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Aficiones o Hobbies

Aficiones o Hobbies
1- What is your hobby? / Cul es tu hobby?
2- When did your passion start? / Cuando empez tu aficin?
3- Can you make money from your hobby? / Se puede hacer dinero de tu hobby?
4- How many hours per week spend on your hobby? / Cuntas horas por semana dedicas a tu
5- Your hobby interferes with your work / study / life? / Tu aficin interfiere con tu trabajo /
estudio / vida personal?
6- Do you spend money on your hobby? / Gastas dinero en tu hobby?
7- Does your hobby influence in your choice of friends? / Can a hobby be dangerous?Tu aficin
influye en tu eleccin de amigos?
8- Can a hobby be dangerous? /Puede un hobby ser peligroso?
9- What are the most expensive hobbies? / Qu aficiones son las ms caras?
10- What are the cheapest hobbies? / Qu aficiones son las ms baratas?
11- What are the most popular hobbies in your country? /Qu aficiones son los ms populares en
su pas?
12- Is hunting a hobby or a sport in your country? / Es la caza un pasatiempo o un deporte en su
13- Did you have any hobbies when you were a child? / Tuvo usted algn pasatiempo cuando eras
un nio?
14- Do you think a hobby is different from a sport? / Crees que un hobby es diferente de un
15- Is there a hobby you would like to try? /Hay alguna aficin que le gustara probar?
16- Is there a hobby you can do in other countries, but not your own? / Hay algn pasatiempo que
puede hacer en otros pases, pero no en el tuyo propio?
17- Do you know someone who has a hobby odd or strange? / Conoces a alguien que tenga un
pasatiempo raro o extrao?