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Political Science

Political Science

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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AB Political Science

Angela is like that joke no one can really laugh atit’s always

either too true to be funny or too nebulous for normal

comprehension. She walks around with dreams seeping

out of her pockets; little scraps of hopes and aspirations

only rendered feasible by her pig-headed sense of right

and wrong and her inexhaustible fount of compassion.

She’s a veritable one-woman crusade for road trips, movie

marathons, afternoon tea parties, and universal prosperity.

She’s not always easy to live with, she won’t always be

nice to you; when she bares her teeth and turns her evil eye

on you, it’s like getting severe brain freeze from guzzling

that trippy fruit shake of berries and good vibes too fast.

Change may be inevitable, and in some cases necessary;

but we dearly hope that time and change will not fully

deride our golden moments of coffee and cake and ideals

so effortless that we can only weep before their fading



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