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AB Psychology

AB Psychology

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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AB Psychology

Stoic on the surface, don’t let that demeanor deceive you.

It’s just that Carla prefers to get a good grasp of things

before coming out with her own conclusions. She is not one

to join the herd, instead choosing to assert her individuality

despite the young’s predisposition to conform in today’s

world. Indeed, Carla shows maturity beyond her years.

Carla is also one of the most obsessive-compulsive people

I know. That, though, has given her not only the ability to

work with great meticulousness but has also endowed her

with the gift to work with great passion. She puts her heart

into it, so that every work she turns out is just perfect and


Not one to show emotions, she however is very perceptive.

Oftentimes she surprises friends with unexpected but

timely gestures of concern that all the more endear her

to us. She’s discerning, devoted, sensitive and sweet. And

that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Dig a little deeper and you

are certain to find a gem of a friend.


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