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Annotated Bibliography
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This article show how mental illness can cause alcohol and drug addictions. Addictions
like alcohol and drug abuse can lead to mental illness such as bipolar disorder and
schizophrenia as well as other conditions. Mental illness can be caused by genetics,
chemical deficiency and environment. While providing information on how both
substance abuse and mental health work both ways. This article provides information on
how mental health and addictions effect one another.
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In this article it talks about what addiction is and how it affects a person. Addiction is
caused when losing control over a certain substance that is craved by the person. How it
is a disorder that can take over the brain when going through different changes. As well
as the research that has been done throughout the years that what parts of the brain it
effect. This article helps to know how addiction starts and how it effect the brain.
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This article provides a better understanding on what stigma is. How stigma is lead by
making negative comments to people with mental illnesses. It shows some of the harmful
affect of stigma. As well as ways to deal with stigma such as getting support by support
group and communication with friends and family. This article will help know more
about stigma and why it is important to help those who are affected by it.
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This article talks about what comorbidity is and how an addiction is a mental illness.
Comorbidity is when someone experiences more than one illness. Addictions can cause a
person to lose self-control and do things despite of the consequences it might lead to.
Treatments include therapy, medication and the help of friends and family. This article
will give more information on both the illness.
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This article talks about drug addictions and how mental health is involved. Roles such as
mental disorders, traumatic experiences in childhood and early uses of drugs are major
reasons drug addictions occur. Many symptoms of drug addiction can be seen in the
persons physical health and behavior. Information and symptoms of teen drug addiction
are also given and how they can get help. This article helps better understanding on drug

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This article talks about alcohol addiction and how it connects with mental health. Alcohol
abuse can be caused by genetics, social events, and emotional health. People who suffer
from mental illnesses have a higher risk factor of becoming addicts. Sign of alcohol
abuse include avoiding responsibilities in work, school and family. This article help better
understand alcohol abuse.
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This article provides information on alcohol and drug addictions when mental there is a
mental health illness. It can be difficult when diagnosing a substance abuser and a mental
health disorder and knowing which one is causing the other one. Looking at family
history and symptoms of substance abuse and mental disorders help find the right
treatment for the victim. Stress, lack of sleep and eating may trigger substance abuse and
mental disorders and by understanding the causes both can be prevented. This article help
know how addictions and mental health effect one another.