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AB Psychology

AB Psychology

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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AB Psychology

A loving daughter and a loyal friend, Cel is always generous

in sharing her time with her loved ones. Staying up late on

the phone for a troubled friend or having late night dinners

with her kuyas is not unlikely with Cel. Her sweet and

caring nature makes her truly special and is very much

appreciated by her family and friends. Remaining to be

the apple of her parents’ eyes, everyone thinks Cel is all

sugar and spice. It’s probably the girl-next-door allure or

the sweet and sincere smile she has ready for anyone. Cel

may be charming, forever smiling kind of girl, but she’s

definitely more than that. She’s the veritable siga yet the

ultimate baby. She’s every bit the refined lady her mother

raised her but once the door closes and the lights switched

off, it’s party all the way! She’s a fun-loving person who

tries to enjoy life to the fullest while touching many lives

along the way.


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