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Design in todays world has multiple approaches and several possibilities.

Among the various approaches to problem solving, process based design has
been considered one of the most appropriate methods to break down a design

Process based design consists of a rational method of approaching design in

which the designer uses the existing information related to the brief in question
and arrives at a solution unique to that brief by processing and synthesizing
the information in an organized and step-wise manner. The designer considers
all the possible factors that influence the working and performance of a
building and that are unique to that brief and solves it without any
predetermined baggage of style or a narrow minded approach. By making
intelligent decisions on what to integrate and what to eliminate, he creates an
end product that is solely intended for that scenario.

Process based design makes design iterative in which the process is repeated
a multiple times and in multiple ways until an appropriate design solution is
born. Research, experimentation and invention can be a brief description of
process based design. The brief plays an important role in the process of
design. The more apt the brief in identifying the requirements, the better will be
the approach to the end product. In this approach, the final output is mainly
dependent on the trail of the process. The process itself is equally important as
the end design product. Process based design helps one justify and defend the
idea and answer questions that may arise during the design process.

This dissertation seeks to study the method of process based design and
question its validity in architectural practice. Case studies of architectural
practices such as OMA and projects like House VI by Peter Einsenman have
been analysed in order to derive inferences and conclusions.

Process based design has aimed at a formal and structured approach to

solving a design problem and intends to generate objective responses. In
recent times with the growing competition, architects all over the world are
looking to enhance their design approaches. Process design when interpreted
in different ways, gives a diversity of ideas and by analyzing the same, the
most appropriate solution can be given.