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KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC ome Romer nen acl eac POS ZS b 5 THREE PHASE AC FLAME PROOF MOTORS jects | Engineering THREE PHASE AC FLAME PROOF MOTORS Kiloskar Electric manufactures 8 wide variety of AC motors Em These motorsarespedly designed for environment prone to | aia a | aoosrasnrn | iisaosrnsara | roousrwsaran | (sesrWaRPo | isk of fre or explosion viz, coal mining, oil refineries, Mea pharmaceutical, ehemial & petroleum indusves Our ac (81) tes) [tes motos are designed to witatand the force of explosion, 9st tla te without damaging the enclosure and avoiding any contac of --02 eB) | tems es the interna flame (rexplowon) withthe external flammable [“—{ ts — [tesa — [tba —| tt gas vapour, a7, ‘E1000 LENIN. Lets E1600" SALIENT FEATURES 93 LE160M Le160M LET6OL_ LEB SGeecuiydeigeedptominiior | att — «Director General of Mines Safety, Dhanbad (0.G.M-) 7s_| vezaos_|"tezoos_["uestss_| esse tle pose ety Oration E50) ora tenet + Directorate General Factory Advice Service and Labour 15 sei Lexi Lexis. institutes (DGFAS &LN, Mumba) 150 ests Less renters) oe ee s Se SPECIFICATIONS Fea ED sranoanos is a tng tra 2 pow 5 —gefeetcion 691 Mounting IMi001 jethod of cooling 6362 Rating 0.12180 ‘lame Proof construction 12148 Frame 62-315 KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC CO. LTD. Regd. Office: PB. No. 5555, Malleswaram West, Bangalore 560 055 | Tel: 080-23374865 | Fax: 080-23377706 Email: enq@hub.vrkec.com | www-kirloskar-electric.com CMV