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We will use the p value and t- statistics value for the purpose of identifying the

degree of significance.
We know, p value gives us an idea about how significance is the sample data to
support the null hypothesis. We have assumed the significance level of 5%.
Here, we can observe that:
p (T<=t) one-tail = 0.1128 and P(T<=t) two-tail = 0.2256
So, p value>0.05.
Hence, we have to accept null hypothesis.
Therefore, p-value suggests that: the batting average and salary are independent.
So, the sample does not provide enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis. But
p-value measurement does not measure the support for alternate hypothesis;
therefore, we will also do t-test analysis.
The analysis shows that:
t Stat = 1.2401 and t Critical two-tail = 2.0518
Therefore, t Stat < t Critical two-tail
It suggests that; we cannot reject the null hypothesis. There are no dependencies
between the variables. Hence, we can state that batting average and salary are