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Language Arts Syllabus / Grades 4th - 8th

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School

2015 - 2016
Teacher: Mrs. Jefferson
Email: kjefferson@stpacs.com
Room: 206
Course Description:
Students in this course will have an in-depth study of literature,
grammar, vocabulary and writing. Students will respond to the
literature through different writing assignments, including critical
analysis, narrative, persuasion and research. Grammar instruction will
occur throughout the year in conjunction with student writing and
literature. Vocabulary instruction will include vocabulary workshop, SAT
words and literature vocabulary. Lastly, the writing process will be a
collection of identifying a topic, collecting reliable information from
primary and secondary sources and presenting their findings in oral,
written and visual formats.
4th: Voyages
5th: Voyages
6th: Voyages
7th: Voyages
( Course 2 )
8th: Voyages
( Course 3 )

Grammar Book ( Turquoise ) / Treasures Literature Book

Grammar Book ( Yellow ) / Treasures Literature Book
Grammar Book ( Blue ) / Glencoe Literature Book ( Course
Grammar Book ( Purple ) / Glencoe Literature Book
Grammar Book ( Orange ) / Glencoe Literature Book

Shiloh Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Paterson
The Iliad - Homer
The Prince and the Pauper - Mark Twain
Spiral (4 Subject)

** Student agenda, textbooks and/or assigned novel, Language Arts

binder, paper and pens are required for class daily. No exceptions.

Assessment and Grading Policy: Revised

Grades in this course will be determined by the following breakdown:
Tests - 40%
Class work - 35%

Homework /Projects 25%

Teacher's Expectation and Daily Procedures:
1. Each student is expected to arrive on time, enter the classroom in
an orderly fashion and sit in his/her assigned seat.
2. Each student is expected to be prepared for class daily by bringing
all needed materials.
3. Each student is expected to be respectful towards the teacher and
4. Each student is expected to have a positive role in the classroom by
actively participating in discussions, staying focused on all
assignments and paying full attention during instruction.
5. Each student is expected to complete every assignment given and
should be turned in at the appropriate due date given.
Homework Policy: Revised
Homework will be assigned about 3-4 days a week. Homework
assignments can be found on the white board at the front of the
classroom and should be written down at the beginning of class.
Assignments must be written in the students' agenda. Reading: read
book and complete portfolio or short answer questionnaire (M-Th).
Spelling: Ten words a week and complete assignments (M-Th) as follow;
Monday: define words, Tuesday: choose five words and write a
sentence using the word, Wednesday: choose another five words and
write a sentence using the word, Thursday: write the words 5 times
each, and Friday: turn in homework and be prepared to take test.
Homework assignments are due on the assigned date. No late
work will be accepted.
Written Assignments:
All assignments should display this heading in the left hand corner of
the paper:
Student Name (First and Last )
Teacher's Name
Procedures for Non-Instructional Activities:
Before entering the classroom, the students will line up on the wall
quietly in a single file line when waiting on the teacher to allow them to
come in. Once given permission to enter, the students will come in
controlled and in a mannerly way. They will sit and immediately begin

on their journal.
At the end of each class period, the teacher will dismiss the
students, not the bell. The students will leave the classroom in the
same orderly fashion they entered.
Unless given permission by the teacher, there will be no food or drinks
allowed in the classroom.
** Procedures for electronic devices, emergency procedures and
make-up work can be found in the Student Handbook.