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Q.) A series R-L-C circuit has the following parameter values:

R=10, L=0.14H, C=150F. Calculate
1) Resonance frequency in rad/sec.
2) Bandwidth.
3) Lower and upper frequency points of the bandwidth.
Q.) A coil having a resistance 2, inductance of 0.01H and a
capacitor is connected in series across 230V supply. How much
be the capacitance so that the maximum current occurs at the
frequency of 50Hz.

Q.) Find out R,L and C in a series R-L-C circuit which resonate at
10,500 Hz, has a bandwidth of 900Hz and draws 15W from a
230V supply, operating at the resonant frequency o the circuit.

Q.) Two impedances (20-40) and (3025) in series and the

resultant current is 10A. If the supply voltage remains same, find
the supply current, when these impedances are connected in

Q.) In a series-parallel circuit, two parallel branches A and B are

in series with C. The impedances are A=(15+10j), B=(3+5j)
and A=(10-5j). If the voltage across c=150V, find IA and IB.