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WALKING WITH GOD 637 Instruments of Your Peace | The mack wil enay seat poe, Pal 3714 rRefain a ha-tred Jet Your Lord, make us in-siru-ments of Your peace; Where there is Lag Paes love in — ease. Lond, make us in-strucments of Your peace; Wells of pride and Ptej- udice shall cease When we are Your in-stru-ments of peace ee Optional stanzas | ‘il faster a= 3 cr a pli rat SSS a Ss we will nev- er judge. Whore there is striv-ing, we will epeak Hie peaay ‘we will shine His High. Where there is sad-ness, we will bear their grief ef eee $—$. = SESE oT i “tie “tase to CODA Vonna cor eine ise eae ocbe al ie jhi} 4 an fs a aaa . Sees $ a {To the peo- ple cry-ing for re - tease, We will be Your in-stru- ments of peace. To the mil-llons crying for re - lease; We will be Your in-striments of peace P ee to FRR LR poe = i, ¥ i= SP naannen z | @copa Opiona choral ending pan Choir only ecrse, | eace, sae So : oe + SF d Es peace, ei OH ie of er ac, of Yur pe iS z ey 1 F o