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A Curtain of Flesh

Joseph Weston
Act 1
Jared Day is sitting by himself, leaning back on the chair, at
a table in the centre of the room. There is a harsh light on
him coming from the ceiling and the rest of the room is too
dark to see any other details. We are looking at Jared front
on. Detective Giles walks past us and sits down in front of
Shane Giles
Opening a set of files and begins speaking into a recording
Saturday, thirteenth of October, 2015. Interview of suspect
Jared Day. You have the right remain silent, however anything
you say or do can and will be used in a court of law. Do you
Jared Day
Calmly, whilst giving a singular nod.
I do.
Shane Giles
Opening a set of files.
Where were you on the seventh of October?
Jared Day
Smiling slightly.
I have a feeling my answer will be different to what you have
Shane Giles
Unamused by Jared.
On the Seventh of October, a man was found hung by the neck in
the forest.
White dissolve to a close-up of a man dead hanging from a
tree. Then a white dissolve back to the interrogation.

Jared Day
Sounds like a suicide to me, so why am I here?
Shane Giles
Searching through the file.
We have reason to believe otherwise.
Pulls out an image of a bag containing polystyrene packaging.
This was found at the crime scene, it is packaging that you
would usually find in box with fragile items in it. This
implies that the victim, Goddard Thorpe, was carrying an item
before his death. However, there was no sign of a package at
Jared Day
Leaning forward in his chair, eager to hear more.
What does this tell you detective?
The word detective has a slight tinge of mocking in Jareds
Shane Giles
Takes back image and replaces it with another.
From what we can tell the package he was carrying was
purchased from a local store, judging by the lack of branding
in the box. We believe this to be from your shop Mr. Day.
Jared Day
A smile appears on Jareds face.
Shane Giles
Placing image back in folder.
Its over Jared, we found youreJared Day
Interrupting Shane
-Fingerprints on the box? Where could you possibly have found
said box?

Shane Giles
Frowning slightly.
In a ditch.
White dissolve to a shot of Jared throwing a box into a ditch
in the woods. White dissolve back to interrogation room.
Shane Giles
Slowly closing folder
You hid the box a mile from the crime scene in an attempt to
prevent the killing from being traced back to you.
Jared Day
Leaning back his chair and over-exaggerates a sigh.
Well done detective. Couldnt pull the wool over your eyes.
Shane Giles
Slowly leans in.
Im sorry?
Jared Day
Shaking his head.
All that work trying to cover it up and you still found me
out? Well I guess I can live my next few years in jail knowing
that justice is in your safe hands sir!
Holds out his hands to be cuffed.
Shane Giles
Reluctantly gets up and pulls Jareds hands behind his back.
Jared Day, you are under arrest for the murder of Goddard
Jared Giles
Smiling as if he has won
Indeed I am detective. Before you have me thrown away, I just
want to say how splendid Mr. Thorpe looked. He resembled a
curtain of flesh, blocking from view what lies outside and
replacing it with a more likeable image.
Shane Giles

Frowning, slightly concerned. Takes Jared away.

Act 2
Shane is looking at a board of all the evidence and
contemplating the case. White dissolve shots of various parts
of the board with audio in the background of speech excerpts
from himself and Jared in the interview.
Shane Giles
Places head in hand then looks back at the board.
What have I missed?
Shakes his head before getting and looking away from the
Audio Excerpt plays of Jared Day saying He resembled a
curtain of flesh, blocking from view what lies outside
Shane Giles
Sudden look of realisation.
Shane begins to work through the board, taking and removing
images and other evidence as he pieces together the clues.
Meanwhile, through a parallel edit, we see Jared being
escorted away to jail. Jared is about to pushed into car.
Shane Giles
Quickly grabbing office phone and dialling a number
Do not let that man leave this station!
Act 3
Jared is once again sitting in the centre of the room at the
table. He is sat forward and looking slightly more concerned.
Shane enters the room.
Jared Day
Quickly standing up
What is the meaning of this detective? You know it was me! I
signed the confession! I killed Goddard Thorpe!

Calmly sits at the table.
Please sit down Mr. Day.
Jared Day
Leaning in and whispering.
Youre a smart man detective, dont embarrass yourself, I have
told you the truth!
Shane Giles
Staring down Jared.
I have no doubt of that Jared, but what about the rest of it?
Jared Day
Warily, whilst narrowing hi eyes.
Shane Giles
Tilts head.
Where did you get the rope?
White dissolve to close-up shot of a hanging Goddard Thorpe.
Followed by white dissolve back to interrogation.
Shane Giles
Doesnt break eye contact with Jared.
The one you hung Mr. Thorpe with, where did you get it?

Jared Day
Slowly, obviously lying.
Um I got it from a shop Bought it.
Shane Giles

Shaking his head.

This was a little bit before the murder correct?
Jared Day
Shane Giles
Leans in.
Now, Mr. Day, you are lying.
Leans back and pulls out an image of the rope.
Notice the slight fraying of parts of the rope? This shows it
has been used for something else. What would that have been
Jared Day
Shrugging, slightly more nervous.
Im not sure I guess I had used it to lift something maybe?
Shane Giles
Shakes head.
Once again Mr. Day, not entirely correct now is it? We found
this receipt in your home from where and when you bought it,
why would you lie about that?
Jared Day
Looks down confused.
IShane Giles
Interrupting Jared, voice slightly raised.
Because, Mr. Day, what you used it for was more horrific than
hanging a man in the forest.
Pulls out another image.
This is Gregory Allen, he was found dead on the side of the
river five months ago. He had been tortured within an inch of
his life and then stabbed in the chest. Recognise him?
Jared Day

Shakes head vigorously.

Shane Giles
Pushes the image towards Jared.
More lies. He
We were quite
we had to put

was your boss, of the shop you worked part-time.

close to catching his killer, you know? However
the investigation on hold as a man had just been
in the forest, quite convenient really.
Jared Day
Get to the point detective.
Shane Giles
Stands up and looks down at Jared.

Well, if I were about to be caught for torture, the perfect

thing to do would be to commit and be convicted for a crime
that is less serious than kidnapping, torture and murder. So
that Id spend less time in jail and be less of a suspect for
Jared Day
Narrows his eyes.
And what would be your proof detective?
Shane Giles
The rope. The same rope used to tie up Mr. Allen was used to
hang Mr. Thorpe. We know this as there is iron rust on the
rope from when Gregory tried to escape from his bindings,
hence also why it is frayed.
Jared Day
Silently looks don at the images, slight look of anger on his
Shane Giles
Takes the images and closes the file.
The thing is, you had us. You had us worked up over how we
managed to piece together that the murder wasnt a suicide.
But, knowing that you had fooled us, you decided to try one
last time, you had to have the last laugh. A curtain of
flesh. You just couldnt accept the victory.

The two characters stare each other down for a while. Before
Shane stands up and cuffs Jared.

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