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Second Grade Weekly softly, weekly, ago,

head, cheer, clear

Miss Miller II. Christ Light – 11A
Feb 22-26 God Chooses Gideon to
Lead Israel; 11B God
Contact Info: Gives Gideon Victory
408-578-4800 ext 214 (school)
408-510-1831 (cell) III. Reading – Two
(Please call before 8pm.) Lunches at the Mill &
Going to Town

IV. Math – Covering the

Memory Treasures same design in the
Tuesday 7th
Commandment different ways using
Feb 2 & WDTM – 7th Tangram pieces;
Commandment – subtracting 2-digit
You shall not steal. numbers; writing #
What does this mean? –
We should fear and love sentences to show
God that we do not take equal groups;
our neighbor’s money or multiplying by 10;
property, or get it by counting quarters;
dishonest dealing, but rounding to the nearest
help him to improve and
protect his property and 10
means of income.
Thursday Psalm 56:11 – In V. Phonics – schwa
Feb 4 God I trust; I will not sound, plurals –s & -es,
be afraid. short u sound: ou
Friday Hymn 341, Verse 1 review
Feb 5 – Crow him with many
crowns, The Lamb VI. Grammar – Character,
upon his throne; Hark singular & plural nouns,
how the heav’nly reviewing adjectives
anthem drowns All
music but its own. VII. Social Studies – We
Awake my soul, and are learning about
sing Of him who died ancestry and
for thee, And hail him community
a thy matchless King celebrations. Test next
Through all eternity. week. Day TBA

What’s going on this VIII. Science – New chapter:

What is Matter? Looking
at solids, liquids, and
gases. Dinosaur
I. Spelling – bravely,
Dioramas due Friday
friendly, lightly, slowly,
and extra credit Dino

IX. Music – Audio/Visual

Experiment #3

X. Art – French
Impressionism: Monet

XI. February Birthdays –

Samuel (17) Happy

XII. Book Reports – The

next one is due March
12, 2010. Get reading
early! Remember there
is an art project due
with it! No 8 ½ x 11
papers for art please. If
you would rather have
your child type out their
book report please feel
free to do so.

XIII. Scholastic – Here is

the log-in information!
User Name: Apostles_2
Password: books2

XIV. Field Trip – March 23

to San Jose Museum of
Art. Sack lunches are
needed. Remember to

XV. Spirit Week – Feb 22-

26; Let’s all get dressed
up so we can beat the
competition! Go Eagles!