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La Place looks at a daughter's father. In a fragmented and largely the narrator describes her feelings of separation and betrayal chat arise when education and martiage place her in a social class with different values, language, and behaviour. She explores the ways in which lual experience is related to class and group attitudes, and at the same time tells us a great deal about French society in general since the turn of the century. La Placeis a concentrated text; cut through with irony, ic may be read in several different ways. Its written in simple prose, yet the reader is made aware of the problems of finding an appropriate language for ‘writing about such experiences. Reproduced here with ;oduction and notes which help to clarify any the language, La Place will be an Twentieth Century Texts SN 0-415-05926-7 2 Routledge i LA PLACE Annie Ernaux Twentieth Century Texts LA PLACE