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Scattered Brotherhood 4

Scattered Brotherhood 4


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Letter of the Scattered Brotherhood - revised and re-edited
Letter of the Scattered Brotherhood - revised and re-edited

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Published by: Tom Fox on Mar 04, 2010
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After realizing the consequences of involuntary un-self-
control you will perhaps know better the meaning of vol-
untary self-control. We all know how thoughts seize and
shake us, involuntarily stealing in through the cracks in
our armor, and that is why it is so important to have your
inward area flled with light so that fearful thoughts can-
not bear the sight and cannot fnd lodging space. When
you are weak and the walls of your fortress are of paper
upon which memory has morbidly written the mistakes
of the past, how easily are they torn so that false alarms
sweep through to your vitals! And how they call in the
whole ghoulish family to live upon your fears. It is man’s
task to keep his inward self clean and luminous, radiant
and aware. As eternal vigilance is the price of liberty how
much more is the price of spiritual victory; how important
is living day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.
Great power will be given only where great power is gen-

When you live with the great forces that beat your heart,
and work through the involuntary activities of the body,
you are given assurance because of your rejection of
weakening terrors, and you fnd immediate response in
health and wisdom in your daily life. More and more will
you realize the relief throughout your nervous system,
and the organization of your body will collaborate and
assist you in generating the spirit of victory, of “dominion
over all your earth-consciousness.” It is true that only
the brave deserve the fair; only the aware deserve the

As you desire to live spiritually, to be safeguarded, given

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Page 16

Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Page 17

and reason will tell you that this came from an inner you,
an inner light, an inner love. An inner Love!

Through love and remembrance of him, as you live
minute by minute, turn your eye inward when there is
a pause, whenever you are at a street corner waiting
to cross, when you bathe; when you clothe your body,
wash away the grimy thoughts, brush away the unspo-
ken ignorance. During your morning preparations do not
let your mind rattle with the thoughts of the day ahead.
Clothe yourself so that you will contain, within, this love
that supplies the Light, and when there is a pause in your
work, when a clock strikes the hour, say these words:
“I stand in Light. No foolish thoughts, no foreboding, no
false imagery, no terror can come near this Light within
me, for I love it and serve it and I stand here purifed,
dedicated to honor, to health of mind and body, to peace
of mind and life everlasting.”

This, my children, is a prescription needed in these times
of chaotic thinking, and you will fnd if you obey this spiri-
tual desire you will be led in the paths of righteousness
for his name’s sake, and you will know the joy of involun-
tary self-control. During your times of quiet, those lovely
moments, pools of restoration where you drink deep of
the waters of spiritual health, learn to discipline your-
selves. Not with the fst, for that soon tires; not with the
mind, for that is forgetful; but with the heart. Love will
keep you there. Love is vigilant, it is quieting, it is your
gently strong awareness, it is the oil of joy that supplies
the Light.

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