could benefit the

community in this area?

3. What are the options for increasing daytime use of the centre?

4. What changes to the centre would make it more attractive to new


Leeds City Council Citizens and Communities

Leeds City Council Citizens and Communities

Options for increasing income / reducing costs

5. How could the centre be publicised / marketed better?

6. Are there any profit-making organisations that could use the centre?

7. Are there any local groups that could run the centre on behalf of Leeds
City Council?

8. Are there any ways that running costs could be reduced further?

Leeds City Council Citizens and Communities

Emerging Options
9. The following options for the future of the centre have emerged from
local discussions. Which of these would be your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for
this centre?
The centre is offered for use for pre-school provision by a private
enterprise. This would bring some income to the council but would mean
the centre is unavailable for wider community use.
The Centre is closed and the site sold for residential development. A
proportion of the capital receipt to be invested in other community
facilities in Otley.
The Centre operates in its current format and the council subsidises any
loss made throughout the year (Approx 6k).

10. Do you have any other suggestion for the future of this centre?

Your name and contact details (optional)

Leeds City Council Citizens and Communities

Email responses to the consultation should be sent to

communities@leeds.gov.uk and these will be collated and responded to
through Leeds City Councils central Communities Team.
Mail enquiries should be addressed to:
Communities Team, Leeds Civic Hall, Portland Crescent, Leeds, LS1 1UR