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Introducing - exor profiler
The acquisition of TiVA in July 2008 brought into the Exor family ‘Profiler’, TiVA’s on-line supplier profiling solution. Profiler was being used by a number of large well known private sector organisations to manage their supply chains. Profiler is the perfect complimentary partner to Exor’s EPASS supplier accreditation system which is designed specifically for public sector buyers and conforms to the strict regulatory framework within which these bodies have to operate. Profiler by contrast is highly configurable and can therefore be implemented to reflect a particular commercial organisations purchasing or supply chain objectives at a given time and then be flexed to meet any changes to their needs over time. Since taking on Profiler the Exor team have completely re-written and re-launched the solution to make it more user friendly, add in new functionality and put it onto the same technology platform as EPASS. The adoption of Profiler by a growing number of businesses continues and the capabilities will be further developed to ensure that it becomes the solution of choice for private sector organisations that need to manage and control large numbers of suppliers. Over the past few months Exor have not only incorporated Profiler into the business but have also developed significantly their suite of products and services and the new Exor web site has been designed to describe and promote the comprehensive supplier compliance and procurement services that we have to offer. Within this suite Profiler will retain its individual identity and going forward will be known as exor profiler. This is as exciting time for Exor and we hope that all users of our services , current and future, get real value from using our services and thank you for your support. Ian McKinnon Managing Director Exor Management Services April 2009