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Digital Camera 2015-2016 School Year!

What will you be taking photo of:

1. Theme (Outside of Class)
2. Composition Photo (In or Out of Class)
3. Inclass Photos
What you will use:
1. Inclass cameras
2. Your own camera
3. Cell phone
4. Photoshop/Lightroom
5. Tablets
6. Ipads
What will your week look like:
Monday- Inclass Photo Day
Tuesday: Photoshop work session- everyone will get the same photo and we will learn
how to edit it.
Wednesday- Workday- can take Composition Photo this day if needed.
Thursday- Website work day.
Friday- Critique day- talk about the photos we took this week- finish up any website
When are things due?
Tuesday- Photoshop photo due.
Wednesday- Monday Photo Due (Inclass Photo)
Thursday- Composition Photo Due
Friday- Theme Photo Due
What you will use:
Create a website to showcase your stuff.
Use Instagram to post theme photos- #mcpphotoaday #chsdc15