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May 7, 2016

Kentucky Derby Proposal

May 7, 2016

A Day at PSW
Project Plan
propose that Paradise Springs Winery will host A Day at PSW on the first weekend of May in 2016. This proposal will include
cost, labor and proposed activities that will take place at the event. This event will be open to members of the public as well as wine
club members. There will be a cost associated of $35 with this event in order to cover prizes. Attendees will be able to have a derby
table at no additional cost in order to encourage people to participate in the theme. There will also be a hat contest, door prizes and
A Day at PSW will take place on May 7, 2016 from 11 AM until 6 PM. This is during normal operation hours and allows staff to
set up daily activities as well as organize the tables for the event. This event has the potential to profit PSW up to $3,500 solely from
people signing up. It will cost staff salary ($9/hr). The event will take place on property and will be geared for the wine lovers and
avid Kentucky Derby watchers. By this event, it will provide the community to take place in an event that is family friendly and
will provide knowledge about the winery.

Key Publics


Wine lovers
People within the Fairfax and Washington DC area
Horse enthusiasts

To have 100 people attend the event

Have 10 parties purchase a table
To make a profit of $3,500

Proposed Activities
Hat Contest: This is a traditional activity that is associated with the Kentucky Derby. Ladies will automatically be entered into this
contest if they have a derby headpiece on. Winners will not only receive a bottle of wine but will have the opportunity to be
featured in the Wine Club newsletter. Second and Third place will receive complementary wine tasting cards.
Table Contest: Attendees can decorate a table if they so choose; all that is required is to enter their name at time of arrival. Tables
must be in a Kentucky Derby Theme. Table contest winners will receive a bottle of wine and an opportunity to be featured in the
Wine club newsletter. Second and Third place will receive complementary wine tasting cards.
Corn Hole: There is no prize associated with this activity. This is meant to be a fun and relaxing game.
Door Prizes: Attendees will receive a ticket at time of entry and random winners will be called for items ranging from
complementary tasting cards, a bottle of wine, and tours of the property.

Staff Needed


The event will need at minimum 5 staff members and

maximum of 10. There will be 3 staff members needed for
both the hat contest and the table contest. One staff member
will be placed at the door to hand out tickets; after this
member will be placed behind the bar. The other 4 members
of the team will be behind the bar doing tastings. A manager
will be calling winners of door prizes.

The winery has virtually no cost associated with them.

Because it is on property, there is no need to obtain an ABC
license, a location or find parking. The only cost that is
being occurred is paying the staff members. With the
potential to make $3,500 just from the initial sign ups, this
gives the winery the ability to make a profit on a day where
there is typically no business.

Total: $720 for hourly wages

Potential Net Profit: $2,780

May 7, 2016

A Day at PSW

PSW Hat Contest

Score Card
(Rate each hat on a scale of 1 5, 5 is best)

Person wearing Hat _____________________________




Total Hat Points _____________________________

*This scorecard can also be used for the Table Contest. The title has to change, not the categories. *

May 7, 2016

A Day at PSW

Flyer that can be used to advertise the event to Wine Club and to the general public. Can be found at:

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