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Republic of the Philip nes Department of Environment ad Natural Resources Visayas Avenue, Dilisan, Queaan City ‘Fei Nos, (642) £29.66:26 0 29 ~{632)829-02-52 —— na 3 —— 825-66-20 19 2 +924-56-35 la 55 —— 929-709-4110 4 = ‘DEC 2 4 008 DENR ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER No. 2008-26 URJECT: REVISED IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7586 or THE NATIONAL INTEGRATED PROTECTED ARWAS SYSTEM (NIPAS) ACT OF 1992 Pursuant to Section H0(d)} of the NIPAS Act und consistent with the Wildlife Rescurces Conservation and Pratection Act (R.A. No, 9147), Caves and Cave Resources Management and Protection Act (R.A. No. 9972), Philippine Mining Aci of 1995 (R.A. No, 7942), and other ‘ans establishing the specific components of the NIPAS, DENR Administrative Order No. 25, Series of 1992 which is the Implementing Rutes end Regutations of the NIPAS Act, is hereby revised incorporating and integrating all existing regulations celevant thersi0 Role 1, Tile. - This Administcative Order shall be known as the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of the NIPAS Act of 1992 Rule 2. Declaranlowt af Policy. - Cognizant of the profound impact of man’s. activities on all components of the natural environment particularly the effect of increasing population, resource exploitation and industrial advancement and recognizing the criical importance of protecting and maintaining the natural biological diversities of the environment notably on areas with biologically: unique features, it is herehy declared the policy of the Stale to seeure for the Filipina people of present and furure generations the perperual existence of all native plants, animals and ocher organisms, through the establishment of a comprefensive system of integrated protected areas within the classifieation of national park as provided for in the Constitution, Iis hereby recognized that these areas may be incomncated into a national land sea use planning ftemework corsistene with global wends and standards such as these provided in the Convention an Biological Diversity and other international agreements; that cffcctive administration of thesc areas is possible only thrcugh caoperation among national government, loval government, concemed private organizatians and local communities; an that the use and enjoyment cf these Let's Go Green profectert areas must be consistent with the: principles of biological diversity, sustainable development and provectinn of cultural heritage. To this end, there is hereby established a National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS). which shall eacompess outstandingly remarkable ereas and biolegicaity iraporwant publi¢ lands end ancestral domains that are habitats of rare and endangered species of plants and animals, bio-peoprephic zones and related sensystems, whether terrestrial, wellands or marine, all of which shall be designated as "protected aress" ZL The following shall be the specific policies governing the establishment and management of the NIPAS: DAL 212 21d 214 There shall be a policy of contiguousness of protected areas and the use of police power and eminent domain to make each pretected area whole, If necessary snd applicable. Protected areas should complement each other in terms of taxonomic representation, actus! species migration Faltems, maintenance of exsentia| ecological processes and life support systems, and efficistiey in conservation, costs. The management plan of protected areas shall ke integrated with the comprehensive land use pfan of the Jocal government units. ‘The management of the NIPAS shall contribute 1 achievement of significant reduction im the rate of Giodiversity loss in the short-term aud help in the development of long-ierm targets. 2.2 In order tu achieve the above specific policies of the NIPAS, the following strategies are hereby adopted: 221 222 Th selcering areas for inclusion in the NIPAS, the conservation priority arcas in cack of the identified bio geographic zones in bath aquatic and errestrial enviroments shall be primarily considered. The NIPAS. should complement und be consistent with the establishmem, creation or designation of similar conservation areas under ether nelewant laws. 22.3 The sustainability of the NIPAS depends om the collaboration of all stakeholders through a functional, transparcnt, accountable and participatory governance mechanism: the judicious uso of the Integrated Protected Areas Fund; and the development of other mechanisms far maintaining the vihility nf managing protecied anes prescribed under the Act, Rule 3. Seope and Coverage. - This Order shall apply to all protected areas ‘established under the NIPAS aad all initial components as provided in the NIPAS. Act, subject to Congressional enactments governing particular protesied areas, This Ordee shall likewise set forth in detail the processes by which the DENR and other coneerned institurions and agencies will establish, administer, manage and 4 Annex C - Procedure for Protected Area Dis-establishment Protected Area Suitability Assessment Regional Review Recommendation a — Hearing National \ Review Recommendation \/ Presidential Congressional Proclamation Enactment any a Public Notification Zo7-AParesnzoa0 4 Annex D- PA Management Planning Process ——_—_————», _ Dats inventory and information collection Mdanttication of sues, concam and resource use ‘opportunities, & stakcholdars a ‘Anaiysi 1 management situation ~Deniomeniagabanaaipeies | [Drafting of managersant plan: + Finalization of te plan Ecological, Social and Institutional Profiling Information aBeig uogeyuauediuy dD 84) JO voHeuye aBbeyg Buluue}, pue uoNeedaig l —— SWLEID BURIYUOD sebusseams soe eonsoutorg Sealy dag Jo uoReayRUap| SuiGeyurq jeuonninsu yGequr reuonraasuy |__| | So aGeyg (ojeeday oal VINEOvd eu) JO jenoidde pue Gulssadoud ‘uoneodd PL, ueqewo4 Od SVSeV G31L03.10Ud NI WveS0ed CASVe-ALINNWINOD 4O4 SHNdIADONd ‘3 XANNY au au) Jo jexcuddy se 00's uaa al (fuejauoag ay) Aq aq EUS YAS Od 3u) Jo jeacudde 'S.LWIN 8} Jo UNPUELOWEW 900z Ides 90 BUI oN “ Askep 6 wands, ee an? ey 0001 | . vey) BOK 24) 0) 9suopua GAY Aeyees —- Pure Ale}eJ989 Ol} JO LWUNPURIOWISW 9002 INdY OL 24) UIA S.LON) Aueqei0eS YNad uy Jo FeAcuddly (sAep og ulyym) 3u 0} ssopus pue Od Yi SUOHIPUOS PUE | SUla} OU) ssnosip ™ SaWWWOD dgo-giNWd (sAep ¢] Ulla) INV 0} asiopua pue uoyeadde SMAIAGI NS Vel NSvd 0} sJUSWSUNbsy sywugns pue uoneadde| sayy jueayddy {sques6iw panusy p: uonemuedig said quewesiopua Ed —| aun Aq uemewuy / \ uonesBayu| dey oo ucneedaid Ueld 1 Buiddeyy Ajunuiwuoes NOLWuVdSdd NV id LNSWSDYNVA SDYuNOSay ALINNINWOD ‘4 XSNNV r ‘spuny yo suauszsingsip| jenpe ‘poday juaws Jo uodeH 'p syRidwooay'y aNd aNyscrd foud syusuini sae pnosu0O Nipu i eu Suiscudde afird ou Aq vommiessy “s eA | PUB SJCHIUO} "S pausing “eyewo Punjeng on doa 04 04 uonsaoqfe 2} 0 on en uaLLnoe, | 8H 'E umes || gimecenese | canes | EE sani prewog "2 ‘a enoidde JV aMYd | says ysodep as eee asropue pue [| SFFEORE PUR | ay; Jo Adoo z wee a sesueda yesodord ME sououucoo 2 | SPunuuOoEN 2, wou) ysodag | | 1 UPOPIEME e ™ yrelauy yesadoxd palo, puny yen, jo PaWaIS, F jasodoud oak ' ) ue} pue dats FY Ss solenjers ff fda seienjeaam 841 Joeouered 1980980 | | reuou4 ¢snore sanouddiy |. 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