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Date 9/30/15


Yesterday's Prophecies - Today's Headlines


Netanyahu calls on Abbas to resume direct peace talks as he heads to UN
Abbas: No bilateral talks with Israel while it's an occupying power
Abbas' Coming UN Announcement: Bombshell or Gimmick?
Abbas to Tell UN: If Stalemate Continues, PA Will Cease Honoring Past
Agreements With Israel
Obama Snub Likely to Set Tone for Abbas' UN Speech
The First-Ever Raising of Palestine's Flag at the U.N. Is Our Moment of
Gazan rocket downed by Iron Dome over Ashdod
IDF strikes four Hamas military targets in response to Gaza rocket fire
Heading to UN, Netanyahu says he will speak 'truth' to world powers
Netanyahu to tell Palestinians to stop 'incitement' in UN speech
Netanyahu: Palestinians rioters to blame for Temple Mount disturbances
Netanyahu: Palestinians using Temple Mount to incite against Israel
Sisi: Temple Mount clashes show peace still faces hurdles
Leading Rabbi: Time for Synagogue on Temple Mount
Thousands to Descend on Jerusalem Over Sukkot Holiday to Perform
Rare Biblical Commandment of Hakhel
Labor MKs warn of Corbyn's 'disastrous' anti-Israel stances at UK Labor

Political furor erupts after Arab MK berates Jews on Temple Mount
Intelligence minister: ISIS reign in Gaza more likely than Abbas
"If Israel gives up Assad, he's finished"
Ya'alon Hints Russia 'Shouldn't Test' Israel in Syria
Ya'alon: We made it clear to Russia that Israel will continue to protect its
Defense Minister: We're not coordinating Syria response with Russia
Russian parliament grants Putin right to use military force in Syria
Kremlin says use of Russian force in Syria would be to help Assad, fight
Indications that Russia has begun airstrikes in Syria, US official says
Russia says Baghdad center helps coordinate air strikes, ground troops in
Syria says it asked Putin for military support
Russia, Iran Draw Close Over Syria at UN
Obama has turned Putin into the world's most powerful leader
Putin's new world order
Imperial overreach: How Putin's move into Syria could bring his
government down
Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says
Across Middle East, 'Obama Doctrine' shows signs of failure
US suspends Syria rebel training program
US expands terror blacklist, revealing sprawling IS network
U.S. sanctions Islamic State supporters, targets finances
Study finds increase in foreign fighters heading for Syria, Iraq

Shattered Syria May Never Be Put Back Together

China again calls for political solution for Syria
Egypt's el-Sissi calls for regional front against Islamic terrorism
Kurds launch offensive against ISIS in north Iraq
Germany's Merkel warns of risks of 'safe zone' in northern Syria
German, Austrian Jews worried about anti-Semitism from refugees
France investigates Syria's Assad for crimes against humanity
Report: ISIS Has Crucified, Tortured Thousands of Christians in Iraq, Syria
Divided Cyprus' top Muslim cleric says Christians, Muslims can again live
in peace as in past
Ben Carson on Muslim President: I'll Change My Position If You Show Me
Islamic Text Opposed to Shariah
Iran's leader demands Muslim world probe haj deaths
Pastor Saeed Abedini Won't Be Set Free Until the US First Releases 19
Iranian Criminals, Says President Rouhani
Afghan assault to retake Kunduz from Taliban collapses as militants
surround airport
U.S. troops dispatched to Kunduz to help Afghan forces
Maldives Wants U.S. to Help It Fight Terrorism
Liuzhou, China, Rocked by 'Massive' Explosions; 6 Reportedly Dead
President Obama Confronts Russia, China and Iran In Speech to UN
White House says it looks like Congress is on track to avert shutdown
UK press: World set for emerging market mass default, warns IMF
The number of drones expected to sell during the holidays is scaring the
5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia
5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Lorengau, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Bathsheba, Barbados
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia
Pennsylvania will monitor for earthquake activity linked to fracking
Colima volcano in Mexico erupts to 25,000ft
Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft
Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft
Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft
Deadly Typhoon Dujuan Batters China After Lashing Taiwan
Hurricane warning issued for Bahamas as Tropical Storm Joaquin nears
Tropical Storm Joaquin to Track Near East Coast, Escalate Flood Threat
Tropical Storm Joaquin could impact N.J., pose biggest threat since Sandy
Tropical Depression Marty Lashes Southwest Mexico With Downpours
Warmest September on Record for NYC, Boston and Others
Video shows dramatic water drop in California lake
U.K. experiencing highest tides in more than 18 years
Scientists to bypass brain damage by re-encoding memories
Mexican Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal
Republicans, Planned Parenthood square off in Congress
Planned Parenthood leader: Video allegations are 'offensive' and 'untrue'
Planned Parenthood Doesn't Do Mammograms, Cecile Richards Finally
Admits Under Oath
Pope met Kentucky clerk who refused to give gay marriage licenses
secretly to avoid interfering with the pope's broader message

New York St. Patrick's Day Parade allows second gay group
TLC's 'Sex in Public' too much?

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Featured Article: The Church Christ Loved
Russia enters Syrian war with air strikes, jolts the
Mid-East into new era
Nearing Midnight: Is This Gog-Magog?
DNA Studies Trace Jewish Priestly Lineage from
Biblical Times
Migration Crisis: "Islam Will Conquer Europe
without Firing a Shot"

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Daily Jot: A matter of prophecy and national
Daily Devotion: Actions Trump Words


The Church Christ Loved - Pete Garcia http://www.omegaletter.com/articles/articles.asp?ArticleID=8122

And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My
church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18
If one were to look back in history, one would notice the rise and fall of all
the various Christian denominations and movements that have come and
gone over the past 500 years. Some have survived the centuries but look
remarkably different from when they began. For example, just compare
the writings and teachings of the Lutherans of the 1600s, to that of the
Lutherans of today. Compare the Methodists of John and Charles Wesley's
day, to that of the Methodist church today to gain a better understanding of
where Christianity is moving in the long scheme of things. It seems, that
no matter how well intentioned a church or movement ever began with,
they all atrophy spiritually over time on account of the same common
Despite that, the closest modern man ever got to a more perfect
understanding of the Holy Scripture since the days of the Apostles, was the
Dispensationalist movement of the 19th and 20th century. That might
sound like an audacious statement, but for the first time in almost two
millennia, believers began taking the entire Word of God at face value.
The principles which guided Dispensational thought was to take the text for
what it said, all the while, maintaining the normal historical, contextual, and

grammatical rules of interpretation. Because Dispensationalism does this,

it comes to some fundamental and axiomatic understandings regarding the
two main players in the Old and New Testament;
1. The Church is not Israel, nor Israel the Church
2. God is not through with the Jew
I realize that this is a bold claim here, but it is this writer's belief, that
Dispensationalism saved Evangelical Christianity and extended its stay for
another 185 years in the West. Dispensational thought opened up for the
first time in millennia, an explosion of new understanding by reconciling all
of God's word in perfect harmony. This wasn't new revelation as many
critics charge Dispensationalism with (i.e...the old and debunked Margaret
MacDonald accusation), but by new illumination, by way of rightly dividing
the Word that has always been there.
New illumination, simply means that we understand something in a new
way. The material remains the same, but your perspective changes based
on how the Holy Spirit moves you in understanding it. (Daniel 12:4, 9-10)
Juxtaposed to this, "New" revelation would be akin to Joseph Smith
claiming that God gave him new information by way of invisible, golden
tablets for which he added too and changed Holy Scripture in order to fit
his supposed revelation and create a non-Christian cult.
Dispensationalism doesn't add one jot or tittle to God's word. What it did,
was allow for believers to see God's word in a new light, by taking ALL of
God's word at face value. In practical application, it allowed both clergy
and parishioner, the ability to shed the Tradition and Denominational
biases that had kept many believers stuck back in the theological Dark
Ages. It is for this reason, that Covenant and Reformed theologians,
Amillennialists, Post Millennialists, Historic Premillennialist, Dominionists,
and Roman Catholic all hate Dispensationalism with equal fervor. What's
ironic, is that although the aforementioned groups all ideologically,
eschatologically, and doctrinally disagree with each other, they all share in
their hatred of Dispensationalism. That should be telling in and of itself.
Furthermore, it is because the Dispensationalist, believes in a PreTribulational Rapture, and holds to a Pre-Millennial return of Christ, that we
are usually on the receiving end of ridicule and vitriolic responses. I'm
pretty sure that if Dispensationalism had been Amillennial or PostMillennial in its Eschatology, no one would care.

"And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write,

'These things says He who is holy, He who is true, "He who has the key of
David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens". "I
know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can
shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not
denied My name. Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who
say they are Jews and are not, but lie-indeed I will make them come and
worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. Rev. 3:7-9
In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John is told to write Seven Letters to
seven churches as dictated to him from Christ. Out of the seven, only two
had no mention of condemnation to them. These churches (Smyrna and
Philadelphia), are two examples of churches that Christ found no fault in. I
believe that the seven churches mentioned in Revelation 1-3, form the;
1. Historical (were existent in John's day)
2. Congregational (Christ spoke to them and us, corporately)
3. Individual (He also spoke directly to them and us as individuals)
4. Prophetic (due to the order they are given in)
Reading through the Seven Letters is sobering. If I were a Pastor reading
this, I would immediately shed whatever preconceived notions I had about
my denomination, and go straight to Revelation 2-3 to see if what I was
doing, was what Christ viewed as a church without fault.
There are two kinds of Godly churches in this world, and they are the kind
that is suffering through violence and persecution, and the kind that is not.
But persecution comes in many forms, and sometimes it is intense brutality
through mob, police or military actions. Other times persecution comes in
a more subtle form through political, economic, or cultural intimidation and
pressure. But here in the West where it has found political refuge and
freedom over the last 500 years, Christianity has flourished and then
become corrupted. Instead of the church going out into the world, the
world has come into church. Yet, God always has His remnant, and either
a Church departs from the denomination because the denomination goes
apostate, or a denomination remains true to God's word, and churches
abandon it for looser interpretations.
Comparing Smyrna and Philadelphia, one would see what they had in
common, and what they didn't. We see on one hand, that Jesus offered no
promise of deliverance for the Smyrna believers, but told them to endure
'ten days' and that they would ultimately pay with their lives, but would
receive the 'Crown of Life'. The 'ten days' were represented by ten Roman

Emperors who would bring on those believers intense persecution.

On the other hand, the church at Philadelphia were told to endure, but that
they would be delivered prior to the world's 'hour of testing'. Since we
know that this hasn't happened in the past on a global scale, we must
assume that this is still yet a future event.
Those who represent Philadelphia, share in persecution, but not to the
extent of those in Smyrna. Likely, these Philadelphian churches would be
represented more by those in the West who tend to enjoy more religious
freedom, but still live under secular control. While they may not have their
head cut the head off just yet, or burnt at the stake, or thrown in prison for
holding to their beliefs, we see the culture bringing increasing pressure
through economic, academic, and political intimidation on these believers.
While this has happened in previous generations in places like England
and Germany prior to the Protestant Reformation, we are only just now
seeing it for the first time since Israel has been brought back together as
nation in 1948. Prophetically speaking, this is significant because now we
are seeing another group of people, of whom the Bible devotes a
significantly larger portion of text too than we Christians, being brought
back into the global discussion for the first time in almost two millennia.
The Dry Bones are assembling back to life.
In Philadelphia, they received commendations and encouragements
from Christ for the following things:
1. They had little strength, and yet no door was shut to them
2. They kept God's word and did not deny His name
3. Are distinguished from those who 'claim they are Jews, but lie'. We
know Christ charged those with blasphemy, who claimed to be Jew's but
weren't (Rev. 2:9) in His letter to the church at Smyrna. Apparently, there
were and are groups who are trying to rob the Jew of their birthright by
claiming that God somehow reneges His promises. (See Romans 11:2529)
4. Persevere despite increased pressure and persecution
5. Because of this, Christ will keep them (these believers) from the 'hour of
testing' that is about to come upon the WHOLE earth.
I would venture to guess, that outside the boundaries of Western nations
and the United States, most Christian congregations resemble more
Smyrna than they do any other church. There have been more Christians

killed in this past two centuries, than in all the previous centuries before
them combined. While inside the boundaries of western nations and the
United States, very few churches resemble Philadelphia. Most churches
have given themselves over to the culture and continue to compromise
their beliefs in a vain attempt to remain relevant. Many pitfalls have
sidelined denominations these days, and whether it is faulty doctrine, or
faulty leadership, both have laid to waste many a soul in these final days,
despite the outpouring of prophetic signs God has foretold us about as
both a warning and an encouragement.
The truth is, that despite our best efforts, every movement, denomination,
or outpouring on man's behalf to establish some semblance of the
Kingdom here on earth, has and will fail. Not because the message is
faulty (although many are), but because man is. Dispensationalism is one
of the few, if not the only view that dogmatically sticks to the idea that
mankind cannot usher in the Kingdom through our own efforts. Nor does
Dispensationalism spiritualize away the Kingdom into some whispy,
unseen eternal state. Dispensationalism teaches that the Kingdom will one
day find its physical fulfillment here on earth through Christ Himself at His
Second Coming.
As we draw nearer to the end of the age, we are seeing a rapid rise in both
the antichrist spirit, and the mystery of lawlessness being unleashed. The
former breeds false doctrine and damnable teachings (primarily focused in
the West), and the latter (primarily in the East) increased violence and
hostility against true Christianity. Because of this, Dispensationalism is
dying out. The prophet Hosea once wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit,
'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'. (4:6) Notice he doesn't
say, 'my people are destroyed for lack of faith', or 'lack of social justice', or
'lack of relevance'. It is divine knowledge, which provides for sound
doctrine, which guards the flocks against heretical and apostate teachings
which decimate the flocks.
Sound doctrine also provides for sound Eschatology, which acts as God's
ultimate encourager, as the days grow darker and darker. If the Seven
Letters were meant to be understood also as epochs within the Church
Age, then the message preceding the letter to the Philadelphians, is the
Church of Sardis. This would signify the era of the Protestant Reformation
on forward, those being the mainline protestant denominations which have
all but turned away from sound eschatology. Notice what Christ warns
them of...
Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and
repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and

you will not know what hour I will come upon you. Rev. 3:3
Moreover, the church at Philadelphia seemingly understood and embraced
that Christ would return before that 'hour of testing', which is why Christ
didn't need to warn them. This is why I say that Dispensationalism,
although not a church, was the system God used to preserve His churches
(Presbyterian, Baptist, Non-Denominational, Calvary Chapel, etc.)
throughout the last 185 years. God always has His remnant, and Christ
loved the church who did not deny His name nor did they have a lot of
strength. It is this writer belief that before the light goes out on
Dispensationalism, Christ will return as promised (John 14:1-3) and deliver
His own, before that great and terrible Day of the Lord.
Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you
from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those
who dwell on the earth. Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you
have, that no one may take your crown. He who overcomes, I will make
him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will
write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the
New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will
write on him My new name. "He who has an ear, let him hear what the
Spirit says to the churches."' Rev. 3:10-11

Russia enters Syrian war with air strikes, jolts the

Mid-East into new era http://www.debka.com/article/24915/Russia-enters-Syrian-war-with-airstrikes-jolts-the-Mid-East-into-new-era
That Russia launched its first air strikes in Syria Wednesday, Sept. 30 was
confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow and criticized by US
officials. Moscow stressed that it acted in support of Bashar Assad's war on
the Islamic State, assisted by other foreign powers including Iran and Iraq
working together from an allied command center in Baghdad. Its targets
were described as stores, ammunition dumps and vehicles, located
according to US sources around Homs and Hama. The Russian
communiqus did not indicate which organizations were bombed.

The Russian aerial offensive marks a turning point in Middle East affairs.
Russia is emerging strongly as the number one power in the region. The
governments which hitherto coordinated their military polices with the US,
like those of Israel, Jordan and Turkey will have to reassess their
orientation and affinities in a hurry.
For Israel it is the end of years of freedom for its air force to strike its
enemies from the skies of Syria or Lebanon. It also marks the end of any
plans Turkey and Jordan may have entertained for setting up buffer and
no-fly zones in Syria to protect their borders.
Washington quickly criticized the air strikes, but said Moscow's moves
would not change the US-led air campaign targeting the Islamic State in
Syria. That remains to be seen.
Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
that the Russian air strikes are "not helpful," and ran counter to the effort to
make sure mishaps do not happen inadvertently in the air.
debkafile earlier reported on the fast-moving developments of Wednesday,
Sept. 30.
A day after the White House said that "clarity" on Russian intentions in
Syria had been achieved at the Obama-Putin summit in New York, the
Russian President Vladimir Putin notched up the military tensions around
Syria Wednesday, Sept. 30. A senior US official said that Russian
diplomats had sent an official demarche ordering US planes to quit Syria,
adding that Russian fighter jets were now flying over Syrian territory. US
military sources told Fox News that US planes would not comply with the
Russian demand. "There is nothing to indicate that we are changing
operations over Syria," a senior defense official said.
Earlier, Putin sought from the Russian upper house, the Federation
Council, authorization for the use of military force abroad. He did not
specify the country or region, but the only part of the world where Russia is
currently building up its ground, air and naval forces outside the country is
A short time after the request, the Federation Council announced that it
had unanimously authorized the use of Russian military force in Syria. The
last time Putin sought this authorization was in early 2014 when he
decided to annex the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. His action now
contradicts his assertion to CBS on Sept. 28: "Russia will not participate in

any troop operations in the territory of Syria or in any other states. Well, at
least we don't plan on it right now."
debkafile's military sources report that Russian preparations for military
action in Syria are clearly not limited to that country. They are being run by
a joint coordination forward command and war room established a few
days ago by Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria in Baghdad. It is designed as the
counterpart of the US Central Command-Forward-Jordan war room
established north of Amman for joint US-Saudi-Qatari-Israeli-Jordanian and
UAE operations in support of Syrian rebel operations against the Assad
Two rival power war rooms are therefore poised at opposite ends of the
Syrian arena - one representing a US-led alliance for operations against
Assad, and the other a Russian-led group which is revving up to fight on
his behalf.
Conspicuous in the swiftly evolving Syrian situation is the detailed
advance planning which went into the Russian military buildup and
partnerships, and the slow perception of what was going on, on the part of
the United States and Israel.
Tuesday, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter instructed his staff to
establish a communication channel with the Kremlin to ensure the safety of
US and Russian military operations and "avoid conflict in the air" between
the two militaries. The Russian defense ministry shot back with a
provocative stipulation that coordination with the US must go through
Baghdad, an attempt to force Washington to accept that the two war rooms
would henceforth communicate on equal terms.
Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon denied Tuesday night that Israel
was coordinating its operations with the Russian army, stressing that Israel
reserves the IDF's right to freedom of action over Syria and would continue
to prevent arms supplies reaching terrorist organizations such as
Meanwhile, six advanced Russian SU-34 strike fighter jets landed at
Latakia's Al-Assad international airport, after flying to their destination
through Iraqi airspace.
The Russian military buildup is assuming far greater proportions than
either imagined, far outpacing US or Israeli efforts at coordination.

Nearing Midnight: Is This Gog-Magog? - Terry James http://www.raptureready.com/rap16.html

Zola Levitt and I were talking privately, and Zola was thoroughly exercised
about the topic of replacement theology. Some mainline denominations
were beginning at the time to adopt the rising theological position termed
"progressive dispensationalism." The "doctrine" put forward that Christ's
throne had been transferred to Heaven with the Lord's sitting down at the
right hand of His Father. Therefore, the Davidic throne (throne of King
David,) was also transferred from an earthly throne to Heaven. This meant,
according to the progressive dispensationalists, that Israel had, in effect,
been replaced in matters involving God's promises to the nation.
This was not much different than pure replacement theology, and Zola was
about to address, as I recall, the Pre-Trib Research Center group at Dallas
that December on this topic. Such once-conservative seminaries as Moody
and Dallas Theological had begun to go strongly toward the progressive
dispensationalist viewpoint.
Zola, as anyone who knew him will attest, was passionate like few others
about Israel and God's dealing with the Jews. I have never seen him quite
so animated as during that conversation somewhere around the turn of the
century, as I recall. He said that he and Dr. J. Vernon McGee had once
"gotten into it" on a television program over whether Israel was back in the
Middle East for fulfillment of prophecy. Dr. McGee held that while it was
interesting that Israel had its nation restored after more than 1,900 years in
its geographical homeland, he didn't believe this meant that Israel was
necessarily there for the final time. They could yet be put out of the land
and return again at a later date.
This, of course, was like throwing a glass of gasoline on a raging fire. Zola
said they really got crosswise. Zola held that Israel was there for the final
time--for the wind-up of this dispensation (Age of Grace) and into the
Tribulation. I told him that Dr. McGee knew the truth now, his having gone
to be with the Lord at age 84 in 1988. Zola's only comment was: "Well, I
would hope so...".
Boy! Would old Dr. McGee have done a 180 on his view of the situation, if
he could suddenly be shown developments since getting his--as Zola

would later say of his own impending going to be with the Lord--promotion
to that magnificent realm. As a matter of fact, I sometimes have wondered
if they have not again had their conversation, with both now being in
complete agreement on the veracity of God's Word in regard to His
promises to His chosen people.
Every day that passes brings into focus that truth. Israel is like a laser
pointer indicating with pinpoint precision that these must indeed be the
closing days of this Church Age. Stage-setting for fulfillment of Bible
prophecy, as we have pointed out many times, literally fills today's
geopolitical, socioeconomic and religious landscape. Culture and society
aren't just headed toward the cesspool--we have arrived in the septic tank.
The world's economy is poised to implode, with those in charge of the Fed
(Federal Reserve Bank) not knowing which way to turn. to raise interest
rates will bring the world's economy crashing down. To not raise interest
rates means that dynamic exigencies as part of the intricately linked world
monetary system will heat up even further, making the ultimate crash far
worse than any in history when it happens.
The pope is traversing the world apparently spouting strange doctrinal
changes in his Catholic system and sticking his papal nose in every free
nation's business. He seems to me in cahoots with the Marxist ideology
espoused by those who are said to have mentored the current U.S.
Russia looks to be making alliances that will one day -perhaps sooner
rather than later--form a coalition like that forewarned by the prophet
Ezekiel in his Gog-Magog prophecy. Iran occupies the geographical area
of ancient Persia. This Israel-hating state of satanic rage is Putin's clientstate, as is Syria--these and other nations of the Islamist sort prophetically
destined to be part of a horrendous end-times event.
Specifically, we must ask whether the most recent movement by Vladimir
Putin might be, in fact, the actual staging for this great conflict of Ezekiel
chapters 38 and 39.
Those who hold to the likelihood that a Psalm 83 war will precede the GogMagog attack will say this cannot be the time of that great Ezekiel 38-39
conflict. I continue to respectfully disagree with the proposition that such an
inner ring of nations as given in what I believe to be an Imprecatory prayer
by God's chosen nation in Psalm 83 indicates a separate military action. I
continue to believe that the prayer offered in Psalm 83 will be answered
powerfully and unequivocally by the God of Heaven with the all but total

annihilation of the combined Gog-Magog forces of all surrounding nations

who come against Israel.
That Russia has inserted itself into the Middle East in ways that trouble
America's top military generals goes without saying. The Russians have
said they won't hesitate to send a large contingent of ground troops into
Syria if the request is made by the Syrian regime.
The AP reported September 17 that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid alMoallem said Damascus wouldn't hesitate to ask for Russian troops if
needed. At the same time he denied that Russian combat troops were
already fighting in Syria. Proof continues to accumulate that the Russians
are moving in to stay in the region. Many military and other intelligence
officials are asking in television appearances what the build-up means.
Ezekiel, we remember, said some would be asking the same question as
the Gog-Magog invasion began to take shape.
One respected intelligence advisory writes the following.
The Russian military deployment to the Bassel al Assad air base in
Latakia, Syria, is continuing at a rapid tempo, Stratfor can confirm.
Previous imagery of the airfield, taken Sept. 4, showed significant
engineering works underway. New imagery from Sept. 15, provided by our
partners at All Source Analysis, reveals the completion of several large
concrete aprons that were previously under construction. A large amount of
Russian military equipment has also arrived at the airfield. A battalion-sized
Russian contingent now appears to be located at the base, along with
artillery and attack helicopter support. Several large Russian transport
aircraft are also visible on the runway and the nearby ramps. (Stratfor,
"Russia fortifies its position in Syria," September 17, 2015)
With American fighter jets and other military assets in the same general
area, there is growing concern that an incident of dangerous sort could
happen whether by accident or by instigation. The Russian and American
officials have been shown to be engaging in meetings over developments
in the war-torn region.
Are we seeing the beginning of a Russian build-up for the fulfillment of the
Gog-Magog assault?
I'm of the opinion that this is indeed a point in the staging for that
prophesied war. Just what point is anyone's guess?
My own thinking is that the Gog-Magog assault will take place some time

after the Rapture of the Church. This is because this will be a worldshaking, cataclysmic event. Many other lands besides just this region will
be affected. This war, in my view, will take the world out of the business-asusual state that Jesus prophesied will be prevalent at the time He next
intervenes into human history in a catastrophic way. Judgment will fall, the
Lord said, that very day, just as in the days of Noah and the days of Lot
(again read Matthew 24:36-42 and Luke 17: 26-30).
We see developing a sure signal that the Tribulation period is fast
approaching. It it time for believers to work hard to bring as many of the
lost into God's family as possible. At the same time, we must remember to
lift up our heads and keep looking up!

DNA Studies Trace Jewish Priestly Lineage from

Biblical Times - By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/49932/dna-studies-prove-existence-ofbiblical-priestly-class-health-and-science/?
"For the Lord your God has chosen him out of all your tribes, to stand to
serve in the name of the Lord, him and his sons forever." (Deuteronomy
Scientists have discovered a gene which can be traced from the Biblical
figure of Aaron, the first High Priest (kohen) of the Jewish people, to a
segment of the Jewish population today which carries the priestly lineage.
The nation of Israel's priestly class, which is passed down from father to
son, began with Aaron (Exodus 28:1). Despite 2,000 years of diaspora,
modern science has now proved that the Biblical concept of kohanim has
genetic evidence which has allowed the priestly heritage to maintain its
integrity, leading to speculation that when the Third Temple is built,
modern-day kohanim will be fully qualified to preside over the rituals and
rites of the Holy Altar.
Originally, the firstborn of Israel were intended to serve God after He saved
them from the plague that killed all of the firstborn sons in Egypt (Exodus

11). When the firstborns participated in the sin of the Golden Calf in the
desert (Exodus 32), they disqualified themselves from serving in the
Jewish Temple. The tribe of Levi (the tribe of Moses and Aaron) refrained
from the sin, so they took the place of the firstborns, serving in the
Tabernacle and later in the Temple as musicians, guards, and in several
other roles.
Aaron, the brother of Moses, was chosen to be the high priest, and his four
sons were appointed after him. The title of kohen is patrilineal, passed from
father to son. In some ways, despite various honors allocated to kohanim,
this was not a desirable position. Serving in the Temple meant not
receiving a portion of land in Israel and also included many restrictions.
Priests are not permitted to marry divorcees or converts, and they are also
forbidden from coming into contact with the dead, or from entering
cemeteries. However, the position also brought certain benefits, such as
receiving a portion of the tithes which were only permitted to the priests
and Levites and their immediate families.
While it may sound a bit like science fiction, geneticists have verified the
link which connects the present-day group of men classified as kohanim to
the Biblical figure of Aaron, who lived over 3,000 years ago. Demographic
studies have shown that kohanim have always represented approximately
five percent of the total Jewish population.
According to Jewish law, Jewish identity is determined by the religion of the
mother, but the priestly designation and tribal identity have always been
determined by the father. Since the designation of being a Levite or Kohen
is passed from father to son, the gene is found on the Y chromosome,
which is inherited only from the father.
Genetically speaking, women have two X chromosomes, one from each
parent. Men have an X chromosome inherited from their mothers and a Y
chromosome inherited from their fathers. All direct male lineage shares a
common haplotype, which, in the simplest terms, is a specific group of
genes that the offspring inherits from one parent. Since Y chromosomes
are passed from father to son, all kohanim males should, in theory, have
almost identical Y chromosomes.
The Cohen hypothesis was first tested by Professor Karl Skorecki, himself
a kohen of Ashkenazic descent, at the Rambam-Technion Medical Center
in Haifa in 1997. He tested for two distinct Y chromosome markers (YAP
and DYS 19), labeling it the J1 Cohen Modal Haplotype. A particular
genetic marker on the Y chromosome (YAP-) was detected in 98.5 percent
of the kohanim, and in a significantly lower percentage of non-kohanim

The haplotype was also found in other groups that had no clear connection
to the Jewish people or the priestly heritage, but Jews had a significantly
higher proportion of full haplotype matches. The source for the gene was
clearly in the Middle East, as it was also found with a higher frequency
among Bedouins, Jordanians, and Yemenites. It also became clear from
the study that within the group identified as kohanim, there were several
different lineages. The results have limited implications, though the
correlation is undeniable.
Since it was found in both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews, the genome
predates the split in the communities which occurred around 1000 CE.
Based on the mutations found in the genes, scientists place the original
kohen - the first common ancestor - at approximately 3,300 years ago, a
timeline that fits neatly within the Biblical parameters of the lifetimes of the
first priestly family.
There are many disputes surrounding the Third Temple, and much work to
be done before it can become a reality. However, as hundreds of kohanim
(Jewish priests) gather at the Western Wall on the third day of the Jewish
holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles) to bless thousands of Jews in a tradition
passed down for millennia, the scientific proof of the legend of the Jewish
priests shows that one thing is sure: the kohanim are here, and ready to
begin work.

The Truth About

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Got the DVD today and just finished watching it...outstanding!!!
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I watched "Israel God's Timepiece" last night and thoroughly
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Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Very well done. - J.
Masters - Mississippi
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At first I thought it was going to be another routine message but

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Another effective witness from Randy and Prophecy Update.
The "There will be Tribulation" video describes the purpose and
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Thanks so much for the DVD There will be Tribulation...I
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Migration Crisis: "Islam Will Conquer Europe

without Firing a Shot" - by Bassam Tawil http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6542/migration-crisis-islam-will-conquereurope

The failed foreign policies of the EU and the US under President

Obama, have brought the Arabs to the brink of chaos, and
destroyed regimes which, even though they were not democratic
utopias, at least provided governance and public order. These failed
policies have abandoned the Arabs to the atrocities of the Sunni
Islamists and to the murderous proxies of the Iranian Islamic
Revolution -- and are ultimately the cause of the tsunami of
refugees beating at the gates of Europe.

Now the EU and Obama want to bring the catastrophe of Gaza to

the West Bank.

The American FDA is more careful with experiments on animals

than the White House is with experiments on the people of the
Middle East.

Every time the Palestinians have taken steps against the Israelis,
we have hurt no one but ourselves, and are left with -- nothing.

The Arabs living in Israel and the Palestinian Authority territories

know, although it is a bitter pill to swallow, that we have been
favored by fortune, because under the State of Israel we live in

In the face of ongoing mass murder in the Middle East, what arcane

consideration, apart from Federica Mogherini being a racist, could

possibly bring the EU to deal with something as marginal to global
issues as boycotting Israeli face-cream and cookies?
With the recent anniversary of Al-Qaeda's September 11, 2001 terrorist
attacks in the United States, internal Palestinian discourse revolves around
radical Islam and America's actions. It relates to the slaughter, rape and
millions of refugees who have fallen victim to Al-Qaeda, the humanitarian
calamity and the Islamist terrorist organizations to which it gave birth, such
as ISIS. Today a disaster of apocalyptic proportions is unfolding in
territories that used to be Arab states but are now the battle grounds for
feuding Arab tribes, whose only objective is to destroy one another.
In their heart of hearts, the Arabs living in Israel and the Palestinian
Authority territories know, although it is a bitter pill to swallow, that we have
been favored by fortune because under the State of Israel we live in
security. This reality is brought home to us by the feeble international
response and the strange behavior of U.S. President Barack Obama and
the leaders of the Western world who have abandoned the Arabs to the
atrocities of the Sunni Islamists (and their supporters in Turkey, Saudi
Arabia and Qatar), and to the murderous proxies of the Iranian Islamic
Revolution (mainly in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon).
In view of what is happening in neighboring countries, it is clear to us what
will happen if Israel is in danger of destruction: no Western state will come
to its aid and no Arab state will come to our aid. Our fate will be the same
as that of our brothers beyond Israel's borders. It is hard not to identify and
sympathize with Israel's efforts to fight terrorism and with its objections to
the nuclear agreement with Iran.
Despite the chaos and worse than chaos in the Middle East, the EU's
foreign policy representative, Federica Mogherini, recently announced that
the EU had decided to mark products made in the Israeli settlements. That
is mind-boggling, so say the least. In the face of the ongoing mass murders
in the Middle East, what arcane consideration, apart from Mogherini being
a racist, could possibly bring the EU, now, to deal with something as
blatantly marginal to global issues as the provenance of face cream and
In the final analysis, if the Europeans harm Israel's ability to market goods
manufactured in the West Bank, the first victims will be the Palestinian
workers in the Israeli settlement factories. Every time the Palestinians have

taken steps against the Israelis, we have hurt no one but ourselves. The
last time we boycotted Israeli products we wound up buying them on the
black market at double and triple the price. When we refused to work on
construction sites, the Israelis switched to modular, prefabricated units, and
the Palestinian construction workers who went on strike are unemployed to
this day. When we refused to work in Israeli agriculture, they brought in
workers from Thailand, who took our jobs and left us with -- nothing.
The Western pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to establish a
Palestinian state as soon as possible, when viewed through the prism of
the mass murders and uncertainty in the Middle East, is incomprehensible.
The initiative, and the obsession, to promote such a dangerous project at a
time when everyone understands that the conditions on both sides are not
yet ripe is dangerous; and the motives involved, whatever they really are,
are suspicious. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not new, it has been
waged in an atmosphere of terrorism and violence, hostility and complete
lack of trust for a hundred years. So why exert pressure now?
Everyone, at least everyone living in the Middle East, knows full well that
the conflict will not end with a "peace for our time" agreement forced on the
two sides and accompanied by a handful of empty, meaningless
documents; the dynamics are too dangerous. For both us and the Israelis it
is a matter of life and death, not semantics; and it will probably take
another hundred years before enough trust can be built on both sides to
find a just solution.
The irony is staggering. At a time when the Arab states that were artificially
created after the First World War crumble to dust, the EU is pressing for
the creation of another artificial Arab state, this one called "Palestine," to
be carved out of territories once belonging to Jordan and Egypt. If
"Palestine" is granted the status of statehood, it will force not only Israel
but the rest of the world to grant it complete control over its borders,
airports and a seaport. That will expose the new weak "state" to a rapid
and certain takeover by Hamas, ISIS and various other terrorist
organizations. Given the current situation in the West Bank, the elected
government of "Palestine" will be controlled by Hamas. It will overthrow the
Palestinian Authority, the way it did in the Gaza Strip, take over the West
Bank, use its airports and seaport to import missiles, various other
weapons and Islamist terrorists, and help Islamist terrorism in general, and
ISIS in particular, to operate from its territory. The Islamists will proceed to
attack Israel and Jordan the way ISIS is currently attacking Egypt in the
Sinai Peninsula. Worse, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad will enter the new
"Palestine" and strengthen its relations with Iran, just as it has in the Gaza
Strip and Syria, and with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Evidently the Israeli withdrawal in 2005, which led directly to Hamas's

bloodbath and takeover of the Gaza Strip, the expulsion of the Palestinian
Authority and the entrenchment of Islamist terrorism, was not enough for
Europe. Now the EU and U.S. President Barack Obama want to bring the
catastrophe of the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. The American Food and
Drug Administration is more careful with experiments on animals than the
White House is with experiments on the people living in the Middle East.
In view of the events in the Arab countries, it is clear to the Palestinians
that American and European actions in the Middle East are the direct result
of stupidity and complete ignorance of the Middle Eastern mindset, if not
outright racism and malevolence. What is inescapable is that under
Obama, both America and Europe brought the Arabs to the brink of chaos
and beyond, destroyed regimes which, even though they were not
democratic utopias like the United States, at least provided governance
and public order. That is ultimately the cause of the tsunami of refugees
beating at the gates of Europe, all of it caused by the United States and its
failed foreign policy.
All the signs indicate that the Middle East disaster is hardly far from over. It
is actually just beginning. it will get worse because of the tens of billions of
dollars that will now pour into the Ayatollahs' coffers from the insane
agreement with Iran. Much of this money will go directly not only to the
Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards' Qods Force, Iran's arm of
international terrorism, but to the various proxy terrorist organizations Iran
supports, thus hastening the total destruction of the Middle East and
eventually large swaths of Africa.
The wave of refugees will increase, and the price will be paid by the
Europeans, already faced with legions of refugees and no plan for dealing
with them. Eventually Gaddafi's prophecy will come true: Islam will conquer
Europe without firing a shot.

This is for the 'Nothing Is Happening' Crowd... - By

Michael Snyder http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/this-is-for-the-nothing-ishappening-crowd

A lot of people out there expected something to happen in September that

did not ultimately happen. There were all kinds of wild theories floating
around, and many of them had no basis in reality whatsoever. But without
a doubt, some very important things did happen in September. As I
warned about ahead of time, we are witnessing the most significant global
financial meltdown since the end of 2008. All of the largest stock markets
in the world are crashing simultaneously, and so far the amount of wealth
that has been wiped out worldwide is in excess of 5 trillion dollars. In
addition to stocks, junk bonds are also crashing, and Bank of America says
that it is a "slow moving train wreck that seems to be accelerating".
Thanks to the commodity price crash, many of the largest commodity
traders on the planet are now imploding. I wrote about the death spiral that
has gripped Glencore yesterday. On Tuesday, the stock price of the
largest commodity trader in Asia, the Noble Group, plummeted like a rock
and commodity trading giant Trafigura appears to be in worse shape than
either Glencore or the Noble Group. The total collapse of any of them
could easily be a bigger event than the implosion of Lehman Brothers in
2008. So I honestly do not understand the "nothing is happening" crowd.
It takes ignorance on an almost unbelievable level to try to claim that
"nothing is happening" in the financial world right now.
Within the last 60 days, we have seen some things happen that we have
never seen before.
For example, did you know that we witnessed the greatest intraday stock
market crash in U.S. history on August 24th?
During that day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged from a high of
16,459.75 to a low of 15,370.33 before rebounding substantially. That
intraday point swing of 1,089 points was the largest in all of U.S. history.
Overall, the Dow has down 588.40 points that day. When you combine
that decline with the 530.94 point plunge from the previous Friday, you get
a total drop of 1119.34 points over two consecutive trading days. Never
before in history had the Dow fallen by more than 500 points on two trading
days in a row. If that entire decline had fallen within one trading day, it
would have been the largest stock market crash in U.S. history by a very
wide margin, and everyone would be running around saying that author
Jonathan Cahn was right again.
But because this massive decline fell over two consecutive trading days
that somehow makes him wrong?

Are you kidding me?

Come on people - let's use some common sense here. We are already
witnessing the greatest global stock market decline in seven years, and
after a brief lull things are starting to accelerate once again. Last night,
stocks in Hong Kong were down 629 points and stocks in Japan were
down 714 points. In the U.S., the Nasdaq has had a string of down days
recently, and the "death cross" that has just formed has many investors
extremely concerned...
The Nasdaq composite spooked investors on Monday after forming a
death cross, a trading pattern that shows a decline in short-term
momentum and is often a precursor to future losses.
A death cross occurs when the short-term moving average of a security or
an index pierces below the long-term trend, in this case the 50-day moving
average breaking through the 200-day moving average.
In the past month, similar chart patterns formed in the S&P 500, Dow and
small-cap Russell 2000, but the Nasdaq avoided a death cross formation
until Monday.
What we witnessed in September was not "the end" of anything.
Instead, it is just the beginning.
And if you listen carefully, some of the biggest names on Wall Street are
issuing some very ominous warnings about what is coming. For instance,
just consider what Carl Icahn is saying...
Danger ahead-that's the warning from Carl Icahn in a video coming
The activist says low rates caused bubbles in art, real estate and high-yield
bonds-with potentially dramatic consequences.
"It's like giving somebody medicine and this medicine is being given and
given and given and we don't know what's going to happen - you don't
know how bad it's going to be. We do know when we did it a few years ago
it caused a catastrophe, it caused '08. Where do you draw the line?"
Even people like Jim Cramer are starting to freak out. He recently told his
audience that "we have a first-class bear market going"...

Jim Cramer, the ex-hedge fund manager and host of CNBC's show "Mad
Money," has been vocal recently on air, saying repeatedly that he doesn't
like the market now, and last week said "we have a first-class bear market
going." Similarly, Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum Capital
Management, has been sending out notes to clients and this newspaper
for weeks, saying the poor price action of the stock market and many hardhit sectors, such as energy and the recently clobbered biotech sector, has
all the earmarks of a bear market. Over the weekend, Kaltbaum said: "We
remain in a worldwide bear market for stocks."
As I have warned repeatedly, there will continue to be ups and downs. The
stock market is not going to fall every day. In fact, on some days stocks
will absolutely soar.
But without a doubt, we have entered the period of time that I have warned
about for so long. The global financial system is now beginning to unravel,
and any piece of major bad news will likely accelerate things.
For instance, the total collapse of Deutsche Bank, Petrobras, Glencore, the
Noble Group, Trafigura or any of a number of other major financial
institutions that I am currently watching could create mass panic on the
global financial stage.
In addition, an unexpected natural disaster that hits a financially important
major city or a massive terror attack in the western world are other
examples of things that could accelerate this process.
Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and we all need to learn to
expect the unexpected.
The period of relative peace and security that we all have been enjoying for
so long is ending, and now chaos is going to reign for a time.

Daily Jot: A matter of prophecy and national

defense - Bill Wilson - www.dailyjot.com

The UK's Daily Express is quoting from a book written by German reporter
Jurgen Todenhofer who successfully embedded himself with the Islamic
State (IS) that says nuclear annihilation across the globe is the goal. In his
book "Inside IS--Ten Days in the Islamic State," Todenhofer claims "The
terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is
drastically underestimating the power of ISIS. ISIS intends to get its hands
on nuclear weapons," calling the group a "nuclear tsunami preparing the
largest religious cleansing in history." The US "president's" capitulation to
Iran's nuclear program may trigger a nuclear arms race that gives IS a
great advantage in obtaining nuclear weapons.
Todenhofer says, "They (IS) now control land greater in size than the
United Kingdom and are supported by an almost ecstatic enthusiasm the
like of which I've never encountered before in a war zone. Every day
hundreds of willing fighters from all over the world come. They are the
most brutal and most dangerous enemy I have ever seen in my life. I don't
see anyone who has a real chance to stop them. Only Arabs can stop IS. I
came back very pessimistic." The Washington Post reports that with more
countries obtaining nukes, the greater the possibility terrorists could obtain
the weapon. Certainly, targets for such acquisition already include an
unstable Pakistan and it is also possible Iran could side with IS.
All the brainiacs in foreign policy analysis say that the Sunnis and the
Shiites will not work together. Don't believe it. They hate America and Israel
more than they hate each other. Former Pennsylvania Republican
Congressman Curt Weldon documents in his book "Countdown to Terror" a
"Committee of Nine" which is an elite coordinating committee of terrorist
organizations such as al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others who
partner with the Muslim Brotherhood in sponsoring terrorism worldwide.
The committee is headed by Iran's Ayatollah Khameni, according to
Weldon's sources. From Persia, we can see that Islam is moving on the
rest of the world by colonization, terrorism, and by political means.
Despite warnings from Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and
various others who understand the true motives of Islamists throughout the
world, the US "president" has pursued negotiations with Iran that will
permit the coordinator of world terrorism to obtain nuclear weapons. The
American leadership is paving the way for persecution of Christians and
Jews and the escalation of a new Islamic order. Isaiah 59:8 says, The way
of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have
made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know
peace." Islam will only be emboldened by the unwise actions of the
American leadership. Ezekiel 7:25 says, "Destruction comes; and they
shall seek peace and there shall be none." It is a threat to world stability

and the national security of the US and Israel.

Daily Devotion: Actions Trump Words - Greg Laurie www.harvest.org

So Samuel said: "Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and
sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better
than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams." -1 Samuel 15:22
When God commanded Saul to settle accounts with some old enemies,
the Amalekites, Saul partially obeyed. As a result, God rejected him as
king. Saul's sin may seem insignificant to us, but who are we to say that
something is small if it is a big deal to God? Who are we to say that it
doesn't matter? If God says it matters, then it matters.
God looks at the heart. God sees things that we don't see. And God could
already see that Saul's heart had turned away.
Some people say, "What's wrong with having a little fun? I'll know when to
But sin is sin, and "little" sins always lead to "big" sins. That's where it
I read about a Malaysian man who holds the world record for kissing
venomous snakes. He has kissed a king cobra 51 times. We can have that
attitude toward sin: I can handle this. It will never bite me. It will never get
me. Then one day, that little kiss will prove to be your undoing. It will
become a kiss of death.
As the prophet Samuel told Saul, "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,
and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry" (1 Samuel 15:23).
Sometimes people who blatantly sin think they can make it up to God.
They think, I'll give more in the offering. . . . I'll sing louder at church. . . . I'll
go to a midweek Bible study... But obedience is better than sacrifice. It is
not a matter of obeying God whenever we find it easy or convenient or
popular. Jesus said, "You are My friends if you do whatever I command

you" (John 15:14).

God wants us to obey Him. He is more interested in our actions than our



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