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Q.) A 60kVA, single-phase transformer has 600 turns on the

primary winding and 40 turns on the secondary winding. The
primary winding is connected to a 2.5kV, 50Hz supply. Determine
1) secondary voltage at no load and
2) primary and secondary currents at full load.

Q.) A 220/110V, single phase transformer takes an input of

350VA at no-load and at rated voltage. The core loss is 110W.
Find i) the iron loss component of no-load current,
ii) magnetizing component of no-load current and
iii) no-load pf.

Q.) A 1100/200V transformer takes 0.5A at pf of 0.3 on open

circuit. Find the magnetizing and iron loss components of no-load
primary current.

Q.) Write about transformer on no-load.

Q.) Draw phasor of on-load transformer.