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PA4ATsG Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AXOD-E coNoITION [____ POSSIBLE SOURCE ReTION © Oiteak 17, Side paner bottom pan. “1 Serves ae required © Lowbolt torque. © Damaged gasket orpencall. & Distovted pan © Engine of pawer tearing fluid leaks may appear ontransaaie 2.Fillubeoreleciicel bulkhead 2. Service as required. connectors © Loose fit/¢amagad case 3 External seal saraage rmisting 8, Marval shat ‘a. Replaces seal © Damaged seal 4. Speedameter cover and servo 4.Raplace Oving evel. © Damaged Oxing seal 8. Coolarfitings or pressure taps 5. Service as required, © Lewterque, damaged threads, 4 Coslerline rst lly snapped Into iting. 6, Canvarier orconverier seal, 5. Saige ae raguied. @ Damaged seal egeembls, or garter springing. "9 Converter hub scored. © Weld seam aaking 7. Haltghatt zeal J.Replace seat © "Damaged cea! setembly.cr fe trspect GV joint joematfor garter apring missing eameae, 8. Speadamsier cable-or speed 8. Repinee Oving sect. © Damaged O-ing sea 8. Turbine spaed senor ‘9. Replces O-ring seal. 8 Damaged ing seal Oil Venting er Foaming ® Gillaval (venting 1. Drainandiiwanaaxie to proper | Transaxle ovaries 2. Detprmine seures oflaak, Service 2, Transmission Mui, = Gontaminatadwith antiveezeor | aeequired engine overnesting. 3. Biemetalic element stuck open. ‘S.Rleplace element 4 Oiiniterpluggest damaged. ‘Replace liter seal-aed iter. { @ Damaged.miesing seat Pgh or Low OllPresaure (Very | 1 Cillovel 7.Fileransaale ae necessary, with Gauge? © Ollievsitociow 2. EPC solendia. 2.RetertoElacttical Syston 8 Ingperstive/éamagad. Diggnosis in this section S.Pressureregulatervaive or spring, | 3. Determine source of damage, & Nickel coated bore or valve, Sonice asraquies, ¢ Damagad apsing 4. Throttls Position Sensor A. Seivice as required risediusted AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AXOD-E (Continued) (CONDITION POSSIBLE SOURCE ROTION igh er Low 01 Fresaure (varity ‘with Gauge) — Continued Ne #2 Shit (Fiea} Gear Day) ‘5. Oll pump assem. © Ring stuck, seals darnage vanes cemeged. © Pump érivasnatorszaner damage 1-EEC-I¥ processor, = Damaged. 2. Shi aclensia © Stuck aicked or damaged. sete ahiftval @) Stuck, siskad ar demeged. .Imarmadiate clutch shure valve. Stuck, nlakado:demegad. 8, Zcapacity modulator valve. © Stuck, rlcked or damepad. 7.No. 10 oheck ball ¢ Missingor damaged. 4. Contre! aseomly. © Botts too loose ortao tigi. Q.intarmadiete clutch tap plug loose missing, 10, Driven sprocket supgort. © Seals damaged imiazing orholes blocked. 11. letermadiste clztch assemly. © Glutch plates damaged ‘missing © Wave spring demageasmissing. |. a mieten or saste damages, © Ballcheck assembly stuck /damegad ar rrissing © Clutch eytinger damaged. 12, Direct intermediate elute hub. © Saale damegad/missing er hsles blocked. 18, Fronteavtier damaged. &. Determine source of demege. Bervice es required, 1. Rater to Sloctical Syste Disgaostain nis socio 2. Ralar ts Electrical Syatort Diagnosis in thie section 4 Datarming source ef contamination age. Servite aa required jrmine scurceef enntamination rage. Service aareguited 45, Datarmine source of contamination Gf damege. Service asreai 6, Determine source ef contarication or damage. Senice asraguired. T. Replace checkbal | 9. senview as aquired. 10, Determine eouree of contamination ee damage. Service as require 1, Deter ‘eoatarination er damage, Service as required 12, O2termine source sf eoniamination oraamege, Sonica se required. 13: lnapact welds, Service se eeaulred. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 32 Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AXOD-E (Continusd) CONDITION, [ POSSIBLE SOURCE AETION TEPC acleneie. # Inoparative ‘damages. 2. EEC procesear © Inopecative &Gilprassure. © Highertow oil a 4.azeumulatorreguiator valve and plunger. © Stuck, nicked or damaged. 6.No, 1eneck ball. se Miseing bail 6.1-2 capacity medulator valve 2° Valva stock, iekad or damaged. 8 Spfing missing orcemaged, 7.4-2Acsumulater agver ly 2” Piston stuck er damaged. © Seal damaged ornissing. a Shih Feels Haren or Soft © Springndemagesir Diagnosis inthis sxctien 2. Rater te Electrical System. Diagnosis inthe eection 13, Peter contrl Series anrequited. 4. Determine azuree of cantamination ordemage, Serviceas raqulred. 5. Replace check ball, 8, Detarmine aource of contamination ordarnage. Services requires 7.Datarmine aeures of contami ordamage, Services required smiuuing 12 Shit SpeecHigherLow | (-Voniele apaed sense. 7, Reler io Electrical Sy 3 operative, Diagnosis inthis section. 2, Speedometer ge 2. Intell correct epeedemeter driven -e” Yérang orrafaaing gear. gear, 8. Gontrol assembly: 1-2 shifivalre tnd Intermediate clutch shuttle valve, '@- Yalva(a) stuck, nicked or tI © Spring(s)ritasing of dara 5. Determine nouree of contamination ordamage, Service an required AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 3 ATSE Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — ‘AXOD=E (Continued) CONDITION POSSIBLE SOURCE ACTION Wo 83 Shit (1-2.5hiH OF) + Shit aslenaisNo. 2 “Rater fo Cectieal System 1 2 Viperatve Biggnoete inthis ection | B.EECIN process. 2 Rater to Blctrical System 2 poperntive Diagroeiels niesection 3. Lowdinjermediate s87v. 2 Install eoreet epplvrad. | © Wirong appiyrod treo lana). fequred, Deterianasouresot | Contamination. Service aerequlese. | © Servo bore ar piston " red. | damaged © Piston coals dernaged mining. © Missing rbroken return spring or retaining cl, 4.Directrintermesiate ctutch hub, 4. Determine source of © Seole damaged or missing or antamination. Service as required. holes blocked. 5. Driven sprocket support. 5. Determine source of @ Seals damagedor missing or Contamination. Servive esraquirs, holes blocked. . Duoct one-way clutch aesenbly 6. Disassemble andinapect. Service © Damageseapesrolers springs. | asraqured | + Missing rollers. | © Nisessembledon immer | race, | 7. Control assembly. 7. Tighten tospecifict | {© Bails too o0sa or too tinh | 3.23 ehit valve 28. Determine source et © Valve stuek, nicked ordemaged. | contamination, Service asrequiced 9.No. Soro. 8 check balts) 2. Replace chack alle nissing Gare servoreleese passage 10. Determine seuree.otbleckace Blocked. Seniceee requires. Serva reiease lube, 11. Ganiee as required. Leaking. ‘6. Improperiy installed. 12 Direetelvien assem. 12, Deteimine source ot © Ciutenpistes éemaged missing. | coniaminationor demage, Service az requie ‘+ Piston or asals damaged, autos © Ball check assembly stuck ormissia. © Cylinderdamsge 19.4.2 enitvaive 18. Datermine cource of stuck, rigkas ordemaged, contamination, Service as require AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 34 ATSE Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — ‘AXOD-E (Continued) 2'3 sniftvalve WPS erratic pressure Valves stuck nicked ordemaged. 2 Shifteolenoid damages. [ ‘coNoITION POSSIBLE SOURCE AGTION og Shit Fasiotiareh of Soh 7 EPG solencid. 7. Reter te Elecirical System 2 inoperative damaged, Ciegnasisinshis section. 2.EEGAV processor 2. Relar1oleciviesl Sys inoparative. Disanoais inthis section. S.Leworhigh oilpressuce. 8, Perform comral pressure teal, Senice as required 4 Low intermediate sores 4-Installcorrect apy rod, It 2 Wrong apply rod engin. requirad, Datermine source of = Piston, seal, springs rod or Sache: sertioeee atest ‘pring, 3.2:Gservoregulatorvalve. 5, Determine sou'ee of contamination f9) Stuck, nicked or damaged. ordamage, Service asreguted © Spring damages. ‘6. Missing No.9, No. 10 or No. 12 8. Replace bal. 3 Check Bal Pe Shih Speedbigh orLow 1 Vehicle speedeensor 7, Reler a Electrical System 4 Inopenstive Diagnosis in his section. 2. Speedometer gear 2. Install eotract epaacomerer gear 27 Wrong ormissing B.cenralasrembly: }2shiftvatee | 9. Ontermine eauree of contamination ordamage. Servise as required, Wo 3-4 Shin G12 eng2-3 0) 7 2 3 4 5 5 1, 8 a ‘Shift eolenei Mo. 3 ‘Witiag thar oper. EECIN processor Thepatat ‘Overdrive hand s8sem bly not holding. ‘dverdrive 4orvo eesembly. ‘yirong apply eed (toe long), (© Serwobore or piston camaced, © Piston sestadamegad or missing, © tissing orbrohen return spring ar reteining clip. Forward clutch asserbiy. Damaged setuin springs/ piston ‘Control azcembiy bolts 100 loose or to0 tight. 3-4 ont. ‘walva stk, Ricked or damagsa, 6 Spring damaged. ‘-B.shit valve, ‘Valve otek, nicked ar damaged. Spring missing. Forward clutch contrat valve, ‘Valve stuck, nicked or damaged. 8 Spring missing. 7 Refer ta Electrical Syatom Diagnosis in this eection, 2. Refer ta Elecitical System: Diagnosis in this eection 3. Perform cir pressure’ fs required Lineal correct apply tod. tt ‘aquired, Determina sturea ot Contamination seaamage, Serviceas requited. Service 5, Determine source of damage Sanice asrequlred. 6. Tighten bolts ta specification. 7. Determine source of contamination of demage. Servica as reat 2. Determine source of contamination ordamage. Serviee as required. 8. Determine source of Ccontartinaion, Service as reavied. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 35, Technical Service Information ‘CONDITION a SHIN Fala Hered oF SOR ‘$4 Shit Speed High orLew I AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AXOD-E (Continue) POSSIBLE SOURCE 1.EPC solenoid. 3 Ingperative damaged. ‘2. EEC processor, " Inpemtive 3.0 presaura loo high ertao low. 4 3-4 Accumulator asnambly. © Aecurtlator piston stuck ot damaced. 4 Spriagarnissing or damaged. B.No.4 and/orNo. 12 check ball. © Ballmissing damaged. 8 Agcumvlatar regulator valve Stuck, nlckad or damages, 2. Refer to Electrizal Systm Bingnssis inthis 2x contamination, Service se raquirac, 5. Replace ball Determine source of 7 Vahiclaapeed © Wrongsmiasing cee 8, Control assembly: and orge4 shit val “Valves stuck, nicked er damages, ezanit valve 8. Datormine souree of contamination. brdamage. Serica seracuired ‘Wo Gonverter Clutch Appi 1. Transaxle elecirical eystemer ‘electronic engine conte. Notacieu sig ‘@ By-paessetensie damaged ot Inoperstive. © Bypase clutcn controlvalve stuck, © eyes 4. Bump shat o° Mianing or damaged plunger stuek, 4 Milaaing or damaged cupalea, +5. Velee body plist sleev #' Damaged/misaligned, 2. Service as required, ring souree of cantamination Service aa raculred. 5. Determine source of damage. Senice agraquire ‘Converear Giaien Dees Net Ra “Eleetrenie engine carival or misslen electrical ayatan, js sclancie damages ot operative © auknead connectorwies 8. Solenoid tte plug (mn mala zontal, 7. Referte Elecirical System DBiagacsis inthis section, 2, Determine source of Sontamination. Secvice raculred, 8 Sclencldtiker tug in main sonra AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 6 Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AXOD-E (Continued) { ‘CONDITION POSSIBLE SOURCE ACTION “a Dewnsnite Hara 1. Overdrive servo assembly © Incorrect serve apply rod tong. ‘© Damaged servo platon or seal © Damaged ermissing springs 2. Nacanverter clutch “Install correct apply red. required, Deverming source a! comtaminalionsr semage, Services Fequired. 2.Rletartoflacirical System Bizgnosis inthis section ‘2 Dewnsnin Harsh {-Wensanle electrical syatern. 2.High or low pressure. 3. Lew,intermaciete cervo-assembly. © Damaged o* missing springs. © Incorcect earve apply ro langth. 4.3.2 Shit tring. © Valve stuck, slokedor damaged. 5. Na, Schecklall. * diate clutch retvn spring ‘etaieing ring outet poaltien. T.Backoot valve 2 Valve stuck, nickedordamaged 4. Retar te Electrical Syste 4, Determine source of contamination, Service us requires. 5. Replace check ball, requires, 7.Service es required, 97.241 Dewnahitt Harsh 1 LowTintermediate senvoassembly. '@) Damaged servopistor cr seal © Damaged jnsing apringe. Incorrect serve apply tod length. | “Install correct apply rod. I raquized, Determine soures af damage. Serviceas required 2.Refarte cantiel preesura teat Replace check ball, 2. High or ow pressure. 3. No, § chack ball fe Bell missing (3-1 on} No Drive in Drive Range angNo TV Gillevellow. Reverse InAeverse Range 2,Gilpressure. ‘s) Presaure too low, | 8, Manual inkage | fe) Misajusted. disconnected, tl ‘semagas, broken, bert 7 Sanvice aa required 2. Paster control prazsure teat Service asroquieed 45. Service asraquired, Refer te Section 17-02 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 3 TSG Technical Service Information AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AXGD-E (Continued) CONDITION POSSIBLE SOURCE “acTiON 1. Refer to Section 1522, Nowvivein Drive Range and Na) “4 Hatrenart Reverse in Reverse Range — © Damaged spines. (Continued! “ > |, 2, Disenasgectromransazte, | 5. Olfiter 5, Service orreplace axroquited © Demaged/missing O-rings, © Plugged, 6. Ollpump assernbiy. 6. Determine sourc#cf damage © Ollpunp warner darsaged Service asrequired © ll pump drive chert damaged. 1. Drive chain assembly. 1.Determine coures of damage. # Damaged/nesken, Service ae requires. | p.orive sprocket B.Dalermine soutce of aamege. 8° Sptocket shaft to conver Senice asrequied. turbine spline damage: ‘2.Drlven sprocket. {Determine scarce al damage, '¢” Sprocket shaft to Sanice asraquired Gitect termediate cluten hu damegad. 10. Forward clutch assembly 20. Determine source at © Bumecormissing citciptates. | contamination or damage. Service as © Damaged piston soalsor | reauires piatons. © Farwerd clutch belteneck assembly missing or amagec. ‘© Driven aprockat support zoals | Semaged? missing or | polasblecked. | © Directintermediate clutch hud seals, damaged missing orholes blocked. 11. Gearaet 11. Service ns required Front sun, © Front/rear careers © Bynad, Seeice es reauire © Finggear, © Finelarive assembly. 12. Low one-way eluten, 12, Service ae raquirse, © Clutok ae two way rotation 13, Gutput snat. 15: Datrnidne source of dartage, © Camaged spines/misassembled | Sericene required | with aales, | | No Drive — Reverse OR 4.2-9 Servo regulates valve stuck, 1 Sonics aaroqurad 2 Low/iniermediate bandassembly. | 2, Determine source ol damage, 12 Bcoken ends. ‘3. Lowrintermeciate servo eesembly. | 3.install comract apaly rod, (© Wrong apply rad (ioe show) required. Determine source of f ‘contamination, Service ao fequiras 1 Pintonsacallcod damaged, 4 Lowlintermediate reraciltubes. | 4, Servion ag required, 2 Damaged (feaking el). 2 Demaged case bores. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 38 Fantsc AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE DIAGNOSIS — AKOD-E (Continued) Technical Service Information ‘CONDITION POSSIBLE SOURCE No Reverse — Drive OK 7. Reverse clutch, @) Burned orrnissing plates 2. Reverse arply tube: © Lesking &_tmprogeny notated. 1 ACTION |. Determine source of damage. Service as requireg 2 Service ae reaulred Harsh Neutralo Reverse or Harsh TrastesleOveimwate 1. Of aged parkmachaniom 2 Chippastsr broken purking pew! orpanegenr | = Broken park paw! rote 1 ins |e Bemorbromsnacuttng roa # senuatinage risaciestes 1 Oipressure to igh roa jronrestcontslval. Ro stice, weed 1 SeiNagBe |, reverse) S.Neuabare | assembly Accumulator piston atuch © Azcumulater saul demagad ot | Jeaie ee 5 Lows iz garv9 aveenbly @ Damaged ormiseing #3713, © Incorrect servo apply rod lenoth. Jwremrone-way eluteh sen or and pplication, silpranacre control system, Detariting source o! damage Senice a5 requires 1. Perform contol pressure test. 2 Detarmina soureaon ‘seataminatisn, Service ac required 3. Raziee chuck Dall A.A place ehaek ball ‘8. atermlfie source ol | samiamiation, Servige es required, natal corraot apply res il raauired. Delesring saures of eontusnation oF damage. Service ke required, 1 Sneak Owaar'aNanval foriow ceolrietion 2. Pertormdluld avel check, S.Relar orgie Diagnosis. Senicerasinctan ‘loan, service or rantece valve ody Repince convartar. Ferrorm cortralpressure test, a Transaxle Fins beaks Perform fiuid lvalcheck. Remove al feapesas autfe0as | Ghack he vent fort ansarie 9] aoc] and inzpect for kage, Serving 26 raquired, AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION S 38 VICE GROUP