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Where Do | Begin (Love Theme) from the Paramount Picture LOVE STORY Words by Carl Sigman ‘Music by Francis Lai Verse Slowly Em Br 1 Wheredo T be= gin ____@ tell he #o-1y of flow great_a Tove canbe, 2,3. See addtional bies te sweet love story that is old = er than the se, the sim=ple truth a= bout the Tocoda- B Br Bio Bm Tove she brings to met 180,107 Sopa Ms Pag LLC ony Rensved 1908, {588 tt ae ele SRI Mae Berg A Sd wae Sats Capron “i Rl nota of Soy oe ub uc Ratr samy ie Paling Ae 9 Mane Saar West Kasha, TH 31209 I oprah Secured Al Right Delivered by www amusicaneo.com a Bridge Ar Br Emaj7 By with ver = y special things, with an = gel songs, ‘ 124 cgi favs Bi em sun Am D Gai? Tm never done - With her a= ong, Delivered by www amusicaneo.com ie Fer Braj 1 reach for her hands ite al-ways there DcalCota Coda Br Em c Br Fm Adktional Eyres 2, With her ist hello 3. How long dost at? She gave new meaning to this empty world of mine, Can love be measured by the hoursin a day? “There'd never be another love, another ime; Thave no answers now, but this much I can sy: She came into my life and made the ving fine ‘now Fil need her til the staal burn soray, She fill my heer. ‘And sh'Il be there, Delivered by www amusicaneo.com